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Solutions for an Organized Pantry!







Full Episode Transcription (not edited):

We are officially into summer and that means time in the kitchen. Lots of snacks. Are being eaten and that means your pantries and your refrigerator are emptying quickly more time in the kitchen, more eating, find out how you could organize the pantry. So you always know what you have in stock and what you need to stock up on the next time that you go to the grocery store.

If it’s an enormous room or a super tiny, it doesn’t matter if it’s a full walk-in pantry or a kitchen cabinet, the place where you store your food should be organized and organized pantry does a lot of things that are beneficial for your family. One, it cuts down on food waste because you see what you have, you know, what you are lacking and it prevents you for buying things that you will never use because you can [00:02:00] actually.

Get a visual on what is inside. The first thing is. cutting down on wasting of the food. that’s a big one. that also means that it saves you money when you aren’t having to throw things out because they got lost in the back or pushed to the back you’ve never used them.

at some point you discover them and they’ve been expired for many, many months, or even over a year, you have to throw those away. So you’re wasting food and you’re wasting money in that situation. When the pantry is organized. You eliminate that situation because you have an organization system that is working. So you see everything and you know, what is in the pantry.

You want to be able to see things at a quick glance so that you don’t buy the duplicates and it makes it possible to see what you need to get when you are going to the grocery store or you’re placing your grocery order, you can glance in everything has its place. You know, what’s running low and you restock what is running low instead of buying randomly.

And then ending up in that situation that I just talked about, where you’re not eating everything, or you have too much of something and not enough. Of something else. All the instructions on how to thoroughly and properly organize your pantry are. in the simplified whole masterclass, there’s detailed instructions on how to organize every single room in your home. In the simplified home masterclass program. That’s a program that is specifically designed for anyone.

It’s designed for someone like you that does a higher as a home with less clutter, a home that’s easier to pick up To pick up easily to get back to what feels good and what looks good to you with systems and routines that make it easier to go effortlessly through every single day because those systems and routines and good quality organization and make it possible for you to get things done. The things that have to be done that we don’t really enjoy doing, but are part of our day to day tasks that we [00:04:00]need to do.

It helps you be able to get those things done efficiently, but not dreading these daily tasks, because it just becomes part of the routines. You get these things checked off your list and you still have time to enjoy your kids. Spend time with your family without feeling like. You have a, a constant to do list going, and you’re constantly on the gobo belt, the simplified home program, it will give you the details, very detailed instructions and cheat sheets on how to declutter properly, how to organize everything with every specific module that you go through. It’s individualized to every single room.

 you can. Zero in on what you need to do the hotspots that need the most attention in your home right now, and then move through the other rooms in the future. This program is honestly what you need to ruthlessly de-clutter with confidence about what you’re purging and it teaches you the exact process of.

Organizing so that you are organizing for the longterm. If you are, to the point where you feel fed up with the mess all over your house and the feeling is that there are always a million things hanging over your head. Like you can never get caught up. You always have a million things that need to be done, but you aren’t able to finish them.

You aren’t even able to come close. There’s always something that you are needing to do. Or you always feel behind you want your hose to be more organized. You want it to function better. You want it to look better and feel better. And to truly simplify then the simplified whole masterclass is the answer for you. I designed it for people just like you.

You can sign up for this self place program and move through it as fast or as slow as you want to do. You can find that comfortable speed and fit it into your lifestyle. But moving through one room at a time until you’ve tackled everything. You can go through it quickly if you want to, [00:06:00] but if you don’t have the time to put in hours each week or each month, you can hit the hotspots. First, the spots that are the most problematic in your home that give you the most stress. You start there.

And then you work through the other areas until you’re finished you can get yourself to that place of a peaceful, organized and orderly home by following the steps in the simplified home masterclass. If this is something you’ve been thinking about and it’s of interest to you, click the link in the podcast description.

You could get all the information on it, sign up for the program. you will have immediate access and then you can start decluttering. in terms of the pantry, the detailed instructions with pictures, with product recommendations, it’s all in the simplified home masterclass. To talk a little bit more about the pantry today. You always want to start by removing everything from this space. It doesn’t matter what you’re organizing. You get it all out, you pull it out of there. And then in terms of the pantry, because we’re dealing with food, you are going to toss those old and expired and stale items, even things that are old and open, but they technically are not expired because they’re not to that date yet.

If they’ve been open for some time, if they are stale or. Just have been in this open box for a long time and you’re not going to eat them because they don’t taste good anymore. And they are getting to where they have that gross sale taste. Toss them, get them out of there. Stop letting them take up space.

You don’t need them. You’re not going to use them. It’s a waste of space to keep them in there. Sometime we go to the grocery store, hungry and buy things that we think look good to us, or that our kids will love. Or we go to one of those big box stores, we get something new and then you think, the kids are going to love this and they won’t eat it.

Maybe they had one, but they won’t eat them. Nobody likes them. It’s been a few months now and no one is touching these things. As long as these are sealed and they are not to their [00:08:00] expiration date, they’re still in their original packaging. You should be able to donate these to a food pantry or a food drive something local to your area. So you can pack up a big box or a big bag of figures that you realize, these are not expired yet.

