Removing a few things from your bedroom will help you fall asleep faster and feel less cluttered.  Bedrooms should be a calm place where you can rest and recuperate, not a dumping ground for the excess we don’t know what to do with. 




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Easy Bedroom Refresh to Help Feel Less Cluttered







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Our bedrooms are supposed to be a sanctuary space where we can relax, get great sleep and ample rest when they are filled with all of that extra stuff, or they become a room that’s always left behind when it comes to the cleaning, the organizing or the decluttering. They can contribute. Or they can prevent those things from happening because they don’t feel like a peaceful space where you can really rest. There are a few things you can remove in a short amount of time that will improve the overall look and feel of your room. Making it seem a more organized like a space that is peaceful and a place where you can relax and rest and feel good without being bogged down by all that additional clutter

When it comes to decluttering and improving our homes so that they look better and that they feel better. And really, so they function [00:02:00] better. That means an organized home and orderly home. We often think about the living spaces, that family room, living room, kitchen areas. The living spaces are what comes to mind. It’s the main areas where we spend a lot of time in like the kitchen and family or Elma. The closet usually comes to mind too. That can be a pretty common one.

We’re always feeling like we need to organize the closet or go through the clothing. This is a recurring theme that happens. When you have not decluttered properly, I want you to go listen to episode 23 and 28. Those two episodes will help you. If you are in need of a good closet, clean out, it will help you purge old clothes.

And the things that you are not wearing, those things you never wear, and it will help you to get your closet organized. So 23 and 28, give you tactical information on how to organize your closet and how to know what to get rid of and what to keep. Maybe when you have a little guilt hanging over your head, or you’re not really sure what exactly should I get rid of?

23, 28 of the intentional edit podcast, those episodes will help you with the closet. Clean out and the closet purging, going along with the closet is the bedroom. I gave you information, go listen to those episodes for the closet. Clean-out today we are going to jump in and focus on the bedroom. The bedroom is often that forgotten that neglected space.

Bedroom is can easily become the dumping ground of the items that you don’t know what to do with, or the pile started stacking up quickly because you just placed things in there that were from another room and you don’t want them in there anymore, but all of a sudden they’re just stacked up in the bedroom.

And then, because we don’t spend all this time in our room is they. Almost become forgotten. It’s like the last space you want to organize. And we should really switch that up and put [00:04:00] some focus on the bedroom because it’s an important space. If you don’t have time for a full bedroom, a purging project, and you don’t have time to remove everything.

Truly declutter and organize because that type of a project does take a considerable amount of time. You are going to love this episode because I’m giving you a quick list of things that you can easily remove from your bedroom, so that it feels less cluttered in a matter of minutes. You can use this extremely short amount of time to tackle the different things on this list. A few minutes here, a few minutes there.

I focus on. Each one of the thing is that I give you. And then in a matter of a week or two, just with a few minutes a day, you can really get some of that clutter removed from your bedroom. When you want to be more organized and you want an orderly bedroom so that it feels less cluttered, and it’s a place that you would actually like to spend time in a place where you can actually unwind and be able to relax. It’s time to get the excess out of that room to make that happen. first of all, I want you to.

Tackle the easy thing, any food items, plates, cups, water bottles, all that stuff that’s leftover. If you took a little individual bag of chips or a little trail mix package, and that package is in there, get that out of your bedroom, throw that stuff away. Oh, this is like grossing me out thinking about this because food in the bedroom should not be a thing. The bedroom was not the kitchen or the dining area. It’s not a place for it. Picnic.

Having food, wrappers and plates, because you had a late night snack or something along those lines. And that plate is just a sitting on top of your nightstand or on top of your dresser. It’s making it look cluttered, but it’s also, it’s just dirty. it’s making it more difficult to unwind and relax or rest in this room. Not to mention the filthiness. It’s a reason for bugs to want to hang out [00:06:00] in your room.

get these things out of there and get in the habit of not bringing them back. Just get them out of the room, remove them, the cups, the plates, the packaging, the trash, the anything that has to do with food in general. Remove it. If you are a person that needs to have a glass of water next to your bed at night, I totally get that.

So if you take that water bottle or cup of water to bed every single night, take it to the kitchen the next morning, put it in the dishwasher, rinse it out. I’ll clean it. Do what you have to do, but get in the habit of removing it. So make that a new habit so that you don’t have a collection of water, bottles or glasses with barely any water, have them on your nightstand at any given day.

