Do you feel like every year you are back to the same idea for your resolution because you did NOT stick with it last year?  Episode 127 of The Intentional Edit Podcast is going to give you what you need to set and accomplish your goals this year. 


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How to Set Goals and New Year's Resolutions to Improve Your Home and Life - Actually Accomplish Them THIS YEAR





Full Episode Transcription (not edited):

Do you feel like every year you’re back to the same idea for your resolution because you didn’t stick with it last year? Episode 127 of the Intentional Edit Podcast is going to give you what you need to do to set and accomplish your goals for this year. I want you to have success with them. So we’re gonna get to that today. Improving your home and improving your life really is possible. Let’s talk about it on this episode and finally figure this out. Hey moms, welcome to the Intentional Edit podcast. Do you wanna stop feeling overwhelmed and finally get your home organized? Do you find yourself up late at night worrying about how you are going to get everything done and not drop the ball? You are wondering where to start and what to do. There is never enough time in the day the piles of laundry are building up and it’s already time for after school activities, homework, snacks, and carpool.


Again, I’m Lauren. I too want an organized clean home where my family can make long-lasting memories and be present in the moment. Feeling like there is never enough time to complete all the daily tasks is exhausting. Simplicity all around a healthy meal on the table at dinnertime and a family that contributes to the chores really is attainable. Stop telling yourself that you have to do it all or it will never get done, or that picky eaters will never allow for a complaint-free dinner. And this podcast, you will learn exactly how to declutter, implement systems and maximize routines that remove the overwhelming, unorganized parts of life, bringing simplicity to your life and home. Come on, it’s time to create a life you love. Welcome to the first tip Tuesday episode of This New Year. I am happy to have you here. Today’s episode is going to be a good one, talking about how you can stick to your goals for the upcoming year.


I am constantly getting comments and inquiries for how you can be successful with decluttering your home, organizing your home, coming up with systems, or just questions like, what can I do to get things in order? I need to get a plan for my life and to simplify things, and how can you help? What can I do Today we are going to answer a question that came in from a listener, and if you want me to answer your questions this year, then there’s a super easy way to do that. You can click on the link in the show description, or you can go to intentional and a little button pops up. It says record now. So if you have any questions about home organizing, decluttering, meal planning, simplifying, getting your calendar in order, what to do for routines, how to make the day-to-day easier, all of those things.


If you want help with coming up with a system to get your laundry under control, or how to have your house not be so messy, whatever you think I can help you with, go to intentional or click on that little link in the show description and then the record now button pops up. You click that and you leave a message. It’s just like leaving a voice message. You can ask your question and I will answer it on a future Tip Tuesday episode. I would love to help you, and I love answering your questions on these Tuesday episodes. So let’s get into the question that came in for today. And this one I feel like so many people can relate to because it’s the same thing that I hear very often. Here we go. This is the question for today. My home needs to be organized.


It feels cluttery. I tell myself, this is the year I’m going to get everything organized, but always fall short and end up telling myself that year after year, your podcast has given me a lot of good ideas that I’ve already started doing, but I want to put the organizing behind me this year and finally get it done. What do you suggest to be successful with my repeating New Year’s resolution? Okay, love this question because how many times do we say we’re going to do something and six months from now or a year from now, it’s not done? That is so, so common. So if this is something that you are struggling with, don’t beat yourself over up over it. Let’s just move on and come up with a plan and figure out what needs to be done to actually have success this year. Where do we begin?


If you are one of these people, you have an idea and you have good intentions. That question that I just read, she has good intentions and she made the goal in her mind, but it doesn’t really get past that. Or she starts little projects here and there, probably not knowing what to do, not having the skills to accomplish this goal. So it always stops at some point. And if this is you that I’m talking about, then this means you’re like most of the population in the episode last Friday, I shared that 64 per 64% of people that have set resolutions for the new year, don’t even make it a full month. That was episode 126. Go listen to that episode and you will learn so, so much about the resolutions, setting goals, how to have success with them. It was a really great conversation I had with Liz Henderson from the Tough Love Mom podcast.


And we get into all the things, habits and all of that good stuff that you need to be successful with your resolutions. And we spend the first couple minutes talking about how and why people don’t have success. They don’t follow through and they don’t even make it. Again, 64% of people don’t even make it to the end of January. So with this question, the goal or the resolution is to, to get organized. So how are we gonna do that? How are you actually going to get organized this year? I have a couple things that I think are very important for you to have success. The first one is set a reminder or have a reminder somewhere that you can see this often, whether it is actually the goal written out that you want to do a word or a phrase or a picture of something.


Maybe it’s a picture of what the end result will look like, that end goal. Anything that will remind you. And this should be simple. It doesn’t need to be, you know, a whole journal entry about what you’re going to do and what you’re going to change. Just something simple, a quick picture, a word, a phrase, something like that. And then when you’re going about your day, this should be some place that is something that you easily see the background on your computer screen, the lock screen on your phone, a little picture that you’ve taped up in an area that you see often inside a cabinet door that you always open by your mirror. Uh, maybe you open a drawer in the bathroom all the time and that’s where you want it to be. It could be on your car dashboard, something simple, a symbol, a picture, a phrase, a word, anything that is going to remind you and keep you focused on the goal.


