Do you love to accessorize but discover your always missing an earring or your necklaces are so tangled that you can’t wear them?!?!  If this sounds like your jewelry, it’s time to eliminate and organize.

organized jewelry wall

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Organizing Jewelry

  • Purge and Sort – Go through each piece and decide what you will really wear and discard the rest.  As you are tackling the purging sort the “keepers” into like (bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, etc) piles.
  • Storage – Now it’s time to decide on the proper storage for your jewelry.  Keep in mind that the more you can see the better chance you have of actually wearing it.

jewelry drawer dividers

  • I’m a big fan of acrylic drawers/jewelry boxes, especially if your pieces are stored in the open and not put away in a drawer or cabinet.

acrylic jewelry box drawer organizer

  • Placement – Consider the placement of each piece as you put it away.  Your favorite jewelry should be closer to the top (or front) for easy access.
large organized jewelry drawer with dividers

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  • Consider Color – If you have a large amount of jewelry and wear different pieces regularly consider organizing it by color.
jewelry organized by color

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If you need more jewelry organization inspiration there are tons of great ideas on pinterest.

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