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lauren - intentional editHi. I’m Lauren, the girl behind Intentional Edit.

Organization and efficiency is not just a way of life it’s my passion.  The truth is, I’ve loved all things relating to organizing and design since I was very young.   In 5th grade I stayed up to the early hours of the morning reorganizing my BFF’s wonderfully disorganized walk in closet.  She thought I was crazy but I loved every minute of lining up (in rainbow order) every pair of her Birkenstock sandals.  Even then I saw the value of a well-organized space.

For as long as I can remember, family, friends and coworkers would comment on how organized I am.  Whether it’s a closet, desk drawer, lesson plans when I was a teacher, how my holiday decorations are stored or a salad recipe from a party a few years ago, I began noticing a common theme:  people in my life were coming to me for advice on how to get organized and stay that way.  Not only were they asking me for organization tips, they wanted me to tell them where to hang a shelf, how to space frames for a gallery wall or to accompany them on a shopping trip for throw pillows and window treatments for their living room.  My most recent house is a work in progress with plenty of  home organizing and decorating creations underway.  My last home was one remodeling project after another.  I’m often receiving phone calls and emails with questions… “What is the paint color you used?  Tell me about your closet organizers, where can I get the same thing?   Where is that bathroom vanity from and how about the mirror?”  Yes! Yes! Yes!  I want to help you with all these things!!!

Organizing and design go hand in hand, and I enjoy the entire process of turning a space from chaotic to composed.  I try to live my best organized life everyday, but I know that I’m at my best when I’m helping others.  I truly enjoy assisting my friends with planning a kitchen renovation, a linen closet organization, ideas for weekly meal planning, improving efficiency in the workspace or finding the perfect dining table—and that is where the idea for Intentional Edit was born.  Whether you own or rent, your home is a personal sanctuary that you share with the people you love the most.  My intention in organizing and design is to simplify your life and add function to your space.  I’m known for not seeing spaces as they are but for what they can become.  I aspire to inspire you to live your best organized life too!

Intentional Edit is focused on consciously editing to create an ideal space for what matters most.  If you are interested in creating individualized solutions for your home or office visit the blog and see what I’ve been organizing.

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