These are so good. They’re in their original packaging. They’ve never been open. I’m going to donate these to a food drive that can actually use them to people that will use them. That’s a great solution for things that are not expired. Of course, everything that’s expired, stale, old toss, those things, put them in the trash.

Once you have your pantry organized and dialed in, you won’t be in this situation. In the future. It is rare to find expired. They news when European entry is organized and you are putting things away in the right places, every time you. Restock at the grocery store. So remove all the things that you’re not going to use or that you’re not going to eat in the upcoming months, figure out if they’re going in the trash or you’ll be donating the AMA. And then the next step is to categorize what’s left.

So you need to categorize the remaining items. You need to spend time sorting and grouping like items together. That’s what the categorizing step is. You may need sections for breakfast, dinner, snacks. Or depending on your setup, how much space you have, you might want to use some of the shelves in your pantry for small appliances.

Once the sorting is complete. You are able to take inventory and see how much room you need for each category because you sorted these things into like categories. And you will know. What is necessary in your home? How much do you actually need for food storage and how much can you devote for something else? I like to have a backstock area or an overflow area. You might want to call it for things that I purchased in bulk or things like paper towels. Those can go really high up on, hard to reach shelves because I don’t [00:10:00] need it to get them.

Maybe you have a basement with a storage area or a garage with a couple shelves. You can put the items like that up high or out of the way, because you’re not getting them all the time. It’s the backstop area. It’s the overflow. It’s the thing is that you buy in bulk. Another solution is large baskets. Large baskets are a great way to utilize floor space without having a pantry appear messy. So that is one solution. If you want to actually store things on the floor.

They are also a great way to contain individual size snacks and things for packing lunches. You could put all in one box or one type of a container. These do not need to have a lid. it makes it easy to look at a quick glance. You can see what you need. You can see what you have and you know, what needs to be refilled. It’s a good idea to set up rules and expectations around.

Who can get what from the pantry or the refrigerator and how many of these things they are. Aloud each day. whatever rules fit your family and feel good and make sense for your home and or the season of life that you’re in right now. You should set those up. So all of a sudden you’re not walking into the pantry.

You restocked 12 of a one snack sized food item yesterday. And you walk in there today and there’s only two left figure out what rules make sense for your family and what you need to put in place for the food situation. This helps to keep your pantry stocked up properly. one thing you could do that it’s great is allow your kids to help with the unpacking and the pudding away. Once your pantry is organized, they can see where things go. Sometimes you will open the big boxes and containers and things come in from the grocery store.

You’re going to dump the individual items like the snack size items into a basket. It takes up far less space. And it’s easy to see what’s in there. You won’t be put in a situation where you go to the [00:12:00] pantry to grab a box and that box is empty. have the kids be involved, let them be involved in putting things away when you get back from grocery shopping and they can hope to keep the pantry organized when they have a little bit of the responsibility of unloading and putting things away might not be done as fast as you would like, or as perfect as you were to do it.

But they will make progress. It will get better as time goes on. And this is especially helpful. It benefits everyone in the home. Now you will need it to make decisions on what to D can’t and maybe that means not. You can take anything at all. I use large containers with the lid for baking supplies.

But I keep those in a cabinet with my spices and seasonings, right by the counter where I would use them for cooking and baking. But those items are often stored in a pantry when you have the room in your pantry. And again, that example goes back to what I will always say for every room of the house. Your home needs to be organized for your specific family and the needs of your family. At this current stage in life, you’re organizing to have a home that functions and it makes everything easier.

Creating zones in your kitchen and maximizing the space that you have right now, so that it functions for your needs are the most important. What works in one house may not work in another house. And that’s why you always want to modify and customize everything to the specific needs of your individual family.

That is super important. What works. At one house doesn’t work in another, what works for one family won’t work for another. go with what works for you and what makes sense for you and creating the zones for where you’re actually going to use things. We go into great detail about that kind of thing in the simplified home masterclass program. You can follow the steps to really get your pantry dialed and for long-term organization that is custom to you.

The simplified whole [00:14:00] masterclass also has all of the info for complete decluttering. So you could purge properly and it has the organizing guide. So you really know what to do for the decluttering and the organization. And of course, to get those systems and routines in place. So this can keep going for the long term.

The techniques in the program are proven. They have been used over and over and over and over again. If you want to go all in on your organizing, then go to the link in the podcast description. Right now, click on that link. Get more information on the simplified whole masterclass and sign up. Take the plunge sign up start working on this a little bit at a time.

So you can move forward and get past the stage of thinking about what it would be like to have a decluttered home, what it would be like to have an organized home. You can stop imagining and actually start doing start moving towards this home that is organized and clutter-free. And get those systems in place so that you can start this next school year, go into the next couple of months.

With more organization in your home, you can use the tips in this episode and get many, many more. So you can finally organize your pantry, your kitchen, and really your entire home efficiently. If you join us in that simplified whole masterclass program. Thank you so much for listening. I will meet you back here next week for the next intentional edit podcast episode.




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