Just removing that removed some of the clutter. Along with the food packaging, remove anything that would qualify as trash old Kleenex bottles, old lotion bottles, nail Polish, anything that’s old that could be expired or not good any longer, because maybe you touched up a nail color one evening and put the bottle in the drawer.

And now it’s been a few years or six months and it’s crusty and dried up. And. It’s a color. You don’t even like, it’s something that you don’t use. You haven’t used in a long time. Or you just don’t want it, you know, you won’t use it, walk around your bedroom with a trash bag and toss those things.

If you have a receipts, papers, scraps tags from clothing, where you’ve pulled them off. And instead of putting them in the trashcan, they just sit on the top of the dresser or they sit on the chair, they sit some place for no reason, toss these things, get all of these. The thing is that could be considered trash and throw it away. Walk around with your trash bag, get this stuff off of the surfaces, get it off of the floor and remove all of the trash. That’s another task where you could just spend one session of [00:08:00]this organizing. Take a few minutes, remove the trash.

Something else. When I said the papers, the scraps, all that stuff, remove anything that doesn’t belong. So here’s your next little project remove anything that doesn’t belong. This could go in a lot of different directions, but really focus on the bedroom as a place where you can rest and relax and feel peaceful and feel good and not have all these other things running through your mind because you have removed to them.

So you don’t have these constant reminders, your. Our bedrooms. Shouldn’t be the space where you are working or paying bills or anything like that. Of course, there are situations where this is not relevant because you have a bedroom that has to double as a home workspace or your bedroom as a place where you also work out.

And if this is true, make sure you are separating the spaces within the room with intention and not piling paperwork for work on your bed. Your night’s sand. Right next to where you’re going to go to sleep. Keep that in a separate area, give that desk area some type of designation. So you can contain the work to the designated works out of the room and the rest of the room.

I can be for you to unwind and relax and feel good in your bedroom. When you take a pile of paperwork to go through it in a bed, because you have this big stack of papers or a stack of receipts or anything like this, and you take it to your bedroom and you think, oh, I’m going to go through this and I’ll get in bed tonight and go through the stack of paper.

The reality is that doesn’t happen or you don’t get very far. You don’t make much progress. It gets set down on your nightstand. It gets so down on the floor next to your bed. And then it lives there for a few months, a few weeks. You’re not doing yourself any favors. It’s a constant reminder that.

This project. This pile of papers needs to be something that you spend time on, that you go through that you [00:10:00] tackle. It’s constantly nagging you. It’s like this nagging work. And it’s on a sightly. It makes it so that you feel cluttered in your bedroom and that’s not what we want to happen. Remember we want our bedrooms to be a place where we feel good and we can relax, sleep.

Is. Uh, important to a healthy lifestyle. Being able to get a good, solid night’s sleep and rest is so important. So when you have that extra stuff, It prevents that from happening because it’s adding you to the clutter and it’s nagging you. And you know, it is there.

Adding to the topic of getting rid of things that don’t belong. This goes for clothing, shoes, accessories, anything that is on a surface or on the floor that should not be there because it really has another place where it should be put away, do a quick sweep of all these things. Grab each one. As you walk through the room and return it to wherever it is supposed to go.

Clean goes clean clothes, get put away in the closet or the dresser drawers dirty. Dirty clothes should go into the laundry hamper jewelry and small accessories. Get put back in a jewelry box or wherever you keep those put away these things, and the same thing goes with shoes. This is another thing that can be prevented by changing your habits and coming up with a new routine.

And that would look like always putting dirty clothes in the laundry basket. Instead of dropping them on the floor, it takes the same amount of time. You just have to follow through and change that habit. The clothes. I get taken off, put in the laundry basket. This might mean putting the laundry basket in a new location.

Where it is now, maybe that’s not where you change your clothes. Moving. The laundry basket can trigger you to. Now do this new habit that’s serving you. So you don’t have to spend time every week picking up all of these clothes that are all over the floor, having a designated spot for clothes that you wore for a really short amount of time, they aren’t considered dirty, but they’re [00:12:00] really not clean enough to go back in the closet.

