Implementing these 5 things that Lauren does in her home will keep you organized, your home tidy and save time. Properly decluttering, organizing and setting up systems and routines in your home are the key to simplifying everything!


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5 Things I have Done to Simplify Everything and Keep a Tidy & Organized Home





Full Episode Transcription (not edited):

I get a lot of questions about what I do specifically in my house to keep things organized, what routines that we have, what routines I’ve created that we continue to use, how to make things easier and how we manage to keep everything picked up. You love to find out exactly how things run in my home and what products I use for organizing, what I have, how I implement things to make life easier, and how I keep things organized. What I’m using to organize. Since February is my birthday month, I’m taking this episode to give you some insight into what I’m doing in my home, what I’ve done for years to keep things organized and tidy and overall make life easier. Hey moms, welcome to the Intentional Edit podcast. Do you wanna stop feeling overwhelmed and finally get your home organized? Do you find yourself up late at night worrying about how you are going to get everything done and not drop the ball?


You are wondering where to start and what to do. There is never enough time in the day the piles of laundry are building up and it’s already time for after school activities, homework, snacks, and carpool. Again, I’m Lauren. I too want an organized clean home where my family can make long-lasting memories and be present in the moment. Feeling like there is never enough time to complete all the daily tasks is exhausting. Simplicity all around a healthy meal on the table at dinnertime and a family that contributes to the chores really is attainable. Stop telling yourself that you have to do it all or it will never get done, or that picky eaters will never allow for a complain free dinner. In this podcast, you will learn exactly how to declutter, implement systems and maximize routines that remove the overwhelming unorganized parts of life, bringing simplicity to your life and home. Come on, it’s time to create a life you love.


It’s hard to believe we’re about to wrap up the second month of the year. It is truly flying by. I am taking a opportunity to answer a lot of the things that you ask for in this episode. You’re always wanting to know what exactly works in my home and what we do to stay organized. What are the things that I’ve created? What have I intentionally implemented to keep things orderly and organized and keep up with things and to really stay on top of the clutter so that we don’t let the things in the clutter pile up and come back into our home when they are not necessary. So I came up with a list of five things that I think are crucial. One thing that I have done in organizing is to create zones that make sense for the storage that we require. And by creating zones, I mean every single thing in my home has been gone through purged and organized.


And when I organized, I talk about always organizing with intention. What makes sense? The ease of retrieval for the items that you use the most frequently is key. So you place the things that you use frequently and easy to access locations, and then the things that you don’t use very often can be harder to get to. You hear me say these things in a lot of different episodes when we’re talking about organizing, what goes along with creating those zones like the coffee maker is by the coffee pot and anything, sorry, the coffee maker is by the mugs. And then anything that we would need to make coffee, that’s also where the other things for other hot drinks would be. You keep it all together so that it can make sense so that you’re not opening one cabinet, then another cabinet, then another cabinet going to the pantry, opening a drawer.


You should be able to do these things that you do frequently and as little steps as possible. If you have a platter that you only use once a year, it’s okay to have that far out of reach because getting a step stool to get it down one time a year isn’t a big deal. You wouldn’t wanna do that to something that you use on a weekly or daily basis. So creating zones is huge. Goes into episode 1 28 if you want more information kind of on the systems and setup and all of that. And when you organize, you have to make sure everything has a place that makes sense for it. The second thing that I did is I did a ruthless purge and I purged everything that is not used. Everything that we do not need, use or want. It took me about a year to go through every single nook and cranny, cabinet, cupboard drawer, everything in the house.


And fortunately I did that before I moved from one state to another. That was extremely helpful. And even though I had done that a few years prior, I still was able to make decisions about getting rid of a couple things because when you are moving, it makes you think about do I really want to have this in the next home? Because I did that huge purge before. My home is wherever I have lived, I have always been an organized person. So things have always been orderly and organized. But when you get in the mindset to ruthlessly purge and to free up some of the space in your home, even when it was organized well, I was able to ruthlessly declutter. The thing is that didn’t make sense for us to keep. So yes, there were a couple empty shelves or an empty drawer, and that’s completely fine.


Your home should be a living space, not a storage space. And when you get behind that, then you can be okay with not having every space filled and you realize how you can breathe so much deeper. You feel so much lighter because you don’t have stuff every single where you look, every time you open something there. It’s not super full of things. So I did a ruthless purge and I would encourage you to do that too. If you want to get more information on that, go listen to episode 96. And then one thing that I created many, many years before I started a professional home organizing business was a reusable meal plan and coordinating grocery list, an I meal plan and grocery shop for two weeks at a time. It has been a game changer for our family, and it makes it so that you do not have to think about the groceries or what’s for dinner.


The two week reusable meal plan was a huge game changer for my family. It literally simplifies everything around the dinner time and it makes it possible to have dinner together with significantly less stress. And I have a program that is available on that. It’s a meal planning mini course. It just takes a couple hours to get through and it will completely change the way that you meal plan, because I did this so many years ago and I’ve coached so many people through this and taught this program over and over again. I have seen it transform many people’s lives. And once you get into the habit of doing this, the thought of weekly meal planning is like almost nauseating because you don’t need to put any effort into doing this weekly and don’t need to waste minutes of your day to meal plan and make these grocery lists every single week when you can create reusable meal plans and grocery lists based on your schedule and your needs.


