Being intentional about how we set up the areas in our home so that they meet our needs and help to keep clutter from collecting is a win for everyone.






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[00:00:00] Being intentional with how we set up the areas and the rooms in our home so that all of these spaces can meet the needs of our family. And we want to make sure that when we do this, we are coming up with systems that help to keep the clutter from collecting. And that will be a win for everyone in your family. When I see the same type of thing, come up repeatedly, or a question be asked a few times most. Or anything that is similar. I kind of put those into one category and then I make a note to discuss it on an upcoming episode and make sure that we cover that topic because it is something that is a frequent stressor that I’m noticing. And that is why I am. Focusing in on this topic for this episode, because I keep [00:02:00] hearing the same type of struggles with. Rumors or areas in a home that are a clutter collector or specific spaces in the home. It could be used a better you’re thinking I could use this better.

I don’t know what to do. There’s a big clutter component in this, and then a specific room or a specific spot within a room in your home. That isn’t functioning and you’re recognizing this, but you’re stuck. The struggle when the space we have in our home is not serving our needs. That is what we’re going to talk about today.

And that is something that can be very annoying to us because we know that there is a solution. We know that something better is out there, but how do we get there? How do we transform a wasted corner or a room that is the clutter collecting room? How can we make these changes? And make them so that the space that is not serving our families right now becomes a space that we actually use and make sense for the season of life that we’re currently in.

Now, sometimes this comes across in our room, like I just mentioned where it’s the junk collector or it’s where all the extra stuff that we don’t know what to, what to do with, we don’t know what to deal. Like how are we going to deal with this? Or we don’t want to make a decision about something and all that stuff just kind of goes in this room or this closet or this area and piles up. It’s delayed decisions for the most part or another scenario is we might be feeling that like, oh my gosh, I don’t have this functional space in my home.

I need it to function different. And you’re not really aware. You’re just in that frustrated annoyance of this isn’t working. I don’t have a place for this. And that can come across in a few different ways. One of those is that [00:04:00] it feels like you have too much stuff in this area, but it’s not in the right place.

You, you need to keep it or it’s something that you’re using. So it’s something that has to stay within your home. It’s just not stored in the right place. And you don’t know where to put it. You don’t have a place to put it away yet. Those are all valid, and those are real scenarios that are happening in homes all over.

And that’s why in this simplified home masterclass, that’s really the reason I designed the program so that it goes room by room by room. And it has the instructions. I included the instructions in there on how to declutter and organize specifically for each room. So that when you are stuck and you need a guidance, then you can go to that module in this simplified home masterclass.

And you can use what is taught in that. And. Go through specifically to the room that you are stuck on and say, okay, this is apical it’s applicable to me. And this specific room of my house. And the individual needs for our home and our family. And that is extremely helpful in this situation, when it is specific to one area of the home now, organization is all about solving problems and we solve the problems because we want to make our day-to-day life easier.

So if you are feeling like. Or if your home feels like it’s not functioning the way that it should, and you are stressed out about the, the condition or the excess or the stuff all over the place, and that’s stressing you out. Then we’re going to solve the problem. You solve the problem by making changes.

And those changes are going to come from the three things that I am always talking about. If you are a longtime listener, then you probably know what I’m going to say. Those three things include decluttering. You have to remove the excess. So purging and [00:06:00] decluttering that’s one. And then the organizing, you have to have a. Way to make sure everything is organized.

And that means that everything in your home has a place to go. It has a place to be put away when it’s not being used. And then the final part of that is the systems and routines. We have to come up and create these intentional systems and routines. That are going to keep everything going. And the key to this is good systems and routines, keep everything going with as minimal effort as possible. you might have to put in effort upfront to create these and come up with these and install hooks or change the organization. And it takes effort to make these routines become a habit. But once they have become a habit, usually that takes two weeks to a month. When they become the habit and it’s the way that you’re doing That they news that need to be done in your home.

That’s when the minimal effort piece. You will see it and you get to take a deep breath because they suddenly become easier within your home. You’re getting more done with less time. And the clutter is a not piling up because you have systems and routines in place to put things back where they go in the organization that you created, all those things work together.

