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193 The Debate Over Cooking Utensil Storage & Organization in the Kitchen.









Full Episode Transcription (not edited):

How do you store your cooking utensils, things like spatulas, spoons, that giant potato masher thing, whisks, anything you might use when cooking at the stove top? There are sisters that have an ongoing debate about the best way to organize. And we’re going to settle it on this episode.

 It’s Tuesday. And that means that it is time for me to answer one of your questions. If you have a question that I can answer that you think I can help with, go to intentional Click on the little button that says record. Now that pops up and leave me a message. It’s as easy as leaving a voicemail, tell me what you are struggling with. What you have a question about. We can get very detailed with specifics on how to organize something and coming up with a new routine for your house or anything along the lines of decluttering. All of that good stuff. So go to intentional, Click on the record now button and leave a message. I will answer your question On a future Tuesday episode. The question that we are answering today made me laugh. And I think when I read it, you’re going to laugh too. There are often time, is as siblings or even friends, we think that we know how to do something better, or we have the right way to do something. in this situation, this is exactly what’s happening. So here is the question that I’ll be answering on this tip Tuesday episode. It says. I need you to resolve an ongoing debate with my sister and myself. She [00:02:00] says the cooking utensils should be in a vase on the counter because they are always available when you are cooking. I don’t want to see them. And I don’t like looking at them. So I keep them in a drawer. Can you settle this for us for once and for all? And let me know, where is the proper place to store the cooking utensils in the kitchen to be the most organized? I think that’s so funny because it’s kind of a situation of, he said, she said, it’s like, we. I think that we know best, but do we always really know best? There are a few things I want to point out here. One, are you glad that we get to live in our own homes? And we get to decide what we like in them and how we do things and how we store things and how we organize. For ourselves and our families. We’re really what makes the most sense for how we use things and the most sense for our brains, because we are all different. My professional response to this question would be something along the lines of if the space allows for you to put these. Uh, utensils and anything that you cook with at the stove? In a place. That is concealed. So removing them from the counters. And it is right there. Easy to grab right next to where you are cooking. Then I would prefer to get that clutter off the counters because I like a clutter-free kitchen. The easier is to clean and to maintain. Me and you have less clutter, you have less stuff. What, or whether that be clutter or decorations or even functional things, the less you have on the counters, the easier it is to clean the easier it is to maintain and just simply pick up and put things away. When you have less stuff, it makes it easier to do all of that. that would be what I would prefer in terms of organizing, but organization is personal and we want to do what serves us the best. if the one sister is saying she [00:04:00] prefers and it’s easier for her to have these put away, then that’s what she should do.

If her the space is available. And it makes sense in her kitchen for how it functions. If the other sister is saying that she wants them out on the counter, it’s easier for her. She likes how it looks and she likes to be able to grab them as she goes. And it doesn’t. Cause any issues in her kitchen, then that is a win for her. We have to take into account the space that is available to us. A smaller kitchen might require more on the counters. You might have to put more on your countertops. And we get to pick the items based on what we use the most often and what makes the most sense. For how we use our kitchens. In a larger kitchen, you shouldn’t need to have a counter that is full of things. And in my mind, I always picture the mismatch, cooking utensils of all colors and sizes. those on the counter would seem very cluttered to me. But again, and here I say, but if you find that it functions better for you. In organization when organization works. Everything is functioning at its maximum capacity. At the best it possibly could be. We want to combine form and function for ultimate organization. You do what is better and what makes sense for you. To feel good in your home. And as you have it function with purpose and organized home, isn’t a one and done solution. There is not a one size fits all answer that I can give you for every single home and every single family, because good quality, great organization is personalized to you, to the space available to you and your current home for the season of life that you are in.

 What makes sense for you right now? That’s how we. We organize to the best of our abilities to maximize on everything we possibly can. I would love to settle this ongoing [00:06:00] sister squabble, by saying that whatever is working in serving each family best is the best solution for that household. When we take into account the space we have available for us again, in our homes. For organizing, we have to make sure that we start with purging. We have to purge anything that we’re no longer using the things that we don’t need, the things that we don’t want anymore, and then put in place those intentional routines that are serving us and that are serving our families because we want to maximize the function in our homes. And we know that thing is, can get done faster and with less efforts these intentional routines and good organization. Make it easier to keep our homes orderly and organized because we took the time to do what works for the specific needs. And that is really the goal of a simplified home. If I can help you in the future with a question that you are struggling with right now, make sure you go to intentional Click on the record. Now button that pops up, leave a message. Let me know what your struggles are, what your questions are about decluttering, organizing, how you could make your home function better.

What are the issues at hand? All you have to do is click on that record now And I will answer one of your questions on a future Tuesday episode. Of the intentional edit podcast. I’m looking forward to hearing from you and answering your questions in the future







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