Not all storage containers are equal – finding the perfect bin or basket to fit the space and store the items is game changing when you’re organizing your home.





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Full Episode Transcription (not edited):

[00:00:00] It’s true. Not all storage containers are equal finding the perfect Ben or the perfect basket or plastic container to fit the space that you’re organizing and to store the items that is going to be game changing when you’re organizing your home. Hey there. Thanks for being here today. It is a Tuesday and on Tuesdays I answer listener questions. You know how to do this by now, but if you’re a new listener, I want to remind you, I can answer your questions. I can help you solve the problems are leading to home organization, meal planning, anything that involves simplicity, purging, decluttering.

How are you going to tackle these big projects? What are you going to do to simplify your schedules or. Figure out a manageable schedule for your calendars. If you’re struggling with things that we talk about on the intentional edit podcast. I will help [00:02:00] you answer your specific question on a Tuesday episode.

And all you have to do is submit a question. You do that by going to intentional So you just go to the intentional edit website. And a little button will pop up. It’s usually on the bottom or the right-hand side of your screen. It says record. And now you click on record. Now you can do this from your phone.

You can do it from a computer or a tablet. And when you click on that button, it will allow you to leave me a message with your question. You can ask, or you can say, this is what I’m struggling with, and I can give you some ideas that can maybe help come up with a solution to make that struggle a little bit easier. Uh, or ask a specific question today is a Tuesday.

So we are going to. Answer a listener question. And the question that came in is. I get stuck buying the right tubs and they don’t last, or I don’t like that. They are all different from what I have at home. How do I know what to buy? That will last. Great question. This comes up a lot and a lot of times it’s because people think. That organizing is going to be expensive.

They have to purchase all new containers and storage bins and drawer, organizers and hangers and everything to get their space to look like it is organized. And that’s actually not the case. Sometimes you want to buy some storage containers or you need to, but that’s not always true when you’re organizing, organizing is more about removing the items that you no longer need or that you’re no longer using.

And then coming up with proper storage for the things that you keep. So you’re should be removing more than probably what you’re going to be buying. Now, there are a lot of great vans in containers. Out there and they’re at all different price points, but finding and using the right one for specifically the items that you want to store that is [00:04:00] going to be essential in keeping you organized.

You want to keep that organization going and you want to have a bin that lasts. If you go out and you buy Benz for a couple of dollars that are not going to last more than a few months, and then you just have to buy a product again, you’ll end up spending more money than if you would have purchased something that is a little higher and quality.

That’s going to last for many, many years. You want to make sure whatever you’re getting is going to hold up for the amount of time that you’re going to want to use this item for storage now. These are a few things that come to mind that I’m going to share with you. I look for specific thing is when I’m in search for the perfect containment.

And that doesn’t matter if it’s in the form of a bin or a large basket or some type of other storage option, of course the decluttering takes place first. And then once we have the item separated and categorized, we know how big of an eye, how big of a storage. Container that you are going to need to fit all of these things.

We also have to take into account. What is the space available for you in the room or the house or the garage or wherever you’re going to store these items? What is the space available to you? Because that will be a big factor in deciding what kind of storage do you have? What kind of storage do you need and what is actually going to fit in this space?

So the first thing that. I want to say is always measure. Get the measuring tape and make sure that you are always measuring that space that is available to you where you will be storing the, this bin or where you will be storing these items. Before you are searching for a container before you were looking in a store or shopping online, you needed to know the height, the depth and the width that is available for this storage container that you’re going to be [00:06:00] purchasing or that you already have.

And that you’re going to figure out how to make it work in this space. So you need to measure, that’s the first thing. The second thing that I want to mention is. Sometimes the best looking container, the most stylish, the most trendy container right now. Is not the most functionable But I just make up a word functionable. It’s not the most functional. when we are going back to searching out this container, Flexible and flimsy bins. if they don’t have structure is kinda what I want to say when they don’t have structure and the sides can fold in.

