Quick fix solutions are not going to get you the results you want when you desire a home with less clutter. Removing the clutter and getting organized are big projects that take time, effort, and you have to have a strategy and plan in place to remove the clutter.

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Reaching Goals of an Organized Home with Less Clutter




Full Episode Transcription (not edited):

I’ll be the first to tell you that most quick fix solutions are not going to get you the results that you want when you are wanting that clutter-free home. When you desire a house that is organized and that is functioning for your family. The quick fix is not the answer. I love a good challenge. In fact, I even have some challenges available to you, but I will never promise that your entire home will be organized at the end of 30 days or at the end of a week or any timeframe because everyone is in a personalized individual situation.

one week or 30 days or a time of frame is not realistic. I don’t have the information. I can’t promise that. And no one can removing the clutter and getting organized at these are huge projects that take a ton of effort and usually a lot of time and you have to have a solid strategy and a proven plan in place to remove the clutter.

Once that clutter is gone. Then it’s time to organize and both of those things work together to get you closer to that end goal of a simplified and organized home

Hey there. I’m happy to have you here for a tip Tuesday episode. I want to get right in to the question today. If you do have questions that you want me to answer on a future podcast episode. I go to intentional edit.com. There is a record now button that pops up. You click on that record now button and you [00:02:00] leave a question.

It’s like leaving a voicemail. So it is very easy. It will just take you a minute to do gather your thoughts when you know what your question is. Click on that re record now button on unintentional, edit.com. And I will answer your question on a future tip Tuesday episode. The question that came in, that I am choosing to answer for this episode. It’s a longer than normal, and I love the information. I’m going to read it to you now.

It says I made high expectations to declutter every room in my home, but didn’t get very far. I did the 30 bags and 30 days challenge and got rid of a lot and then bought a course. For one month to a clutter-free home and we’re spending hours on getting rid of things, but never really got where I wanted to. Here we are a few months later and it doesn’t feel like we got rid of much, even though I know you did, it’s still a mess.

Too much stuff and nothing is really organized. We want our home to look nice and not have clutter everywhere. But how do I know when I’m really getting rid of what I should and getting rid of a lot? Doesn’t mean it is organized. I’ve spent a lot of time decluttering, but it’s never enough. And I’m sick of doing this over and over again.

How can I finally get this house to stay organized? So much goodness here and the background information, the process that you have been through, all of this is helpful in answering this. But the truth is. If you don’t. Implement all of the steps. And if you, you are a listener of the podcast where you’re listening to every single episode, you know that there are three steps that must happen. Of course you have to purge because we have to get all of the extra items out of there. So once the excess is out, then you spend your time organizing.

That’s when the organization happens and to coincide with the organization, you have to have these solid [00:04:00] routines that are intentional and created specific for the needs of your. Our family, you get that from the simplified home masterclass. That is why I created that program. There’s other programs out there that are great. Like the 30 bags in 30 days. Challenge.

That’s a great way to remove some of that clutter from your house. And if that’s something you want to participate in, I love that. Do it, it’s a great kickstart to removing the clutter. But to truly simplify and have this house that we really desire that is a symbol and that has good routines and makes it so we don’t feel like there is this constant nagging to do list and.

Chores to do, but no matter how much time we spend, they are never done. You have to combine the three things that I mentioned. So in this example, it sounds like. She made great accomplishments with decluttering. let’s recognize that let’s take a moment and recognize that because finishing a project like a one month decluttering challenge or any type of challenge is huge. Don’t dismiss the work that you have put in because that time you already spent.

Is going to be helpful to you in the future. And you’ve already put in that work. You already had success with that. So let’s celebrate that. That’s a big accomplishment. Any decluttering that you do is going to be helpful going forward. There are a few reasons that in this situation she feels like.

That she’s not seeing results that she thought that she would, and you are listening to this. You can probably relate because most people have. Have tried purging. I’ve spent time decluttering, but they’re not living with the benefits of having a truly organized, simplified home. One of the reasons that these results might not be happening is because of the expectation simply weren’t realistic for the task or for the [00:06:00] program.

