There are a number of choices when it comes to what we do with Halloween costumes and we are discussing them on episode 207 of The Intentional Edit Podcast.



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Full Episode Transcription (not edited):

When the night is over, we are usually left with masks, costumes, face paint, probably which hats trick or treat bags, accessories, and a whole bunch of candy. I can help you figure out what to do with all of this stuff, but probably not the candy. There are a number of things that we can do when it comes to organizing halloween costumes and we’re discussing all of it on this episode of the intentional edit podcast

 Happy Halloween, everyone today is a day that if you participate in dressing up and trick or treating or anything that has to do with this holiday, I saw a poll on Instagram it said, how do you feel about Halloween? Do you love it? Like you go crazy. It’s one of your favorite holidays or you like. Whatever I’m here for it, but not the best. [00:02:00] Or do you absolutely despise it? most of the answers were the middle one. You’re fine with it. It’s not your favorite. It’s not your least favorite, but you participate today can be a little hectic, a little crazy, especially if you have little ones there have been parties all week celebrations, different things going on. Revolving around dressing up and what to do with these costumes. I did receive a question today. on Tuesday, I answer your questions that you submit. So if you want me to help you solve a problem or answer a question in the future, you can go to intentional click on the little record now button that pops up and leave a message for me, just like you were leaving a voicemail and I will answer your question on a future tip Tuesday episode. The question that came in today was about Halloween costumes and what to do with them because she was moving. And when she was packing up, everything found costumes that she had intended to save from one child to the next smushed in the back corner of an upper closet shelf.

Those costumes. Now, some of the elastic wasn’t working pieces were coming off and unfortunately the costumes couldn’t be used anymore. So she said, I wish they didn’t go to waste and become just a one time use type of thing for a couple hours. One day, what could I have done with them? What should we do with Halloween costumes and all the accessories and the trickery bags?

And the thing is that we buy and use on Halloween. What can we do with those things like costumes and dress ups? I’m going to answer that question today. But before I dive into that, I do want to remind you that tomorrow is the first day. Of the free 2023 home organizing challenge. If you did not listen to the episode from last Friday, episode 2 0 6. Go back and listen to episode 2 0 6 so that you can hear all the details about the challenge that is starting tomorrow. [00:04:00] briefly I’ll just go over what’s happening. So every day for the first 10 days of November, I am going to focus on one area that we can remove the clutter from clean up and organize.

And about 20 minutes, of course, that depends how much clutter you have, how messy that space. This is in your house and how deep you are going to go with that organization. But the challenge is designed to take about 20 minutes each day. So every single day, November 1st through 10th, we will be organizing a different area in the home. We were moving the clutter and then I’ll give you tips on organizing. There will be a podcast episode that goes on along with each of those spaces. So one short podcast episode each day. And I will also be on Instagram sharing and Instagram stories. The different spaces in my home. So how those areas are organized in my home. And because you are constantly asking every time. I show something on any social media where there’s a glimpse of how something is organized in my home. You are sending me messages, requesting the products that I use for the organizing, where the turntable is from what is the soap dispenser sitting on the counter. What towel is on my kitchen sink. All of that kind of stuff. when I share the space in my home of the day and how it’s organized, I will also let you know what organizing products were used in that area. And some of those are old. I’ve used them for a long, long time. So I’ll find something similar if I don’t have the exact one. Also On the intentional edit Facebook community that is for podcast listeners, that you can join that community. And during this challenge over the course of 10 days, I do plan to go live a couple of times and answer your questions over there. So if you want to participate in the challenge, there’s a few things that you need to do.

Be ready to start tomorrow. Give yourself 20 minutes. Ish a day to [00:06:00] participate. And be ready to begin. Make sure you’re listening to a podcast episode each day. Make sure you are following intentional, edit on Instagram so that you can look at the stories and see how everything is organized and join us in the Facebook community. There is a link for the Facebook community and the podcast description, wherever you’re listening to this, just scroll down on the episode. you will be able to see the description. It has a link to the Facebook community and other, the top of that description, there is a link so that you can sign up for this challenge. It’s completely free. You click on the link, follow the instructions. It has all of the links in there for the Instagram page, for the podcast. For the Facebook group. So you could join everything from there. if you follow the directions on that, then you can get sent to the checklist so that you can participate in the challenge. And if you want to, you can share, as you are participating on Instagram or tag me in things or ask questions and you will have that checklist.

