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[00:00:00] What are you noticing frustration coming from the same place and you’re picking up the same things over and over that are causing you to be annoyed. That means easy routines are going to be incredibly helpful in your home because these easier routines are the best way to change your current habits that aren’t working in your home right now. Hey friends, it’s Tuesday. And I am answering another listener question on this episode today. If you want me to answer a question that you have or cover a topic that you are interested in on a future intentional edit podcast episode, go to intentional edit.com and a little record. Now button will pop up on the bottom or one of the corners of your screen. You just click that record now button and it lets you leave me a message with your [00:02:00] question, whatever you are trying to figure out.

If there’s something that you want a solution for, then you can click on the record now button, when you go to intentional edit.com. And I will answer your question. I will use whatever you submit an answer that on a future episode for the podcast, and then we can dive into your struggle. And if you are struggling with something, I can guarantee that many of our listeners are having the same issues in their home.

And. Answering your question will not only help you. It will help many, many other people as well. So if you are ready and you are, there’s something that is on your mind. Go to intentional, edit.com. Right now, click on the record now button and leave your message for me with the question that you want answered on a future episode, I would love to help you. Now, you know that I am always preaching about the importance of creating intentional routines. Bringing those routines to our home because when a routine is working, that means it’s saving you time and it is making your day to day life simpler.

It’s making things easier. And that is what we are all about. If you want a simplified home that stays organized and orderly so that you have time in your life for the people. And the thing is that, that you want to be doing it, then establishing intentional routines that are customized for you and your. Family is going to be a game changer.

The answer to the question of the day lies in these routines, basic routines that are going to take up seconds here, seconds there, maybe a couple minutes at a time, but this is nothing that is going to add to the to-do list of things you already have to do. You’re simply changing the time you do things or the way that you do something to create maintenance for what is coming and going. In your home now, [00:04:00] before we keep going, let me read the question and then I will come up with some strategies to tackle this struggle and hopefully solve this issue in this home. The question says. What am I doing wrong?

We are pretty organized. I know where everything goes. It is supposed to be put away, but I’m always exhausted because of continuously picking up this stuff. Everyone else leaves out. My kids are old enough to know better, but they are leaving everything everywhere and it has become my job to pick it up and I’m fed up. What would you do in this situation? This is an honest problem.

It’s a common problem. Here we are again with a, another situation that comes up frequently. So when I said, if you have a question I would love to help you, but if you ask a question, this is going to be relatable to so many other people, because the struggles, when we are trying to simplify our homes are often the same.

They might not be identical, but they’re going to be similar. And the solutions that will help this specific question and this mom and this homeowner. There are going to help most likely in your house and the struggles that you are dealing with as well. So don’t forget to submit your question so that we can keep going and we can help each other by solving the problems that so many people are having. Now, especially in this time period of life, where kids are becoming more independent.

And this question, she says, my kids are old enough to know better. They’re old enough to contribute a little bit to around the house, or at least pick up some of the messes that they make you are. You’re seeing that the kids are contributing more with the daily mess. They’re making a mess or leaving things out, but they’re not contributing to the maintenance.

They’re not contributing to. The upkeep or simply just putting something away [00:06:00] after they’re done with it, but they’re capable of doing this. These are things that take a few minutes or less. If your kid’s kids take off their shoes and drop them on the floor, they can take off their shoes and put them in a basket. It’s the same thing.

It’s just, we have to retrain the brain, whether it’s for a child or an adult to do what needs to be done, to keep up with the house. So. We keep it in this simplified, organized state. Instead of making it constantly be a mess by leaving things out and then adding to our list of things to do, because we always have things to pick up and this situation, I would start with one time of the day, one specific time or area when you notice, if you things out and about, and these are things that are going to be irritating to you. And then that would be the place where we would create the routine around that. And you can kind of think about this. In a way where habit stacking would really help.

So let’s just say, for example, it’s in the afternoon and you notice there are a few toys out, maybe shoes are scattered all over lunch boxes in school bags, randomly on the counter, on the barstools, on the floor, whatever things out and about. And usually in the afternoon. Snack time happens. Pick two or three things that you want done in your house that will eliminate some of the mess.

And that will get some of the stuff picked up before the snack is served. So you are going to pair these two things together and you’re going to implement a pickup time or a pickup activity by the kids while you are preparing the snack and they do this on their way to eat their snack. Usually kids are hungry in the afternoon.

