Taking action to finally declutter and organize and thinking about having an organized home are two different things. If you have trouble keeping your home organized, this episode is a must listen.


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Struggles of the Real Life Mom that Wants to Be Organized but Has Trouble Keeping it That Way







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Wanting your house to be organized, having that desire for everything to be picked up in orderly and actually taking action to finally declutter and organize are two completely different things. If you are having trouble, keeping your home organized, this episode is a must. Listen.

 Recently I was at an event and there was a group of moms near me that was having a conversation. The conversation revolved mostly around. The daily struggles, just the life thing is we have to get done and the daily struggle of it all, it was a combination of more like a venting session and complaining about a lot of this overall topic.

And the thing is that we really talk about here and we share here. The common theme was there’s too much stuff. [00:02:00] There are too many thing is that we’re trying to accomplish in a day. From the very beginning, when we first wake up all the way to going to bed and we pile on more and more and more.

Physically, there are too many belongings mentally. It is overwhelming. I would say it’s taking an emotional toll as well. Talking about the physical belonging is where there is just this over abundance of thing is when you’re trying to organize, but it’s not sticking. There is a reason to that.

There’s a reason that that is happening. And so many of the, these moms were complaining about, they have way too many toys in their home. The house is always a mess. The people in their house are not contributing to what is being picked up. They are contributing to the mess, but they don’t see any urgency.

Or feel like there’s any responsibility for them to contribute, to picking up and keeping the house. At a baseline. Better place. I was saying this in a lot nicer terms than what I was hearing. But. The gist of it all was they needed help with organizing and decluttering going through thing is in life and trying to declutter remove the clutter only for your kids to mess up everything again. When you feel like you have organized and then minutes later, if not a couple days later,

Everything is messy again, and everything is in disarray. Or feeling like you are getting rid of things. Like you feel like you’d get rid of a lot because it looks good for a short amount of time, but there’s always more to get rid of. This was just the common thing and they were all in agreeance. They were all having these struggles. I know you are struggling with this too.

These are the questions I get in my direct messages and on email. And some of the things that you share When you record a question for the tip [00:04:00] Tuesday episodes. This is a common struggle. This is real. This is what’s happening right now. Real life struggles. And there are some things that you can do to put it into today’s or at least significantly reduce this as one of the things that is bothering you and stressing you out and overwhelming you on a weekly, if not daily basis.

Being organized involves three huge components. You could not be organized without combining all of these three things. A lot of times we want to do one of the use, but three, you have to have three. The truth is they do not work alone. They’re not standalone. Thing is they stand alone in terms of how you get them done, but they all three work together. You have to have all three working together in order to have an organized home in order to maintain that organization in your home.

You have to do the decluttering. You have to physically remove the thing is that are in your home in excess, that are not being used, that you don’t want, that you don’t love. You have to remove the physical items that are removing you from the life that you want. So the first one of those three is decluttering.

The second one is the organizing and there are. Proven ways that organization makes sense. It is not going to the store, buying a bunch of bins and totes. Products. They are going to look good, putting things in them and shoving them anywhere. You can go. You have to follow a proven plan for organizing and organize specifically to the needs of your family in the current stage of life for the home that you are in right now. And the third, one of those three huge components that I mentioned.

Is the routines and we set up the routines to get you in a rhythm so that you do the same thing over and over in a pattern, usually on a daily basis to [00:06:00] simplify absolutely everything the routines are, what. Keeps the organization and check it. It’s what keeps getting your house back to the baseline that you like it at.

On a regular basis and it lets you do this with ease because after implementing the intentional routines, They become habit once you do them over and over again. So you have these three things decluttering, organizing. And coming up with a good routines, those three things have to work together when you spend time on making sure the three steps are completed with a proven plan, thought out.

And each area that you tackle, then you can live with the longterm rewards. These are benefits that come from the work that you put in when you. Do the decluttering organizing and setting up those routines. They go about a scenario with your closet. For example, if you organize the things in your closet without de-cluttering, you are stuck with pieces of clothing and accessories and shoes that you will never wear, you will never wear those again, you probably don’t even like them.

But you organized things and because you didn’t purge first, it took you much longer to organize and get these things put away. The closet may look good for awhile, but it’s not going to stay organized because it’s still full of stuff. It’s overstuffed with things there and too many belongings that you don’t really need. You’re not using.