So all you have to do is scroll down on the description and right at the top, you should see the link where you can sign up for the 20th. 2023 home organizing challenge. Okay, now that, that is out of the way let’s get back into what did you with the Halloween costumes when Halloween is over. And answer that question that I talked about earlier. There are a couple of things that you can do. my favorite thing to do is figure out if these are. Costume pieces or hats, or even the accessories that your kids would use to dress up. If you have kids that like to play make-believe and that liked to have dress ups and you have another area with dress ups. Or if this is something they’re just getting into, get a big bin or a container or some type of storage basket, the something that is easy for them to get into and put the dress-up stuff in there. If you have a lot of smaller pieces, I do recommend you keep those in [00:08:00] even a Ziploc bag or a sturdy like mesh zippered, pouch, where those smaller pieces can go.

But the bigger dress-up pieces that they can take off and on and easily get on over their clothes to play dress up into. Play make-believe. If those can be easily accessible for them and they can play with those, how did the Halloween costumes to that stuff? Because the Halloween costumes can be used over and over for different kids for different reasons. And when you are in the stage of really using your imagination as a little one, sometimes those costumes. They may be. Supposed to be one person, but when you were playing make-believe and using your imagination, they can use those pieces in ways that you don’t even think of and really get creative and have fun with that. So that would be the first thing get use out of those. If you know, you will never be using them again.

Your kids are not going to play make believe. But you might want to hang onto them for a younger child to aware for a future Halloween. Then I would suggest having a container where all of the Halloween costumes go that can be stored out of the way. It was something that you only need to get into one time of year. whether that is in a basement or an attic or a high shelf in a closet store, all of the stuff together, you use a Ziploc bag or small container to put the little pieces in, or if all of the. Pieces and the costume can all go in one, a bag that is great too, because then you keep everything together and you won’t be scrambling trying to find one, a piece of that costume to complete that whole set in years to come. Now if the costume is for a baby and it’s very specific, like size three to six months or size 12 months, I would store that costume with the baby clothes that you are saving in that size. So if you have a container or a big bin that are zero to three months or zero to six months, and that’s what the costume [00:10:00] is, I would store it in there because when the costumes are tiny, if you don’t remember that you. You have it and you don’t go looking in that costume bed then. The baby might be grown out of it by the time that the next Halloween comes around. those are some options for that. If this is a very, very special sentimental. Costume or piece of a costume that you used? There is absolutely a keepsake, which this would be a very rare occurrence, but if this is the situation you find yourself in. put that costume. And an airtight bag. I look up ways that you can keep it to preserve it. And then store it properly so that it will actually be preserved if it is that special and that you need to keep it and preserve it for many years into the future. Do that. And if you know that. This costume thing. Is a one and done. You don’t have anyone to give it to, that might want to use it next year, Go ahead and place that in a bag for donation. when that bag is full, make sure you take it and to wherever you are, donating things that you no longer are needing or that you no longer use. And donate that costume along with everything else. There is no sense in keeping something around and hanging on to it. If you know that it will not be used and you will just find it, if you choose to store it or you choose to put it up in a high shelf in a closet, like the mom that submitted this question, thinking they would use it in the future.

Totally forgot about it until she is packing her house to move. And then all of a sudden there’s these costumes she forgot about. She wished you would have used, they were. A couple of years old, but now they aren’t even able to be used because the elastic is stretched out. It’s not working anymore. Some of the pieces to the costume were falling apart. Don’t put yourself in that situation. If it happens, it’s not the end of the world, but it would be better off. If you had the [00:12:00] storage space freed up for things you actually needed to store and give those away to someone that can use them in the future. That is the answer for the tip Tuesday question of the day. we’re going to wrap it up. I hope everyone that is celebrating has a wonderful Halloween tonight. And if you have questions for me, go to intentional, Click on the record. Now button submit your question. I will answer it on future. Tuesday episodes. of course, please join us in the 20 to 23 home organizing challenge. If you have been thinking about getting your own organized, you are ready to purge some things and get some things organized in just minutes a day. Join us for the challenge. It starts tomorrow. I will meet you back here tomorrow for that and click on the link in the description so that you can sign up for the free 20, 23 home organizing challenge and get that checklist emailed to you. With all of the details on how to participate and maximize this challenge for you this year i’ll meet you back here tomorrow for day one of the 2023 home organizing challenge [00:14:00]






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