So specifically in this scenario that we’re talking about on this episode, when we are dealing with a specific space, that seems like it could be used better. Then what is happening right now, that usually means you have an idea of what’s wrong. You have an idea of how you would like to use this room or the corner of the room or the closet or whatever is it not working right now?

You have this idea and you. You think it could function better, it could be better. Or you could identify with the need that something [00:08:00] is not working and we can change it. How can we make this change? Something that is left out all the time, or that is causing a master that is causing the clutter. It needs a place to go.

It needs a place to be put away. What can we do? How do we solve this problem? Your mind is somewhere in these steps, either knowing there’s a problem and not knowing what to do, thinking about that. There could be a solution, but you’re not quite sure. So you’re going to shine a light on what this problem is.

Really identify this problem. Where is that frustration coming from? And then you have to come up with a solution. Could it be something like you have a small entry area, but you need a lot to go into this space. A lot needs to be stored in this area. How are you going to solve this problem? What does the solution look like?

Maybe it’s some hooks on the walls or hooks over a door. Something decorative that can be used as a storage space. Uh, a storage piece of furniture. Could it be a narrow storage? Piece of furniture for shoes. Could that fit up against a wall? Do you need a bowl on a table for keys and wallets and smaller things that come and go?

Do you need a basket for shoes or maybe you need a really large basket. Under a bench where backpacks and diaper bags and work bags and all this stuff that comes and goes. You need a spot for that? What is the problem in the entryway? How are you going to fix it? another common scenario is the problem that there are too many toys and you have one living area where the kids have to have the toys and that’s where they need to play.

And this room is incredibly small. How do you solve that problem? Maybe the furniture in there is too large. It doesn’t fit the scale of the home and you could remove a chair or a loveseat. And substitute that for a different type of furniture. That makes sense right now, like swapping out a coffee table for a large Ottoman that opens and doubles as storage.

Is there a way to [00:10:00] add a vertical storage in this room and take advantage of some height or some shelves on the wall where you could have baskets or storage for toys or other things that can go on the shelves that can be put away so that they’re not out and about all over where you’re stepping on them.

And they’re constantly in the way. And. Making it feel like it’s messy. Maybe the room is truly too small. There’s nothing that you can remove in terms of furniture, but you can reduce the number of toys that might mean. Really purging and reducing the number by donating the toys that your kids don’t use very often or don’t use it all. Or that could even mean possibly having a toy rotation system. Where you have certain toys that come in and then they’re in there for a week or 10 days or two weeks, and then you swap them out and you create a toy rotation system that is easy, but it makes it so that there is storage in the house that the kids can put their toys away at the end of the day. Uh, things can be stored easily put away and they can get them out easily. There’s not enough room to have all the toys that you want or all the things that you want in this space.

So you come up with a toy rotation. That’s another idea. Is this space, that’s not functioning a bathroom. Do you have a bathroom that doesn’t have a cabinet space or has very minimal counter space and there’s not any storage in this. Bathroom right now. What can you do? Are there some type of a shelving system, is, is there a shelving system on the wall that you could add to the wall and solve the problems?

Could you add hooks for the towels instead of a towel bar? So more towels can hang and then you don’t have the need for backstock or like a backstock area for folded and clean towels anymore. Is there some type of if freestanding drawer system that you could buy that makes it so that you have storage space available in this bathroom?

Or are. [00:12:00] Are there better containers that you can put in a whole linen closet or an area just outside of the bathroom for the extra stuff. How can you maximize the space that you have? Those are just some examples that came to my mind. Of areas that I have helped. You guys solve the, these problems on recently, but when you feel like there’s areas in your home that are wasted space, we have to transform those.

So you’re going to solve the problem by making these spaces and these rooms, and these areas become functional for the needs of your family. Right now, there are always solutions to the struggles that we’re having within our home. When it comes to lack of systems and routines. Teens and too much clutter and organization that hasn’t happened yet.

We have to solve the individual problems for our homes. To create a home with less clutter. A home that is more organized, that functions for the needs of our family right now. [00:14:00]






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