If they’re not full, sometimes those really look great. And you could imagine those on a shelf you think this is what I want because it looks so good. But oftentimes some of the best looking baskets. We are drawn to those, but they are a good option. If you’re going to be utilizing this container. All the time.

If this is something new that you’re going to get too often, then you are going to need to pull on this. You’re going to probably be grabbing the top or the sides of it. And if you’re going to pull them and push them back and forth, almost using them like a drawer. Or sliding them out off of a shelf.

If this is something that is going to be used frequently, then it’s going to lose its shape and it’s going to. Make those floppy sides, even floppier and even less structured. And then it won’t look nice anymore. That is something to think about If the item that you’re storing is something that you do not need to access on a regular basis. And it’s going to be maybe a couple of times a year where you go up and you get the things out of this container. That’s when those baskets or those bins that are not so structured. That’s when those can be used, you can have them on display on a shelf someplace where it looks nice and it’s more of a decorative storage container.

It does serve a purpose, but [00:08:00] it’s a great. Option when you don’t have to use it all the time. Okay. So those are the two, the first one always measure. Then the second one. Is think about the actual bin that you need. And is it a flimsy basket? Is it a Wicker basket? Is it a plastic container? Is it a metal bed?

What are you looking for and how is it going to serve its purpose? Then something also I want to bring up is what are the edges of this container? How does it. Look, is it a straight edges, like a 90 degree angles or is it something where it angles in? And the bottom is more narrow than the top or the sides go down towards the bottom.

So the top is wider than the bottom. Straight edges are going to be best for Ida. When you need to stack something or line something up, if you want to maximize the storage that is available in a container, when you have straight asides. It is going to make everything fit so much better. You’re going to be able to fit more and things aren’t going to be falling over all the time.

This is more of an applicable situation with plastic containers, especially, but I’m talking about. With the edges or the corners are even curved or rounded. The items that you keep in this container will have a difficult time staying upright. They’re going to fall over and that’s going to be frustrated because then the items into that storage container won’t stay organized. you want to have sharp inside corners or 90 degree angles so that you get the most storage space. Available to you within inside that bin bins that have the sides at a diagonal, make it harder to store things.

And they oftentimes a waste of space. So that was the third one. Now the other thing that I want to mention, number four is. Decide [00:10:00] between. What you want these to look like in terms of, are they clean and clear and see-through, or are they a solid color and more of concealed storage, different types of storage and different types of organizing are going to require different options for storage.

Clear containers are great because they make it easy for you to see what’s inside. They don’t always require a label because you can glance in without taking the lid off and you can see what is in there, but. But if you’re storing items that you don’t want to see, or that are kind of unsightly, or you have this storage, these containers play someplace out in the open, then you probably don’t want to have it be so busy where you are going to see all of this stuff.

That’s inside these clear containers on display. If that’s the case, then a solid option is going to be better or even a decorative basket with a lid. Sometimes you need a lid. Sometimes you don’t think about. About that. When, what room is this in? What are you storing it at? How often are you accessing the items in this?

Sometimes you want a basket with a lid. Sometimes you don’t. Are you using it as a decoration and storage, or is it going to be closed away in a cabinet or closet where you’re not going to see it, but having the clear option would be great because you could just open that cabinet. You can see what’s in there. And you know what container to get with the items that you want. things about is clear the best option, or would you rather have your storage concealed with something that is more solid that you can’t see it through?

Those are the four things that I think are extremely helpful when deciding. What bin, what basket, what container, what is the best containment for your project? And of course you have to purge first and then figure out based on what items you have left and how they’re sorted. What size storage? Is going [00:12:00] to be best for those items.

And what is the size of the storage space and the shape available to you for where you are going to keep these items? Those are some tips that should be helpful to you when you are trying to pick the perfect bed for your containment or the perfect basket. And you are going to get your organizing projects finished and dial then so that you could always find what you need when you are looking for it. I will leak some of my favorite options for bins and medium to large organizing containers in the show notes and on the podcast post on the intentional edit website as well.

So you could find that by looking for episode 2 45 on intentional Thanks so much for being here. I will meet you back here for the next episode soon.






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