The amount of new stuff that is added to your home to help take care of a baby is a lot. In episode 163 of The Intentional Edit Podcast we are talking about what to do when you feel overwhelmed by the new belongings that are taking up your space.




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So Much Stuff in the Home with Little Ones - How to Decide What Matters and What to Declutter! Getting rid of clutter from babies and kids....




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The amount of new stuff that is added to your home to help take care of a baby is a lot. It’s a really no joke that these little people have a lot of belonging is on episode 163 of the intentional edit podcast. I’m going to be talking about what to do when you feel overwhelmed by the new belongings that are taking up your space in your home.

 It’s Tuesday. And that means that I am answering a question that came in from another listener. If you want to ask a question and have me answer it or help you solve a problem or tackle an issue around decluttering, all the stuff in your home, how to organize something or anything along those lines, go to intentional, and a little gray record. Now button will pop up towards the bottom of your screen.

You can do this on a phone or a computer click on that record. Now button. Then you can leave me a message simply by talking and asking the question. Question that you are wanting an answer to, and I will take your question and answer it on a future tip Tuesday episode. If that’s something that interests you go to intentional, right now, and click on the record now button and leave the question that you want me to answer on a future tip Tuesday episode.

The question that we will be answering today, came in from a listener and it says. My last baby is four months old and all the baby stuff all over the house is driving me crazy. With a [00:02:00] baby toddler and kid all different ages. The stuff that is out in everywhere is literally everywhere. There’s so much stuff that is bothering me. What can I do? So I’m not too overwhelmed with all of these baby toys.

Seats big items everywhere. So I don’t go crazy with it all. Great question. And this is a time in life where things are changing quickly. And I understand why there is that feeling and that sense of overwhelmed with all of that extra stuff. So I have a couple suggestions that I think will be really helpful in this situation, but the first one is not going to be a practical tactical tip. The first thing I want you to do is be patient with yourself. Give yourself grace. This season is quick and all of those required seats, swings, bouncers, wraps, highchairs boosters, all of that extra stuff that you have around right now is not required.

For very long. When you think about how long childhood is or the time it takes to get from one to 18, most of those things are only needed for a couple months or at max a couple years. So be patient with yourself, give yourself grace. And remember this season of life is flying by before you know it, you simply won’t need these days.

The second thing I think is important is to put away the things that aren’t needed on a daily basis, or that you’re not using in a regular amount of time when something is out of sight, it can help you feel like the space is more open, there’s less clutter, and it can also clear your Headspace. So if you have things that are going to be used in the future, or you use them sometimes, but not on a daily basis.

Even putting them in a, another [00:04:00] room or out of sight or in a closet. We can really free up this space and hope you mentally. And with what things look like in your physical space? And the third thing that is important is. Just take a deep breath reassess. If this is really something. To make you upset to make you annoyed.

That you want to put your energy into think about how, what really matters here. So take a deep breath. Exhale. If these things are really bothering you, now ask yourself this simple question. Will these things, or will this one thing be an issue in a month? Will this still be bothering me a month from today or even two months from today?

That is the question that I want you to ask yourself. So take a moment and think, will this be bothering? And me, will this be annoying me one month from today? And if the answer is no, simply let it go. It’s a, not a big deal. It’s not something to get worked up over. You know, I am all for clutter-free living because I have seen the proof I have worked with people.

Over and over again. And I know that reducing the excess and eliminating the clutter allows you. It gives you the space to be more comfortable in your home and it makes it so that you can be less stressed, but you are in a season of life. That is a moment in time. This baby season is a moment in time.

The baby you’re talking about in this question is already four months old. And the question is a few weeks old to the behaves probably already five months, if not six months old at this point, some of the newborn necessities have already become irrelevant by the time your baby is four or five, six months old.

The figures they were using when they were a newborn, just aren’t heated anymore. This baby has sized out of clothing and soon the next phase or the next stage of developmental toys, the bigger size of clothing, [00:06:00] all of those will be upon this family and what they’re using instead of those little baby newborn items.

The statement that started with this question where this is the last baby. That means that these thing is that our quote making you crazy, these things can be donated or sold as soon as your baby grows out of them and they aren’t necessary anymore. You can remove them from the house. You can put a couple of things or bags of outgrown clothing in your car and take them to be donated because you don’t need them anymore.

You’re not. In that place where you were with your previous kids, you don’t have to think about storing or keeping these items or figuring out that whole part of it, where you’re going to store them. What you’re going to do with them for hand me downs for the next child.

I want you to enjoy this time with her last baby and eliminate the items that are no longer needed as they are no longer needed. You can phase them out gradually don’t make it a big project. If you really feel the overwhelm, phase them out, gradually put them for sale on a free site, donate them to wherever you usually donate your.

Things that you’re no longer needed or that you no longer want anymore and get them out of your house that will help you reduce the overwhelm. But remember, some of these things are just needed for a couple of weeks or a couple months. And when that infant stage comes to an end and you are getting more sleep that’s when you can tackle some of the other clutter.

That’s what you need to zone in on. Setting up starting to establish the routines, to simplify everything at home, to reduce the big clutter and that, that big overwhelm that comes from the clutter and have good routines to prevent new clutter from filling up rooms in your home. But for now, enjoy this stage with your little ones.

If you want me to answer a question that you have on a future tip Tuesday [00:08:00] episode of the intentional edit podcast, go to intentional Right now, click on the record now button that pops up and leave me a voicemail with your questions so that I can answer it on a future tip Tuesday episode.



So Much Stuff in the Home with Little Ones - How to Decide What Matters and What to Declutter!




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