And the reason that we are doing this is because this is going to help you be in the right mindset. If your goal is to get organized, that means you have to declutter. You have to get rid of the things that you no longer need you or want and how you go forward. Making decisions is imperative to the success of this. So when you have this little reminder around you and something that you see frequently, you can ask yourself when you are making a decision or when you are going to buy something or you’re going to place an order, your online shopping, does this support the goal that you’re trying to reach? And if it doesn’t rethink, do I really need this? Do I really want this? Do I really wanna take care of this? If you are sitting on the couch, you know, watching TV or scrolling on your phone and you see that little reminder, then it should remind you to think, Hey, is this two hours spent scrolling on my phone, getting me to my end result?


Or could I better use this time? Could I do something better? If you are making a mess and not picking it up or not putting things away, and then you see that little reminder, that’s a little trigger in your mind to get yourself to change what you’re doing. And this helps by changing your habit. Your habit is what will make you have success. Your habits right now are not supporting you in the direction of your goal, so you have to change your habits. And little reminders like, like this can help you with that. We want to help you have habits that make real change. So set a reminder. The second thing is you have to have a plan. Make a plan, break it down. It has to be reasonable. Your goal or your resolution has to be reasonable and realistic. Yes, it should push you.


Yes, it should be a little bit uncomfortable, but the plan is essential to the success. I can tell you, if the goal was organizing my home and getting the clutter out, then I would sign up for the Simplified Home Masterclass and I would follow along with that program. You could have success with that because you could take this year to be your year to get organized and dial in those systems and every single month tackle a new room or a new space and move through those modules by breaking it down to doing a room every single month, coming up with the systems that make sense. And the course will walk you through that. By the end of the year, your entire house would be organized. So if that’s something you wanna do, don’t wait. Sign up for the Simplified Home Masterclass and start and follow along and have that be the plan that you follow this year.


The link for that is also in the show description. And the third thing that I want to mention on this episode is hold yourself accountable. What are you going to do to make sure that you are accountable? Can you have a little check-in? Do you need a friend, like a friend? As an accountability partner? That’s great. Accountability is huge, but in the end, it’s up to you to stop with the excuses. You have to, this is something you want. Yes, you have to get your family on board and the people on board that live in your house, but you have to find that motivation and keep yourself accountable. If that means setting up little rewards along the way, great. If that means checking in or coming up with some kind of a Excel spreadsheet or tracker on your phone or on your computer or something that you can color in as you meet all the little goals, when you break down all the things that you need to do to get to the big goal, that that, that big end result of the big goal, then you have to do those things.


But it’s up to you to follow through and have the success. So figure out what kind of check-ins do you need? What kind of accountability do you need? And be realistic with that. Most likely you will make a mistake. You will fall short. You will mess up at some point. Do not let that stop you from comp completing this goal. It’s possible to have an organized home. It’s possible to have a decluttered home. I see this all the time. I work with people every single day that have success with this cause they stuck to the plan. Most of them don’t do this perfect. I don’t think any of them them are perfect with this because as people, we don’t do things perfectly. When you make a mistake, when you buy something that you’ve now determined clutter, don’t beat yourself up over that. Don’t get stuck in the self-pity and really get down on yourself instead in that moment, realize what you did and move forward.


Keep moving towards that goal. Don’t put it off. Don’t wait until next year to restart and have this start over months down the road, wherever you are, whatever month it is, whatever week it is, whatever is happening, it doesn’t matter. If you got lazy for a couple weeks and didn’t do anything to move you towards the goal, oh, well pick up where you are. If your goal was healthy food or to eliminate sugar from your diet and you went outta town and all of a sudden you started eating all this vacation food, and when you get back in town, you keep eating that junk food, you keep eating all that foods with the added sugar, that doesn’t mean you quit. You can start over. You can start over right then and eliminate that from your diet and give yourself back the nutrition that you need.


Think of your home the same way. If you mess up, if you make a mistake, if it starts to get messy, just keep going. Just keep moving forward. Those three things that I mentioned to you will help you have success with your goals this year. If I can help you, if you wanna work with me, all the links for coaching programs, the Simplified Home Masterclass, all of that stuff are in the show notes. You can get that in the description, click on those links, sign up for what will make you have success, invest in yourself so that you can move on from this goal and you don’t have to be stuck. And in that same place next year, setting the same goal. I know you can have success with this. Good luck. Reach out to me at Intentional Edit on Instagram if you want to message with me or you have questions.


And if you want me to answer one of your questions in detail on a future Tip Tuesday episode of the Intentional Edit Podcast, go to intentional Click on that record now button, and leave me a voicemail so that I can answer your question on a future tip Tuesday episode. Thanks for being here. I’ll meet you back here later in the week. Thank you for listening to the Intentional Edit Podcast. If you found today’s episode valuable, tell your friends about it by taking a screenshot, sharing it on social, and tagging me at intentional edit. I’ll be back soon with another episode. In the meantime, find and be sure to follow intentional edit on social platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. To ensure you catch future episodes, click the subscribe or follow button. Now. I am grateful for a five star rating and review from you. Be sure to let me know what you liked about this episode and what you want me to cover in the future.



How to Set Goals and New Year's Resolutions to Improve Your Home and Life - Actually Accomplish Them THIS YEAR!




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