I’m often receiving the same questions.  I try to answer all of your IG messages but I know that if some of you are asking then there are others that want to know the answers but never ask.  In an effort to get the most common questions answered I started a series on the blog earlier this year.  This is the 6th post of the series.  All other Q&A posts are here.


How do you keep towels and sheets organized in a linen closet?

I find that linen closets and cabinets can be disorganized and full of towels, sheets and blankets that have not been touched in YEARS!  A family of four does not need 23 extra towels and 19 hand towels wedged in the back corner of a linen closet.  Your guests don’t want to use old yucky towels anyway.

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The first step to keeping your towels and sheets organized is to get rid of everything that you do not use.  Saving space in the linen closet can be achieved by storing extra sets of sheets in the room that the bed is in.  I was recently at a home where the only twin size beds were in a bunk room in the basement, but the extra sheets for those beds were in the linen closet on the second story of the home.  AHHH!  The only place to use the twin size sheets in that house would be in the basement – the logical place to store those sheets is in the basement.  Making simple changes like this result in a big impact.  organized linen closet, perfect monogramed towels

Once you have purged the old linens, group like items together.  Fold and stack towels the same direction to fit more on one shelf.  This streamlined look is visually appealing too.  Sheets are almost always difficult to fold so placing them in a basket is a great idea.  Baskets look nice and hide the imperfections of a not-so-tidy sheet.  Place the items you use the most often at eye level and the ones you will rarely retrieve on hard to reach shelves.



Do you use packing cubes when you travel?

There are many benefits to using packing cubes but I haven’t started using them yet.  I have a packing system that works well for us when we travel and I haven’t found a need to change it yet.  You can read the entire post here – it includes the links to some of the items I travel with.  I’ve seen lots of ways that packing cubes are beneficial and would recommend them for those reasons.  If you are having two or more children share a large suitcase a great way to keep things organized is to pack one cube for each child and place them in the larger bag.  If you have multiple stops on your trip packing cubes are a great way to keep the items separate for each part of your trip.

packing cubes - how to pack efficiently




If you have questions please comment on this post or send me a DM on Instagram and I’ll do my best to answer them in the future.


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