Now, I probably have at least 20, definitely more than 20 of these two week reusable grocery plans and corresponding grocery lists for food that my family eats that I know they will eat and not complain about because I have created these over and over and created some as examples. You don’t have to only use one and stick to that and every two weeks do a repeat. You can create more than one. I recommends creating one, using that for a couple weeks and then creating the second one. And if you do that, then that means because you’ve created two, two week meal plans, then you can get through an entire month without ever repeating a dinner recipe. So that’s kind of cool. Go listen to episodes 87 and 88 if you want more information on how a meal plan and what that looks like. And then also check out intentional


Click on the courses tab and there’s information on the meal planning program. It’s so inexpensive and it’s so, so worth it because it saves you time, it saves you so much money because you’re not wasting money on these dinners that you’re never making or forgetting ingredients so you don’t end up cooking something and all of that. We go through all of that. The fourth thing that I have implemented in life, and I have done this for many years, is some type of weekly prep. And I like to call it the r and r, the refresh and restock because you get your house in order, you get things back to status quo, you restock anything that you need for the coming week. You make calendar plans and you have everything figured out for the whole week ahead. That has been a huge game changer, just like the meal planning has, just like the purging has and the proper organizing you guys, these things really work together.


So when you wanna make a change, then you start with one thing, but one thing helps you go into the next thing, into the next thing, into the next thing. If you purge, that’s great, but if you don’t organize and come up with a system to not let the clutter creep back in, you will be purging again a couple months down the road or you will be in a situation where that needs to happen again. You have to have the whole system in place. And that’s why I created the simplified whole masterclass to answer those questions and to get the, the decluttering, the organizing and the systems and routines all in one place where you can follow that program and have success with all of these things that I’m doing and that I’ve implemented in my home so that I coach with clients with. And hundreds and hundreds of people do these things because they work and we know they work, we know they make sense.


There are podcast episodes for the weekly prep as well. And then the fifth thing I have done is I am not stuck with something. I am not set in my ways. If something is not working, then I give myself the freedom to make changes. When our needs change or something isn’t working, I make the changes accordingly. And when you have gotten rid of the clutter and things are organized, it is easy to see when something isn’t working in terms of the physical belongings. And you can make minor modifications when something isn’t working in terms of the systems and the routines in your house, that’s also easier to see and easier to make a change because you can pick out the part that’s not working and you make the tweak for that little part. And then you go forward and you test out the new system that you’ve come up with and you came up with that out of intention, out of necessity because something wasn’t working.


As your schedules change and your kids gets old, older, the needs of your family change. You will have to make change to things. The places that you might organize things in your kitchen, if you have little ones that you want to be able to get to their own dishes, uh, there will be a time where you don’t need those plastic bowls and plates and cups and all of that stuff anymore, whether you remove it completely or you just put it in a different location, things change in terms of organization, but they really change obviously with routines as you have different stages and phases of life, you have to make the changes for what is going on to accommodate the people living in your home, the ages of the kids, the schedules that everyone keeps. Once you’re going through this, it all makes sense and you can see how making little changes makes a big difference.


It makes a huge impact. Implementing the five things that I said truly will change your life for the better and bring simplicity to your home. And it simplifies daily tasks because I was intentional about doing all of these things. One, I did a lot of purging. I ruthlessly purged and decluttered everything that we did not need to use or want. And when that was done, I created zones for the storage and the organization and I made sure everything in our home has a place, a storage location, and if we are going to purchase something new, doesn’t matter how big or how small, I think about where it will go, what kind of maintenance it will need, where it will be stored, and what kind of time it will take to take care of it before I make the purchase. Because everything has to have a place to go or it doesn’t make sense to have it.


When you have things that don’t have places or homes within your home, those things become clutter. So I purged. I created the zones, completed the organization. I make changes when things are not working, whether it’s with physical belongings or with systems and routines in our house. I do a weekly prep, which I call the r and r. It’s like a refresh and a restock, reset every weekend pretty much, and plan ahead, get things prepared, check out the calendar, do all that for the upcoming week. And I also use a reusable meal plan and a reusable corresponding grocery list. Those things have all been game changing for me. So let me tell you some podcast episodes to go listen to. If you want information on Mule Planning episodes 87 and 88, you can also click on the courses tab on intentional and click on that mule planning course or the link is in the podcast description.


If you want more information on routines, episodes 74 is a great one. You want to know more about making the changes when something needs to be altered a little bit. Episode 91 is a great one. If you want to know more about the organization, the creating the zones within your home organizing, so ev so it makes sense. So everything has a home within your home and the thing is that you use most frequently are the easiest to access. Go to episode 1 28 and if you want to know all things about decluttering and purging, go to episode 96. If you take the time to implement these five things in your home, it will take time. This is not something you can do overnight. It takes time to do every single one of these, but making these changes one at a time, sticking to them, it will keep you organized, it will keep your home tidy, and it will save you a significant amount of time, and it even saves you money properly.


Decluttering, organizing and setting up the systems and routines in your home is truly the key to simplifying everything. Thank you for being here and joining me on this episode. I will meet you back here next week for a Tip Tuesday episode of the Intentional Edit Podcast. Thank you for listening to the Intentional Edit podcast. If you found today’s episode valuable, tell your friends about it by taking a screenshot, sharing it on social, and tagging me at intentional edit. I’ll be back soon with another episode. In the meantime, find me at and be sure to follow intentional edit on social platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. To ensure you catch future episodes, click the subscribe or follow button. Now. I’m grateful for a five star rating and review from you. Be sure to let me know what you liked about this episode and what you want me to cover in the future.



5 Things I have Done to Simplify Everything and Keep a Tidy & Organized Home




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