Getting ready in a messy bathroom can be a stressful way to begin each day. In this episode you will learn 4 steps that will help you declutter and organize your bathroom today! 


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4 Steps to an Organized & Orderly Bathroom that is Clutter Free & Functional!





Full Episode Transcription (not edited):

Getting ready in a messy bathroom is a stressful way to begin each day. I’m sharing four steps on this episode that will help you declutter and organize your bathroom today

Happy Tuesday. Well, if you’re listening to this the day it came out it’s Tuesday and that means I am answering a listener question. You know what to do. If you want me to answer a question. That you have, all you have to do is go to intentional, Click on that record now button and record a question for me, just like you would leave a voicemail on a phone. It is so easy and I will use the question that you submit on a future tip Tuesday episode.

The question that came in for today is. I have a lot of storage in the bathroom that my husband and I share, but it’s always in disarray with products all over the counters. We have the space to put it, but for some reason, I haven’t been able to get it properly organized. Where do I start? Great question. There’s a couple of different components there, and I love that you used the word disarray. That’s so fun. So I can.

Get a perfect visual of what your bathroom counter looks like with products everywhere and ample storage space, but not. The proper organization in place just yet. And that’s all going to change. I have a couple of tips that you can put in to a place.

Execute this, and you will have a perfectly organized bathroom. So the first thing that comes to [00:02:00] mind when we are organizing is we have to clear out the space. We have to remove everything. that’s not going to be any different with this bathroom. The first thing you are going to do is clear out the bathroom.

Get all of the stuff off the counter, remove everything from the cabinets, the shelves, the drawers off of that counter. And I do mean everything. Get it all out. And then the second part of this is you have to spend time categorizing. You’re going to categorize absolutely everything. The categories, this step, where we are sorting things into categories, the categories are essential because you know exactly what you have and you can see it’s a visual thing. You can see the different categories when you’ve spent time sorting out all of your products, all of your supplies, everything.

When you put those into the categories that make sense for how you use them, then you will be able to see where there are mass amounts of a product or, A really big stock of something. And the areas that don’t have a lot when you don’t have much, you need a smaller storage space. When you have a lot, you obviously it needed to dedicate more space to those items when you’re not organized. That’s when we get in trouble and we purchase more of something than we need. That’s when we also become wasteful with things because they expire or they’re not good anymore, and we’ve purchased more, we’re using something else.

We’ve replaced that item, but we didn’t remove the one that. We no longer use. So when you see these things together, because you have sorted them into categories, you see it all in one spot. This can be a real, eye-opener lots of things in the same spot, really give you that view of what do I have too much of? What do I have the perfect amount of and what do I not have enough of? Or what do I need to get more of?

After you have done these two things, then you [00:04:00] are going to purge. The purging is going to be done by category. The categorizing is so that you can see what you have. And this helps with this next step, which is the purging, the decluttering. It’s time to purge and get rid of anything that you no longer need, that you no longer use that you no longer want. And of course, if it’s old or expired or not useful any longer, you’re going to get those things out of there too. This is the method that I share in episode 59 for.

Really in-depth information on a great process that you can use for decluttering. And it can help you with this step. So go listen to episode 59. And if you want more information about simply getting rid of the clutter, removing the clutter from your house and a proven process. That is an episode 59. That’s the beginning of what we do in the simplified home masterclass. That’s the process that we use, but I go way, way, way more into detail with it. And that program.

We go with the ruin in the simplified whole masterclass in great detail. And you get exactly what you need to properly organize the bathroom with examples and pictures and all kinds of things in that program. So listen to episode 59, that’s a great starting point. It gives you more information, but use this step number three, to really remove the things you don’t want. Toss, what is broken or mostly used up or expired.

Or no longer has any value to it in terms of a product. This is a time where you can get rid of old towels. Of course donate anything. That’s still good. But if it’s not something that you’re using, you don’t want it anymore. You don’t need it. Then get it out of there, remove it from the space. Then we move on to step four.

Step four is where you contain. This is where the organizing habits, when you contain and put away things in an organized way that. Makes sense for how you [00:06:00] use them. You’re going to think. Ease of retrieval, ease of retrieval is important here and keeping things contained by category. Especially The backstock items that keeps things organized and it makes it possible for you to use those forgotten items before they become too old or expired. And don’t forget, you need to measure measuring is imperative, especially under the sink and in weird areas where you might have pipes or different Dana’s sticking out or insured in getting in the way of your space. So measure if you’re producing new products and make sure anything that you purchase is actually going to fit in the space when you measure, you know, that it fits and it won’t be an issue.

The space available to you is going to determine what type of product you get and those measurements that make it. So, you know, what actually fits in that space for each category. Now is a great time to label the containers. If you need to, once you’ve purchased these containers. You put your products in their new location. If they’re hard to see, or if multiple people are using them.

That’s when you’re going to stick those labels on. Let’s review this real quick. The first thing you’re going to do is clear out that bathroom or remove everything, get it out of there. The second step is to soar everything into categories. That’s when you’re categorizing absolutely everything. The third step is purge. You’re going to purge. You’re going to declutter.

You’re removing the items that you don’t want, and then your categories. You should be a little bit smaller because you’ve gotten rid of the things that you’re not going to use in the future. And then the fourth step is where you contain the items. That’s when you purchase new products, if you need to, you figure out what products you already have that work to contain these items.

the final thing that you would do is label. If that’s necessary. This is a sure way to get your bathroom organized. Don’t forget to [00:08:00] listen to episode 59, if you want more details on how to figure out what to get rid of with that de-cluttering process. If you want to go all in with organizing of course, sign up for the simplified home masterclass. The link is always in the podcast description. That is the proven plan too, that teaches you how to properly. De-clutter how to properly and thoroughly get everything organized and get those systems and routines implemented in your home.

So the organization stays longterm and you can live with the benefits of living in an organized, orderly home that has systems and routines. That work so that they’re functioning for your family to make everything in the day to day easier. If you have any questions as always reach out to me at intentional edit.

You know, you were successful with the organizing and the decluttering of the bathroom when it is easy for you to maintain. And that counter stays pretty much clutter-free because everything has a place and it will always be put back easily because it has a spot to go to. So your bathroom can stay orderly and organized.

If you want me to answer a question for you on a future tip Tuesday episode, go to intentional Right. Now and click on that record now button that pops up ask her a question and i will answer it on a future tip Tuesday episode







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