And you don’t even want most of these things. Two of the steps we’re lacking here in this closet situation, the decluttering was not done. And the routines to keep your closet organized, have not been set up. It may look organized and look good for a few days, but it will not stay that way for months and month after month.

It will become more of an issue. You will be back to the situation where you feel like it’s too [00:08:00] messy. And it’s overwhelming and you don’t have anything to where you will get there in a short amount of time. Yikes. This is not a place you want to be. If you only do two of the components. Yes, it will last longer. The effort you put in will last longer, but it’s still not the long-term solution that you’re looking for.

So you spend time decluttering and you really purge. You do a ruthless purge. You hear me say this a lot. You have to ruthlessly perch, ruthlessly. De-clutter. That is what I like to call it. When you really go all in you’re invested and you get rid of all of the extras you get rid of all that excess.

I go into the proper and thorough ways to declutter in the simplified whole masterclass program. And if you’re interested in that, the link is in the podcast description, wherever you’re listening to this on whatever app you could just go down there and sign up. Now you get the entire home purging process.

You can, you will be able to organize and purge everything in your home. And it even has a module on how to set up the routines. To keep up with this. When you follow the steps in the simplified home program, you get the results so that you are looking for.

let’s go back to This closet scenario. If you declutter and then you organize this closet, you will feel so much better. You will wear more of the clothes that you decided to keep. You have these clothes and you want to wear them. And you will not feel bogged down by all the items that you were keeping, but never wearing or using because you decluttered and you actually organize properly.

It’s a win-win situation, but there is still a problem. The problem is that their routines to keep the closet organized are not set up. Views routines are probably just little tweaks to the daily habits that you already have going. But they keep the closet organized. these are very insignificant compared to the grand scheme of what you [00:10:00] do in a day, but things that just take minutes here or seconds there.

Or what is going to make the big difference? So, one thing that would be a routine that has to do with the closet is going to be laundry, a good lodger routine that allows you to stay current on the laundry, being washed folded and put away. That’s going to help you keep up with your organized closet.

Designating a spot for clothes to go that are not clean because you have already worn them for a short amount of time. But they’re not really dirty either. Maybe you put it on for a meeting, came back. this item is an outer layer. It’s not dirty, but you don’t want to put it back with the clean clothing. You need to have a designated spot for that. Instead of that item sitting out or piling up somewhere, sitting on your bathroom, counter, being shoved on a shelf somewhere, it actually has a designated location to go in the closet.

So that is keeping your closet. Orderly and it’s keeping the bedroom or bathroom from becoming a cluttered. And this is because of the organization working with the new routine and that new routine will eventually become a habit. The habit means that it doesn’t take any brain power, that this is something that you just do. So you have this new routine that is getting the laundry done. You have this new routine that is putting the clothes that aren’t dirty, but aren’t clean somewhere. You’re going to want to have these healthy, intentional habits that come from intentional routines for everything you do throughout the day.

And that’s when things happen without much effort at all.

The habit or the routine is training you to do this and the purging. That was the third part of this project when it was done properly, the purging allowed for the space to be available. So you can see the purging, the organizing and the routines all work together. All three things are working together [00:12:00] in any room in every single space that you could organize.

And that’s what gets you to the areas in your home when they truly function better for your family, so that you can make the day-to-day struggle easier because you’re simplifying everything if you’re serious about getting to the bottom of this and eliminating the struggle, eliminating some of those issues. That the moms that I was hearing complain about. If you want to keep complaining and stressing over these things, keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t take any action. The issues that cause you to be frustrated with the state of things in your home.

Follow a proven plan. Like the simplified home masterclass commit to something that will give you the tools to make the changes you need. And if you are stressed out with your schedule with all of the to-do lists, with all of the chores, with the mess at home, with the tasks that you have to do on a daily basis.

With getting things done all the time with the laundry, with the toys everywhere, with not being able to find things when you need them with anything that goes along the lines of, I feel like my home is a disaster. It’s messy all the time. I want it to be picked up. I want it to be organized. I know it can be better.

If you are in that situation right now. Put in the effort and follow a program, follow a plan that combines the three things, the decluttering, the organizing, and the routines. You follow the three components of a solid program that will teach you how to declutter. We’ll get you organized and we’ll help you establish the routines in your home for a long-term organization and less stress all around.





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