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152 | 5 Items to Purge in Your Kitchen - Get it Done Today!





Full Episode Transcription (not edited):

An entire home full of items. The thing is you use and other things that haven’t been used in years. All of these things are taking up space or filling up your cabinets, shelves, closets, and even your drawers. When you have so much stuff to sort through the idea of all of that sorting and purging can truly be overwhelming.

That’s actually a big reason that many people never take the plunge to start this process in the first place. Easy tasks and small projects remove the overwhelm in this situation and it makes it so you can make progress towards your goal of a more simplified, more organized house. Today, I’m sharing five things that you can purge in your kitchen right now.

The kitchen is really a central place in the home. So much happens in the kitchen space, whether it be actually from the counters where we cook or at our kitchen tables. If you have an island, you know, everyone surrounds that island. It’s a hangout spot. It’s a place where homework happens. Projects get done. We eat, we get together. We have conversation. The kitchen has been called the heart of the home. And it truly is. When you think about it.

Even if you don’t love to cook your kitchen, is they centralized spot in your home? And the kitchen has so many storage spaces. Even small kitchens have cabinets and drawers and shelves and hard to reach corner cabinets and things like that. There are so many spaces for things to hide or things to get lost in stacked up on top of each other, out of sight and out of reach. Because of the closed storage that most kitchens have.

They become a, an accumulator of things thing is that we don’t need to keep things that we don’t need anymore. Things that we’re not using. And when we really think about it, things that we don’t even want. Sometimes we are in situations where we received a gift. Someone gave us something. We maybe even got something for free, like anything promotional. We purchased something on a trip. We purchased something because it was on sale.

Or we have these things that stack up like cookbooks, it looked like a good idea. You purchase the cookbook it’s never used, or maybe you have one recipe and there’s big, thick, heavy cookbook. It’s taking up space in your cabinet, but you are only using that recipe once a year. Or you haven’t even made that recipe in five or six years.

Other things that take up a lot of space, our kitchen gadgets that we never use. And sometimes we keep them out of guilt. They were expensive. They were an impulse purchase. We feel guilty for buying them to begin with. And they’re just sitting there taking up space, not being used. If it wasn’t a gift situation, we may have been guilty of doing this. I know I have not necessarily with kitchen things, but.

With clothing or accessories or just other things for the house, even home decor. I have swiped up on Instagram ads. Maybe not so much the ads, but I’ve watched an influencer or I’ve liked something in their home. I’ve seen them use something and I click and make the purchase. You have probably done something like that too. Whether it be from an influencer, a promotional thing, or you swiped up on an ad.

If that is an item that we got and we, when it came to us, we received it. We use it and we love it. And it’s great. And it’s working. That was a good purchase. There’s not any guilt around that because it’s a good purchase. It’s something we want. It’s something we need, it’s something we’re using. So it checks all the boxes.

And it turned out to be a great purchase. But there’s another side to that. If it’s actually something that we aren’t using, then all of that is doing is it’s a dust collector. It’s simply taking up space. And you don’t need it. You don’t need to store it. You don’t need to keep it. You don’t need to be constantly reminded that you made the mistake of buying it in the first place.

Now there are a few items. There are even categories. We could look at it like categories, not just specific items. Of Phoenix that have probably not gotten a lot of attention and your whole, they haven’t gotten a lot of use in the last couple of years. There in your kitchen. I want to right now, give you permission to get rid of these things today. I’m going to give you five categories. These five things that you can walk into your kitchen after you finish this episode.

And tackle these five categories and get rid of the thing is get them out of your house. Some of them, you won’t even be able to donate because there’s not a use for them. And they just have to be tossed in the trash. Others, you can donate. Let’s get right to this list. The first thing that you are going to address.

These, anything that is a broken, if it is broken, it is time for it to go. If you have been holding onto something, because you’re going to glue the handle on a pitcher or. You think you could do something to make this work again? Those broken pieces. It’s time to release them. Let them go. You have probably replaced them. You have something else that you’re using instead of that.

If they have been broken for some time, so it’s time to discard the broken pieces. The second thing on my list is anything that is mismatched like the mismatch pieces, especially in a Tupperware or a plastic container. The lids and the basis, if you don’t have a lid for a container, or especially if you have a lid, but you don’t have the container, it goes to that. Lid is essentially worthless.

