It’s hard to believe that summer is over and it’s time to go back to school!  Implement the following 7 strategies to keep your life organized and running smooth this school year.

1 – Plan Outfits Early – This is helpful whether your child wears a uniform or not.  Pick outfits (including shoes) for the week before Monday morning.  Hanging sweater shelves work great to keep outfits organized when you designate one shelf for each day.  You can even place outfits for sports and after school activities in bags for each day too.  Don’t forget to start off the school year with an organized closet and get rid of all the outgrown clothes and shoes.

hanging shelves for organized closet

2 – Weekly Meal Prep – There are numerous benefits to meal planning.  Plan what your family is having for dinner weekly or biweekly to simplify your week nights, eat healthier, reduce your time spent at the grocery store and save $.

meal planning with Intentional Edit

3 – Lunch Refill Station – Stock your pantry and fridge with items ready to go in lunchboxes and to grab for after school snacks.  Always pack lunch the night before so all you have to do is add an ice pack the next day and it’s ready to go.

snack size organized pantry plastic container

4 – Homework Station – Create a container or designate a drawer with all supplies needed for kids to successfully complete homework daily.  Include general office supplies – pencils, erasers, paper, makers, colored pencils, highlighters, ruler, scissors, tape and more.

organized desk drawers

Develop a homework routine that allows kids to finish homework early, get papers signed and everything returned to backpacks for ease the next morning.

homework station office supplies back to school

5 – Designate a Drop Zone – Backpacks should have a hook, basket or cubby to stay in when at home and not in use.  The same space can store bags for extra curricular activities and events.

backback mudroom hall drop zone

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6 – Family Calendar – Have a designated spot that everyone can check for family activities.  Update it over the weekend for the upcoming week and make sure everyone knows what is coming up.  Computers/Phones with calendars that can be synched can be used for older kids but a paper or wall calendar is better for younger children.

back to school routines organized

7 – Establish Routines – Come up with routines (routines become habits) for homework, unpacking and repacking lunches and backpacks, nighttime and getting out the door in the morning.  Different families require different routines to be successful and work efficiently.   Routines save time, reduce stress, keep you organized and allow for more time to have fun.  Take a little bit of time to figure out what works best for your family and implement routines that will simplify daily tasks.

Have a terrific school year!


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