So this shouldn’t be a big deal, but you’re going to start saying.

shoes needed to go in the basket. [00:08:00] Once your shoes are in the basket and you wash your hands, come to the kitchen for snack time, something along those lines where it’s a, not a big deal, it’s happens quickly and that you might change this to. As they walk in the door, put the shoes in the basket.

If that’s where they belong. Or put their shoes in their closet right after school. And they go put their shoes in the closet. They wash their hands. They come out for a snack. You’re just changing the way that their routine is. You might have to talk about this and then start reminding them, give gentle reminders. Over and over, over the course of a few days. And they eat snack.

They’re happy. You didn’t add to their tours. You didn’t add to the time that they’re spending doing anything because these changes take a few seconds here and there.

Then while they are eating their sack, then you are going to tackle the lunches. You’re going to pack lunch for the next day and put it in the fridge.

So now the lunches are packed. You’ve taken that off your plate. Shoes are picked up. Hands are washed everyone’s clean, bellies are full because they’ve just been fed and the lunchboxes are now off of the kitchen counter because they’re in the refrigerator waiting for tomorrow. You just tackled a few things and. You picked up some of that stuff that was out and about causing you the irritation and the frustration that you are sending me this question about. Let’s take another example.

Maybe it’s before dinner time, before dinner, you might want to wrap up the evening. So this might be more of a true five minute pickup or clean up time, and you would use the same concept of habit stacking where basically habit stacking is when you attach one new task to something else that you already do.

So it’s a trigger for your brain. It’s easier to remember to do this new habit. And in theory, it should become part of your new routine quicker. So if before dinner time, the time you set a timer for five minutes, [00:10:00] everyone picks up. They. Do their part pick up, put toys away, put pillows back on the couch, put blankets and baskets.

The thing is that our out in about an, a living room or family space or whatever you determine. Pick three things and say, these are the things we’re going to clean up today. Five minute pickup set the timer. When the timer goes off, everybody goes to the table. Dinner is served, come up with the thing is that we’ll get the clutter that is coming and going.

That constant clutter that moves around and that is becoming a mess in your home. Come up with the things that need to be picked up and then figure out what time of day would be best to do that. And just all of that problem and add little habits and here and there, if you want to have more information on routines, then sign up for the simple home habits.

Five week challenge. The link is in the podcast description. You can click on that and get the information and walk that walks you through five different decluttering projects. Over five weeks and each week we set up a new part of your routine so that it sticks, the decluttering sticks, and then you move on the next week and you do another decluttering project.

And. You add to the routine. So by the end, you’ve done five de-cluttering projects and you have five new steps in your routine that are very, very simple, that are keeping the mess at a minimum and keeping the mess at a minimum. When you have an organized home. Keeps the organization going, it allows it so that you can have an organized home, an orderly home, a simplified home. That will really be hopeful to you and make you feel less stressed and less irritated when things are out and about because you have routines that get your home back to the way that you want it to be in the way that feels good to you quickly.

So that’s the simple home habits. Five week challenge. You can sign up for [00:12:00] that. And then also to add to this whole concept of creating the routines habit stacking. If your kids are young and they are familiar with this kind of thing, and this works well for your kids, do something like a sticker chart or a reward jar, and keep track of some of the things that you are trying to change.

When these things are picked up and not left out, then a sticker is added to the chart or a rock is added to the jar and then spend a few days reminding them of the new habit that you’re trying to create. Reinforcing the positive behavior. Things like it, every time clothes are put in the dirty laundry, instead of being left on the floor, something a sticker goes on and on the chart or. Uh, little rock or whatever, a marble goes in the jar and you’re keeping track of these things and there’s some reward or something fun happens at the end.

You’re trying to create long lasting habits that are going to be beneficial. Not only for you, but for your kids and for your entire household. Things like the laundry in the laundry basket are great. Putting the backpack on a hook after homework is complete, or when they get home from school at the end of the day. The backpack goes on the hook instead of on the floor or on the kitchen counter or on the table, wherever it is left, it doesn’t get left out and unzipped and scattered all over the kitchen anymore. You create these new habits? That eventually become routines and a sticker chart or a reward jar or something along those lines can be helpful in this situation as well. Now in your home, you get to see what’s working.

What’s not working and you get to fix. The problem area is with simple solutions like this and these simple solutions come from intentional routines that are specifically created for the needs of your family.

If you have a question, you would like me to answer [00:14:00] specifically for your family. Go to intentional, edit.com. Click on the record. Now button ask your question and I will use it and answer it on a future podcast episode.






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