Get rid of that, toss it in the bag. It’s time to get it out of your cabinet. It’s taking up space. And space is valuable. You don’t need to store it anymore. Let’s think beyond the Tupperware situation, be on the plastic container with the lid. Sometimes we get sets like a baking pan. That column is with a lid. So you could make a sheet cake on that.

And it has a lid. You can easily transport it. Glass Pyrex dishes, the same thing. You can make a dish. It has that big lid snaps onto it. If you don’t have the original dish and you’ve tried to purchase another dish, but it’s not the same size. That means the lid doesn’t fit anymore. You don’t have a use for that lid.

It’s the same. Scenario as the plastic container in the lid. If something doesn’t fit, so you can’t use it. You can’t get a replacement. Say goodbye. It’s time to eliminate it. You don’t need it anymore. You’re not using a lid without the container. You probably have water bottles. And cups with lids or straws or things like that as well. Two pieces when we’re talking about a base and a lid, we’re talking about something that has two pieces or three pieces or four pieces, it’s all meant to work together. And if you’re missing part of it,

It doesn’t work anymore. If you have an old blender and you don’t have a ring of, for the blender anymore to keep the seal. The blender doesn’t work anymore. And believe it or not sizes have changed. So if you haven’t been able to get a replacement for it, it’s not all of a sudden going to become available. And if you have purchased a new blender or whatever it is that you have in this type of scenario, you already have the replacement. You already have the thing that is actually working.

You can get rid of the mismatch pieces that are not. Working for you. They’re not serving you. All you are doing is being a storage space for something that will never be used again. The third thing on the list. Duplicates. Oftentimes we have something for an amount of time or we buy a set and now all of a sudden we have a second one.

Or we have a third one. Sometime is the spatulas and big serving spoons and things to stir and cook on the stove, come as a set. So we use and maybe even wear out the spatula because that’s what we use all the time. But then it comes with something like a potato masher, which we never use, or we use once a year.

And now all of a sudden we have three potato mashers. If that’s doesn’t make sense to keep those, keep your favorite one, keep the one that you use. Keep the go-to. And put the others in the box to take, to donate. Things like strainers cheese, graters, small appliances, all kinds of things like that. Become these things.

That collect in our cabinets and enter drawers and in our kitchens. And we have more than one of those. Now I want to clarify something. I’m not saying you can’t have more than one cutting ward or more than one strainer. It a perfect example of this. We have three cheese graters in my house. Two of them are very similar. One is a very different, we use all three of them. We buy cheese and blocks. We don’t buy pre-shredded cheese. So we shred the cheese that we need when we need shredded cheese. Sometimes one of those is in the.

Dishwasher. This happens quite often and we use the other one. They also have four sides to them. Two of them have the same. Or two of the sides are the same. And then two of the sides are different, so you can get different sizes. We use those. It’s something that we want to have in our homes. We have space for it and we use them. So that is a situation where a multiple makes sense. I don’t need to get rid of something if I’m using it. Why would I get rid of something that we’re actually using on a regular basis? I wouldn’t.

The same thing with the strainer. I have a small strainer. And I have a very large strainer. The extremely large one does not get used very often. But it still gets used often enough, at least once or twice a month. The smaller strainer gets used a few times a week. Both of those things are used. They serve a different purpose. I probably could get away with just using the big one.

But I do use both of them. I have room for them. So it makes sense that I have a, both of those strainers if I had five or six and I was only using the two. I would get rid of the ones that I wasn’t using. That’s what I mean by get rid of the duplicates they use that you have many of that you are not using a lot of time is the, the common thing is we have a go-to items, our go-to items that we use when we are making certain recipes, cooking certain things.

We have favorite knives. All of the things that we use in our kitchen, we have go tos of, and if we have duplicates of these things and you look back over time and you haven’t used these one of those things in six months, a year, two years, you don’t remember the last time that you used it. That’s when the duplicate doesn’t have a reason to stay in your home.

It’s not going to get used, donate it, give someone else the opportunity to use that. That doesn’t have one that actually needs it. And that will actually. Really use it. The fourth category. That we are going to have permission to release and get rid of today is the souvenir and promotional materials in your kitchen. Things like mugs, magnets, drink cups, water bottles.

