It seems like I’m often receiving the same questions.  I try to answer all of your IG messages but I know that if some of you are asking then there are others that want to know the answers but never ask.  In an effort to get the most common questions answered I’m starting a new series on the blog today – Once or twice a month I’ll be answering a few questions in a post called Ask Lauren, Q & A with Intentional Edit.


Do you really go to bed with a clean kitchen every night?

Yes!  Waking up to a clean kitchen is great way to start the day!  Being organized is all about routines that keep your home running efficiently.  The sink at my house is clean and empty more often than it is full of dirty dishes.  By implementing habits that eventually become the routine way of doing things dishes are not a nagging chore that has to be completed daily.  Our routine is that everyone in our house brings dishes to the sink as soon as they are done using them.  Even the neighborhood kids, that are often at my house, know to put their dishes in the sink (or on the counter near the sink) when they are finished eating.  Unless the dishwasher is running I never let dishes stack up, we rinse the dishes and immediately put them in the dishwasher.  Another habit that helps with a clean kitchen is to do dishes as you are cooking.  When you finish using an item put it in the dishwasher.  If you have to wait for a meal to bake, get the dishes done before it comes out of the oven rather than waiting until after dinner to wash all the dishes.

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If your kitchen always feels cluttered but you know it’s clean you probably have too many items on your counters.  Clear the clutter.  Take inventory of what you have out and what you actually use.  One example is that I used to have a toaster on the counter but after realizing we don’t even use it 3 times a month I decided to store it in the cabinet below where it was normally placed on the counter.  Now I can easily pull it out on the rare occasion we need to toast something.  It’s not inconvenient because we rarely use it but it makes the kitchen seem cleaner, more organized and less cluttered.


Where is your bedding from?

I get this question a lot.  The bedding in my master bedroom is from Pottery Barn but unfortunately most of the pieces are sold out.  One of the pillows I found at Homegoods and I’ve seen it there recently in multiple colors.    I wrote an entire post on the bedroom here.  Check it out if you want more details and info on where the items are from.

Intentional Edit Bedroom

That’s it for the first post of Ask Lauren, Q & A with Intentional Edit.  If you have questions that you want answered please comment on this post or send me a DM on Instagram and I’ll do my best to answer them in the future.


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Lauren is a professional home organizer and owner of Intentional Edit in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Intentional Edit is an organizing service and lifestyle company focused on consciously editing to create efficient and organized spaces. Lauren believes that a functional home that looks and feels pretty has a positive affect on all aspects of life.  While design trends come and go organization is always in style!

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