Making that designated spot. That’s another thing where you can change a habit instead of just piling up those on the back of a chair that happens to be in your bedroom. And then you can never use the chair for its function. Put an actual spot. That might mean you have a drawer or you have a section in your closet and it could be small. It could be two or three inches wide. And you put these things back on the hanger or on a shelf or in a drawer.

And that’s where those things go. ‘ cause, they’re not clean enough to go back with the clean clothes, but they’re not dirty enough to be washed, designating a spot for something like that. Being intentional with where you’re going to put things. Towels are a big one. They can be picked up at this time too. If you are a person that drapes a towel over the footboard on the bed, or again, that chair and the bedroom, or it just goes on the floor, get them off of the floor, wherever they are, remove them from over that hanging chair, make little adjustments to come up with these new habits.

You have to be intentional set up the new routine and make the system. What I mean by that is the example with. Moving the laundry basket, moving the laundry basket to a place that makes sense for you to take off your clothes, put them directly in the laundry basket instead of on the floor. That is you coming up with a routine and a system that will help you be successful. When you start doing these things, they become habit.

Now you have changed your habit. You automatically put things in to the hamper instead of on the floor and you are saving time and your home is looking less cluttered because of that one simple thing you did that does not take any more time in your daily life. Drop it on the floor, put it in the hamper. It’s the same amount of time. You move to the hamper to help you be successful with this new habit. So you’re going to want to do this and make adjustments to come up with new routines that prevent this type of bad behavior or unhealthy habits from becoming clutter to [00:14:00] begin with.

And then you replace them with the healthy habits. Sometimes when you don’t like something a very much. Or it was something you once loved, but now it’s not your style anymore. Instead of getting rid of it, it just migrates to another room in the house. Not a lot of times can become a bedroom because it’s a place that we aren’t in as often. So it doesn’t bother us on that high level. Like if it’s sitting in our family room,

And usually when guests come over, they don’t go into our bedrooms. Get rid of these things. This is another thing you can do. This is another project. So if you have extra frame pictures or knickknacks or Jenkins or memorabilia, all of those little things that are collecting on the surfaces that. Tabletops the shelves or even hanging on the walls or just stacked up on the floor, donate these things. If you don’t love them anymore, if you’re not using them, if you don’t need them and you really don’t enjoy them, get them out of your house. Spend a few minutes, take the pictures out of the frames.

Donate those frames that are not your style anymore, and that you have no intention of putting up, get these things out, just because something was a souvenir that you loved 20 years ago. It doesn’t mean that you have to love it now. Remove it from your home. If you are not using it as something that is functional or decor or something that you love to see, and it brings back those memories for you because it’s on display and you get to see it every day in a great way in your home, rather than just piling up and adding to the clutter.

Keep what you love. Get rid of the. The rest of it, less is more in this situation, you are trying to create a peaceful clutter-free environment in your home that will benefit you in this bedroom. Decluttering. take a look around and think about how you use this space. How do you want to use this space in the future? If it’s not currently happening right now?

If you have an extra dresser or a random piece of furniture that doesn’t really belong, but you kept it anyway. Or even an old computer sitting on the [00:16:00] floor or a TV screen or something like that. These bigger items, those big items need to be discarded to you, set them there to get them out of the way.

And all you did was move them from one location to a new storage location in the bedroom. But guess what? Your bedroom is not a storage facility. They are adding to the clutter and they’re making. Your room less peaceful overall. These big pieces of furniture, they can be big collectors of thing is so it’s clutter on top of clutter Keeping them in the house. Is just adding to the clutter. So get them out of the house, donate them or toss them.

When you remove these things, it will allow you to have more space, but also removing them from the location where they have become the item that you’re stacking the clutter on it. It forces you to change those unhealthy habits that we’ve been talking about. Thing is like smaller things, even like extra throw pillows.

Those sometime it’s become something that just stacks up. You might get a new, better set, but you don’t get rid of the extra throw pillows. You might just get new pillows because yours are old and worn out. And it’s time before new pillows to sleep on every night. But then you don’t get rid of the other ones.

They’re just stacked up, piled up there, remove those items too. You want to get those out of the house? It’s time to get rid of them. I gave you a big list here. You can get rid of a bunch of stuff, spend a few minutes gathering and removing these things. You can do this all at once. If you want to or just take a couple of minutes each day until each category is done. But get the excess, the clutter, the trash out of your bedroom. So you can truly rest better stress less, and enjoy your bedroom as the peaceful room that is meant to be.




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