Another thing that comes to my mind is that the solution, like she found a solution that’s helpful, but it’s not the solution for this specific situation to get the results that she. Is really wanting, which is a truly organized home. The programs that she purchased were to remove the clutter. And that is the starting point, but just removing the clutter, doesn’t get you to that end result of the organized home.

Well, what I really think is happening is a combination of a couple of things. Decluttering is great. It has to happen. And the more you get rid of the easier the next step is, but only do cluttering will not get you to that desired result. You’re removing clutter, but you’re never getting to the part where you actually do the organizing decluttering makes it possible to organize.

it will get you to that point where you could have finally organized. But the item is that you want to keep and the items that you’re going to use in your home, those need to be organized. Those don’t just magically get organized because you removed the clutter. And the simplified home masterclass, we go through specific detailed process that teaches you how to properly easy clutter, so that you can feel confident in the process and confident in the decisions that you’re making for the items that you’re struggling to decide. If you should keep toss or donate.

And then I give you the instructions and the specifications on how to organize properly. And I’m teaching you how to organize for a long term results. I make it as easy as possible. The link for the simplified home masterclass is in the podcast description. So if you are wanting to sign up for that,

Do that now take the plunge, get the program and spending as much time as you need going through it. But with the simplified home masterclass you know that you have all the resources you need to do the three parts the decluttering the organizing and the setting up of the [00:08:00] systems and the routines

If you no longer want to spend your valuable time on the small decluttering projects or a monthly challenge, like you mentioned, and you truly want to make a change. Like you see that you do. You have to combine the decluttering. the good thing in this situation is, is a lot of decluttering is already done because you’ve already put in the work. So you already started the process, but after decluttering one space, you need to go to the next step and actually organize it with the proper instructions on how to organize.

So the organization functions for your family, you’re going to organize specific to the needs of your individual family. Family. And then you add in good systems and those are routines that you’ve created intentionally. That’s what keeps the organization going? And that’s when you get the results of truly simplifying everything, a challenge, like the ones that you mentioned is a great way to accomplish little parts of this process. It’s like, if you were completing a puzzle, you would have different pieces and putting in some pieces is getting you towards that end goal.

It’s getting you towards the. Result that you want, but you will never meet your expectations. If you don’t get all the pieces, you’ll never get to put that last piece in the puzzle and see the finished product. If you don’t have all of the steps and you need all of the steps to get to that end result, you need all the pieces to finish the puzzle.

You need all three of the steps that we talk about combined. On that journey to a simplified home. You want less clutter. You want rooms that are organized and look clean and orderly, and you are wanting to feel good in your home and have less to do and be able to keep up with the chores and the tasks.

On a regular basis without being exhausted all the time. [00:10:00] The three puzzle pieces to do this are the decluttering, the organizing and the routines. You have to do all three of those things. The routines are important. To keep up with everything and to truly simplify. So keep doing these small changes. If challenges are helping push you to the next step.

That’s fine, but they’re not going to take you from a cluttered disorganized house to that end result. They’re not going to get you to the goal of that beautifully simplified clutter-free home with the routines that are making your life easier. So keep doing the small thing is they’re going to get you there slowly, but they are progress.

So don’t dismiss that. Pat yourself on the back and take a moment to recognize you have put in work. And the decluttering that you have already done is progress. It’s helping you get to the end results. But it is just one piece to the puzzle. It’s a one step that you need. And you still have to keep going with the decluttering before you could do the organizing and then you move on to that final step. So keep going with the small challenges, if you want to be proud of yourself for making that effort and making this progress. But if you really want to get to that end goal and meet those expectations that you had from the very beginning,

Sign up and follow a step-by-step program. Like the simplified home masterclass. So you can get the results that you’re looking for. Thank you so much for listening to this tip Tuesday episode of the intentional edit podcast. If you want me to answer your question on a future tip Tuesday episode, then go to intentional edit.com. Right now, click on the record now button and leave.

And I said, so I can answer your questions and help you solve all of your dilemmas regarding organizing and getting your home organized and clutter-free and simplified soon.




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Simplified Home Masterclass by Intentional Edit - Join Today - Get Organized for Busy Moms

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