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The idea of purging and beginning of big Z cluttering project usually seems like a scary thing to take on it’s common to make excuses and not to even start. And this episode i will be helping you figure out if your home and your family can benefit from some ruthless decluttering

 Last week we got in to clutter, we really talked about it. Well, We talk about clutter a lot on the internet, a lot of podcasts, but on episode 1 92, that’s the one i’m referring to we talked about the negatives the way that clutter increases cortisol in our bodies and is really adding to the stress that we feel There are things that had to stress in our daily lives. And some of those things, we don’t have any control over, but some of those things we actually can control. Lucky for us. We do have the ability to reduce clutter in our homes to take away some [00:02:00] of those things that are adding to the stress in the sense of clutter. I do have resources that you can follow that make it possible for you to ruthlessly de-clutter anything in your home and to properly organize those two things have to work together. You have to get rid of this stuff before you can ever start the organizing. You don’t have to worry about having to do all of this and figure out what to do and think that you are going to be in a place where you purge some things, you get them out of your house and just days or hours later, the clutter starts creeping. Back in. And so you have to do these over and over and over and over again. Use the resources that I have available for you and follow the proven plans that we know have worked for so many people and that continue to work right now, you’re listening to this podcast episode because. In some form or another, you are on this journey where you are craving a better home environment. You’re craving organization, you’re on this journey to simplicity and you know, that. When you are more organized and you have set up these intentional routines, that is the key to streamlining everything in your home. When this happens. It helps with so much when I talk to people that have gone through the process and are on the other end, it is still a journey. It takes time, but when they’ve moved through and they have done the big, big decluttering sessions and the home is for the most part, organized, the routines are in place. Now these routines will always evolve and change over time as the needs and structure of what’s happening in your home is changing. what I see is these things are working and the benefits that you thought would come from putting in the effort to get this under control and to do these big projects. They happen, but so much more happens. There’s so much more than just the ideas that you have right now. Thinking I [00:04:00] want to be organized or imagining what it would be like if your home is organized one day where you have less stuff. When you think about the benefits of what happens when you remove a bunch of this stuff from your home. Those will all happen, but many, many more things have into amazing things happened. Just the clarity that you feel when you eliminate that excess, it feels so good to be in that place. Now there’s a few common things that come up when we’re trying to figure out if we really need to purge, because a lot of the times I have. People or potential clients say, well, I don’t have that much stuff and I just needed to get organized. is that the situation that you are in, do you feel like, do I really need to purge or if we actually have the perfect amount of stuff in our homes, then that’s when we’re at the place where we can organize. today I want to share these things with you that comes up if you identify with any of the things that I’m going to share with this list, you can confidently start your decluttering journey, knowing that removing the excess, the decluttering, the purging, whatever you want to call it, that’s going to get you one step closer to that simplified home to that organized home, where you are dreaming about this.

