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[00:00:00] It doesn’t matter if you are in a waiting room or waiting in the school pickup line, there are a few tasks that only take a minute or two that you can do on your phone. And that means you can check them off your to-do list. If you have a few minutes and your phone is with you, you could accomplish these tasks while you wait. Using the time we have, even when it’s just a few minutes here or there, when we use it efficiently, it makes it possible for us to get more done faster. There are many changes that I have made over the years. That have made it possible for me to get more done in less amount of time. And this has made a lot of things that have to be done, things that I don’t necessarily want to be doing, but it’s something that I have to do or they need to be done. Instead of hanging over my head, they are finally placed in the finished a box.

Or as I like to say, I could put [00:02:00] a check mark by them. I can check them off the to-do list sooner rather than later. And when we finish the tasks, rather than have them hanging over our head, we remove some of that stress and the feelings like we have so much to do because we get rid of that mental load.

We free ourselves of thinking about and remembering those things that. Are on that list that need to be done. Whether you physically have a piece of paper and a pen as a to-do list, or you use the note section on your phone or something kind of an app to keep track of all the stuff that is in your head and all of the thing that you need to do or what it doesn’t matter if, how you, how you keep this, is it in a planner or is it just a paper?

Is it in your phone? We all have some, what kind of a to-do list or is it mental? The knowing that we have so much to do. Or we still have these things to do. We still have to accomplish these tasks. We still have to do. This it’s stressful because these things play in our mind over and over and over again.

And that adds to our stress. It is nearly impossible to relax or have downtime. Or even get a good night’s sleep. If you are worried about everything that needs to be done or forgetting something or. Being jolted awake, thinking about, did you actually do that? Those things are stressful and they add to the overwhelming feelings that we have and. They can make us anxious and they can just give us that sense of gosh, we are really stressed out because there is so much to do. Now solutions for this can come in many different forms today.

I want to talk about some when we have just a couple of minutes here or there. And one place that seems to take up time is the school pickup line because the school pickup line is one place where. I often see parents lined up 10 to 15 minutes before dismissal parked in their cars, [00:04:00] waiting for dismissal to happen, to move forward in that car line.

And for some families, 10 to 15 minutes would be nice because that is not cutting it. And they’re there like 30 to 45 minutes ahead of time. That either one of those that that’s a big chunk of time. Like that’s really a long time, 30 to 45 minutes, especially, but even if it’s only 10 minutes or 15 minutes or five minutes where you’re actually parked in the car waiting. You can use that time to benefit yourself. And you can get a couple of things done or at least one of these things done. And you could also use these same ideas.

If you’re in a waiting room or any space, you will find yourself in where your waiting, you can’t do a big project. There’s not enough time. You don’t have a computer with you. You don’t have supplies with you, but you do have your phone. And the first thing. That you can do is delete pictures from your phone. I know screenshots are so common.

They are really helpful. Some of the times we never even go back to them. But if you can take one day a week, especially if you are picking kids up from a sporting event or a school, or you do the. Typical routine the same. If you pick one of those days and you’ve spent 10 minutes going through your phone from the last week. Then you can have all of those pictures deleted that you don’t need anymore.

All those screenshots deleted. And then you eliminate some of that digital clutter. That can be so frustrating when you’re actually looking through your camera roll. Trying to find something that you want to find that you’re looking for, that you actually want to see. So you could say, okay, every Monday or every Tuesday or whatever they had is I’m going to. Work on deleting the pictures and the screenshots from my phone and keeping that up to date. Sometimes you might have a couple extra minutes and you can go back further and you can kind of play catch [00:06:00] up for those dates further back in the past. But if you do this once a week, then you’ll always be caught up with this going forward and you won’t be wasting so much space. You wouldn’t be taking up so much space and you will be caught up and it will make that camera role be way more useful and how you want it to look. Another thing that you can do in these this time, whether it’s 10 minutes or 45 minutes. His reply to an email or two or three. Delete some of those older emails while you’re doing this, a go to the inbox and re reply, respond to the ones, take care of the thing is. That needed to be acknowledged.

If you, if there’s something on there and you need to put it into your calendar, do that move through your emails, respond to the emails. Reply react, do whatever you need to do and just move through those emails. And delete the ones that do not have a purpose anymore, or move them to a folder. If you see, you need to keep them, but get them out of your inbox again, removing some of that digital clutter. Those are kind of number two and number three. Number two.

I really wanted to talk about replying to the emails. And then the third one was delete emails. You, if you have a lot of emails that are never open and you don’t go through your inbox regularly, then this is a great time to just go through email by email. Delete unsubscribe, take the time to unsubscribe to some of these things that you are now on these lists that you don’t want to be.

This is a great time to do this, do this once or twice a week and get into the routine with the same thing that you’re doing with the photos with deleting the photos. And you’re simplifying. All of the digital clutter in your life, and you’re removing some of the excess. So you don’t have to think about it anymore.

You could have a Monday be the phone picture day Tuesday, you’re replying to emails and Thursday [00:08:00] is the day. That you are deleting emails. You get to figure it out. What works into your schedule? What doesn’t, even if you’ve do this two times or three times a month, it’s going to eliminate some of those emails that back up and get sucked up in the inbox.

And the, just collect one after another. If you’re not deleting them and moving them and taking care of putting them into the correct place on a regular basis, then you constantly have this email clutter and. And tackling this makes it, so you could find that things that you’re looking for easily and you don’t forget things, things don’t slip through the cracks. And you couldn’t eliminate some of the stuff in the inbox. And then the fourth thing. That is on the list that you can do is to complete a task, like scheduling an appointment or placing an order for something or paying a bill.

Any one task that you know has to be done. If you have to make your kiddo a dentist appointment, use this time, make that appointment right then go onto the website, book it online. Call use the time to make the phone call that you need to get that appointment set up. If you need information set from one office to another, make that request, use the time to do these things.

These are usually things that only take a few minutes here or there. Cross them off your list, get them none. So when you get home, you can focus on other things that have to be done. So the four things that are simple tasks that you can do, if you just have a few minutes and you are in a waiting room, or you’re waiting for practice to be over or waiting in a pickup line or. In any situation where you are waiting and you have your phone in your hand, instead of scrolling on social media and zoning out and wasting time, do one of the following and it’s delete the pictures and screenshots from your camera roll once a week. Reply to emails.

Delete emails and [00:10:00] pay a bill or schedule an appointment or place an order, or do something that is an online task that you can get done in a short amount of time. It does not matter where you are when you’re doing this. It’s a time where you’re waiting and you can’t really do something else. You feel like you have too much to deal.

This is a way to use your time efficiently getting one thing done. Or some of these things done in one sitting. Or over the course of the week is going to make it, so you have fewer things to do when you get back home. And that means you are using your time wisely. You are being more efficient. And you are going to for re up time. At different point in the day, because you have already checked these things off of your to-do list.







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