When space is limited organization can be tricky and feel impossible but there are always things you can do to increase storage.


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3 Solutions to Maximize Storage at Home When Space is Limited




Full Episode Transcription (not edited):

When space is limited, organization can be tricky and it can even feel impossible, but I promise you, there are always things you can do to increase storage, even in tiny rooms and small homes.

When you have a small room or a tiny house, it can feel like there is stuff everywhere, and there is never enough room for storage. You desire things to be picked up and cleaned up and not have the visual clutter everywhere. But this small space makes you feel like you simply don’t have enough storage options or there isn’t place to put all of your belongings.

That can be stressful. It’s definitely annoying, but I want to give you a couple ideas for products or different solutions that will be helpful to you when you are [00:02:00] trying to put things away and make it so that your home and these rooms within your home feel orderly. Making sure that everything has a home within your home is one way to.

Have it feel like you are organized all of the time. Of course you have to remove the clutter first and you want to get the excess out of there. So the thing is that you build longer than need, use, or want you’re going to want to get rid of, but in terms of the storage space, specifically, there are a few products that I love, and I have some ideas that I’m going to share today that will increase your storage auctions in the small rooms.

When you don’t have a lot of storage of space to. To begin with finding the space within that small room for storage can be tricky. But the first thing I want you to think about is using the vertical space that is available to you. And I mean the vertical space and every closet cabinet on every wall, anywhere you have vertical space take advantage of it.

And there are a lot of ways for you to do this one way is so easy and all it is is adjusting shelves. Because you have, you usually have inches. At the top of the space between shelves that do not get used. So that’s just a wasted space. If your solves are really far apart, there’s a lot of empty space at the top of those certain sections. Now.

Some of the shelves are not adjustable. And if you are in that situation or you have a lot of space, but only a few shelves available to adjust, you can get these shelf risers that are very inexpensive. And what that essentially does is it makes. That one area between the two shelves in to two different spaces, it gives you an additional temporary shelf. These are not permanent. They can come in and out. You just set them in there. It’s like a little shelf with [00:04:00] legs, so you have more space to use. And that’s a way to really optimize the organization and separate things out by like items.

I also want you to think about the vertical space in terms of. Your doors, don’t forget the areas behind or the doors or inside of a closet door. And you can add storage options, like a hanging shoe rack or hanging storage container that hangs on to a door or over a door. And that allows you to get stuff off the ground and use that vertical space. So look around even mounting a shelf on the wall up high and having that be a great storage space for books or things.

That you don’t use often, but that you still need to have access to. Use the vertical space. Now, the second thing is great, and this can be who’s that even large homes, because sometimes these things are just practical. But the second thing is to get furniture pieces that are double duty that have a dual purpose, like an, a storage automated.

An Ottoman that has a lid that lifts up or a way to store things inside. Is a great solution because you can store things like blankets that you use all the time or even toys. So you don’t have to see them. But the Ottoman still looks good. It looks nice. And it also has a purpose because it functions for storage for these things like blankets or toys, or even seasonal decor that you don’t have to get.

Very often. So you’re only opening it once or twice a year. And you remove the things, whatever you. Needed to have in that automated. If you want to have it be something that’s open and closed throughout the day. That’s. Totally fine. If you want it to be something that’s more a permanent fixture and you don’t really even remember that the storage isn’t there. It’s first stuff that isn’t [00:06:00]access very often. That’s fine too.

Use it for the best way that functions in your house. And then not only is it a place that is a storage location, it’s also doing the double duty because it is also a coffee table or it could be a bench and you can even have a couple of these. Sometimes they might be a. a smaller size Ottoman that could be on either side of your coffee table or as a low place to sit in a room. But it also acts as storage. I’ve seen these where they have pockets and they are great for shoes.

I’ve also seen where they have file folder, the racks for the file folder. So you can hang files, your files in there. And it keeps her paper files. These Ottomans are available in many shapes and sizes. You get the added benefit of storage and a piece of furniture, and you can actually use it for something else as well. Think about this in all different areas of your home, having a piece of furniture.

That is a sofa table or something. It could just be a sofa table with a top and two legs on the side. And then you can put things under that. You can have decorative baskets that also could contain stuff, or instead of that specific piece of furniture, remove that, and then get a piece of furniture that has cabinet doors or even drawers that is functioning better for you. This all depends.

What are the things that you need to store and what size of item is. Do you need a, to be able to put away, do you need storage that is out and about? Can these things be on display or are they unsightly? And they just make it feel cluttered. You don’t want to see these things. You have to keep them, but they need to be tucked away.

Then you would want them to be behind closed doors or in a drawer. The third thing that I will share with you today, the third thing is to add hooks. I recommend hooks. [00:08:00] Almost anywhere. I would almost say you can not have enough hooks. They can’t go in every single room and I’m not even joking about that. They come in teeny tiny sizes all the way up to very large. They can hold a big amount of weight or a small amount of weight. The options are really limitless when it comes to hooks.

When you get all of your belongings and all the excess stuff off of the ground and give it a designated home, sometimes that home can be on a hook. It can be that symbol. You will always know where to find what you are looking for in that room. When. You give these items of yours, a permanent home within your home.

It can even be a simple hook for a jacket or a dog leash. Or a small bag, anything that has some kind of strap or way to. Get it off the ground and hang it on that hook. A hook is very good in terms of getting you more organized and getting your stuff up off of the floor. The room will instantly feel less cluttered when the things are picked up and not all over the floor and not on the surfaces and not thrown on the sofa. And just anywhere you find to be able to set them down or drop them when you are not using them hooks.

like I said, they come in different sizes, but also they can be attached to the wall with screws. Or you could go an easier route if you’re not hanging things that are too heavy and get something like a command hook That will simply stick onto the wall and is designed to not leave any damage. That is one of the big benefits of using a hook like that, where it has the sticker, where you just pull it off to remove it when you don’t need it anymore. That’s an option. If you don’t want to put holes in the wall. And then another option is even a over the door hook, and those easily slide over the top of the door.

They’re sturdy. They can hang on the door easily. They [00:10:00] usually come in one, three. Five or six. So that means that they have five or six different hooks on them. Sometimes. Even each hook is even doubled up and you can make a door, do double duty. You can have hooks on the inside and the outside of that door. Like if it’s a closet door or, a door in a hallway or something where you have the space to have things on both sides and then make each side function for different things.

I gave you three ideas. Use vertical space is the first one. Get furniture that. can also function as storage. So that would be double-duty furniture where it is a piece of furniture and it is used for storage. And the third thing is to incorporate hooks in to your home to get these items up off the floor.

If you can incorporate these three things, the storage and the organizing. We’ll improve in your home. These are hacks that you will see. They don’t have to be in small spaces. They can work anywhere, but even in small spaces, it can make you feel more organized. With a few minor changes and improvements. Just like the three that I mentioned here.

I hope that helps you. You can get organized and tackle some of these projects that this weekend.



3 Solutions to Maximize Storage at Home When Space is Limited




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