And you’re looking for that type of a home environment for you and your family. So let’s get on with the list. The first thing. That comes up is, do you feel overwhelmed if you feel overwhelmed, if you feel stressed out and overstimulated, when you are in your house? When you take a look around and you take inventory of what is in the room with you. If any negative feeling creep in, if you think there’s too much stuff, if you glance around the room, a simple glance around the room. If you see things that are out of place that needed to be put away, that don’t belong there or things that you don’t really want anymore. that adds a little bit of stress Even you take a big sigh and you think [00:06:00]like another thing to do. Something else I have to tackle. That is. Uh, stress. If you feel overstimulated in your home and you can’t stay focused or on track because there’s constantly something else to do something throwing you off of what you need, because there is so much going on in your environment. That would be one thing that we would put on this list. Have I needed to purge. I needed to remove the excess from my home. those feelings of being overwhelmed, stressed, overstimulated, that’d be the first one. The second thing. Which is something to think about. And a lot of time is we don’t put it in to this kind of black and white phrase that I’m going to say. But if you dread returning home or you are finding reasons to leave your house, when you really don’t need to. Because of the mass or you’re avoiding the mess in the back of your mind, you know, that. You needed to tackle these things at home. You needed to go through these piles. You need to get some of this stuff out of your house, the mess, and the clutter that’s at hand. Is kind of in the background and you’re like, eh, Oh, just stay out a little bit longer. Oh, we can keep playing at the park. Or I’m going to run this Erin. It’s really not a necessity, but let’s just go check out a few things here and you’re coming up with these reasons. To get out of the house to leave the house, to be away from the house or you’re prolonging going home because you’re trying to avoid a dealing with the mess to avoid dealing with the cleanup, avoid dealing with that clutter. those are two. And then the third thing that comes to mind is. You are very aware that you want to feel good. You want to feel better in your home. But, you know, right now it doesn’t feel that way. It doesn’t feel great to be there. It’s a, not a relaxing space. It’s not a place that you find a [00:08:00] peaceful and your home is actually adding to the stress in your life rather than. Taking some of that stress away or being a place that you look at as more of a sanctuary. I really like the word peaceful because you do want to feel good in your home. You want to be at peace with your surroundings. So that if you want to do something fun with your kids or get out of game and play, you can put that back and not feel the burden or feel like you can’t do it because there is so much of a mess all over the place. You want to be able to have a baseline of what your home. Is supposed to be alike. And that is what you determine. What do you feel good with in terms of what is on the counters? What is out on the table? What has a home that is put away? How much organizing is done, how clean and crisp. And a clutter-free does your home feel, or are you okay with a little bit more, you will get to decide these things, you want to know that you feel good in your home and that the people that live there feel good when you desire simplicity, you should be able to relax and unwind and have that calm feeling at home when that’s not happening. Your home is adding to your stress. That would be the third thing that you can think about if you don’t feel good at home. And you feel like you cannot relax there and it doesn’t feel like a peaceful place then that is reason to think. I need to declutter. I have the, some things I can remove so I can bring in those feelings of peace. And the fourth thing is if you are in a place where you are constantly picking up, there’s always something to pick up and put away. And then you were spending time constantly cleaning. You’re putting forth the effort you’re picking up, you’re spending minutes or hours of your day picking up, putting away cleaning. And it never stays clean. You have to do this over and over and over and over again. And you never get a break no matter what you do. You [00:10:00] have to keep doing this. You have to keep cleaning. You have to keep putting things away. You have to keep going with the pickup because as soon as you put something away, you turn around and there is something else to clean or pick up. And the process just keeps repeating over and over and over again, if that is a place that you find yourself in and you find your home, and then that is when you know, great decluttering session, ruthless decluttering, as I like to say is something that your home and your family would benefit from. Removing the items we no longer need. The stuff that we aren’t using anymore. The thing is that we actually might be, don’t even want anymore. That has numerous benefits because you’re getting the thing is out of the way that are keeping you in this stuck place. They’re keeping you in the place where you don’t feel peace at home. You can’t relax, you don’t feel calm at home. You constantly feel like you don’t want to be there. You want to go someplace else because you’re trying to avoid the situation. That you need to deal with in order to get the benefits of a simplified home. When we take the time to purge the feelings of overwhelm and stress and that feeling where we feel overstimulated in our own house, those. Are reduced, they’re significantly reduced because we’ve dealt with what is causing those, the constant cleaning and picking up that is drastically reduced. We can cut back on that significantly because we eliminate a big step when we get rid of so much of the clutter and that stuff that we like to say.

We like to say I have too much stuff. When you get rid of it, when you remove it. You start to feel a sense of peace and you’re able to unwind and just be peaceful and be present and have more meaningful time in your home where it feels good rather than it’s just adding to the stress and the overwhelm of all the things in life that you can’t control [00:12:00] because. One amazing thing is we get to control our home environment. Yes. It takes time. Yes. This is a process and it is work. You have to put in the effort, you have to take action. But then once you do, you get to live with that in result, and that is ongoing and it keeps going and going and going. When you combine the three things that we talk about. Because we know this is a proven plan that works. To keep our homes virtually clutter-free organized. And when we implement those routines that make it possible to streamline everything. When we stick to those. Ideas. Then everything is easier and everything becomes more symbol at home. A great place to start with. The decluttering is a free resource that I have available to you. It is the practical purging projects. It’s a download that you can follow with 10 days of small projects and instructions that take you through the 10 days of these de-cluttering projects. You can easily do one of these each day because they take less than 20 minutes. You move through each one. And by the end of 10 days, that means you will have cleaned out 10 different areas in your home. It’s super easy to get in the podcast description, wherever you are listening to this, a click on the link for the practical purging projects, and you can download that and start.

And in 10 days, if you start today, that means that 10 days from now, you will have decluttered 10 areas in your home. Don’t let that be a one and done solution. Start there and continue on. Move through the process, move through your home. Keep decluttering. Go back relisten to this episode, if you need to, if you, you identify with any of those four things that I talked about as things that you feel, or you find yourself in that place, that means. Removing the clutter from your home will have great benefits because you are in a place where there is too much stuff. [00:14:00] And getting rid of it is going to help you move forward on this journey to simplicity. Thank you so much for being here i look forward to meeting you back here for the next episode







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