Little those little like Cousy drink holder things. Any of that stuff. If it was free, if it was promotional an advertisement, you got it at a work event, it was passed out. You were at a street fair or some fun event, and they were tossing things from a flow. Go in a parade, whatever the case is.

If you’re not using those things, you don’t have to keep them just because you received them. If you were on a trip and purchase magnets and they’re all over your refrigerator. That’s stressful to me because it’s so cluttered and overwhelming. That’s actually, one of the main thing is that realtor’s recommended stagers recommend. If you’re going to sell your house.

Get all of the clutter off of the refrigerator. There’s other places to keep these things. If a picture. Is important enough to have displayed, just lay it in a frame, put it somewhere where it actually goes. I don’t have it be a mismatch all over the front of the refrigerator. The mugs or the drink cups that you get because you’re at a restaurant and you purchased a certain kind of drink or super bowl or something, and it has come home with you now.

And it has the name of the restaurant on it. It was from a trip. You brought the, the cups home or you get the extra large plastic cups at a movie theater, a gas station they’re supposed to be refilled, but you never use them. Or they’re years old. You have accumulated so many. That they’re pushed in the back there on a higher shelf. They’re out of reach because you don’t need 60 plastic cups in your house.

You don’t need 40 mugs for, would you have one or two people that drink coffee or use the mugs? Get rid of the ones that don’t make sense. If you have guilt over. The spending $25 on a mug because you are on a vacation and you wanted the mug with the wave and the sun, and the name of the location where you were on vacation.

In that moment. You wanted that and you got it. And now you have gotten it home. You’re back to real life and you realize we don’t use this. It’s been a couple years now. We’re not using it. You don’t like the handle. You don’t like something about it. It doesn’t need to take space in your home. The memories are in your head. The memories are not in the mug.

Put it in the donation box. Give yourself permission to put these things in the donation box.

Number five. The fifth thing is something you are going to find in a baking cabinet, a spice drawer way far back. It is anything that has expired spend at the time to pull these things out. Look at the expiration dates. Sometimes these things have a fallen off a shelf. If they’ve fallen behind, they’re hard to get to check the expiration dates.

And toss anything that is old it’s stale. You don’t use it anymore. You purchased it for a recipe. The recipe was gross and you’re never going to use that spice again. If it’s expired, toss it, it is trash. Get rid of those things that are expired old and stale. They’re taking up space. You do not need them. If you’re not using them, people find spices.

That are five, 10, even 20 years old when they truly take everything out and go through these areas in their home. Let me recap for you, the five areas that you can declutter and purge these items in your kitchen today. Number one, anything that’s broken. Number two. The mismatched pieces where you only have one of the pieces, you don’t have all the pieces to make something work or to make something useful.

The third one is the duplicates. Get rid of the duplicates that you’re not using anymore. The fourth one, the souvenirs and the promotional materials that you have collected, but you do not use. And the fifth thing is anything that is expired. You can go to your kitchen right now and deal with all of these things.

Start getting the results you want. Start getting the stuff out of the house. Don’t let the clutter and the overcrowded cabinets and drawers that are overstuffed, that you can barely open and close be something that adds to your stress every single day. You know, it’s in there, you see it. When you get into these cabinets and drawers.

In the simplified home masterclass, we go over the entire kitchen and how to truly declutter. I teach you how to follow the proven plan. And then I show you ideas. And I teach you the strategies that you can use to properly organize your entire kitchen from top to bottom so that it actually stays organized.

If you’re ready to go all in and get your entire home decluttered and organized, I would love for you to join us in the simplified home program. The link is in the podcast description, but at the very least. After listening to this episode. You have the list, use the list from this episode to get rid of the broken, the mismatched, the duplicate. So the souvenirs and promotional stuff and anything that is expired.

Get those things out of there purge the things that we talked about I start with that and move on from there and then keep going. Make sure you keep going. You deserve that simplified, organized, and streamlined home that you are thinking about. It’s not that far out there. You have to take the first step.

Go ahead. Give yourself sometime in the next couple of days to get these out items out of your home. This is a great starting point. And then you can move on from there.



152 | 5 Items to Purge in Your Kitchen - Get it Done Today!




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