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Expectations Exceeded

My expectations were high and I got the results I was looking for.  Lauren coached me through a specific purging process for the areas I was struggling with but also that I can use in other rooms in my home.  She has the ability to quickly see how a space can be used in a more functional way.  I will not hesitate to contact her again for another session.  My high expectations were exceeded.  

No Nonsense

My house appeared clean but I was struggling as a mom to keep things organized and all that needed to be done straight.  Lauren has a no nonsense approach that my excuses didn’t work on – in just a few minutes she walked me though a variety of systems that would work for my family.  Simple changes that she recommended are saving me time and I have been able to keep all of our scheudles straight now that I know how to better manage this busy mom life!

– Heather

Playroom Party

Toys were taking over my playroom and the kids weren’t even playing with them.  In one call Lauren taught me more than I was expecting to learn and I was able to make decisions about what toys to keep and what could go without feelling guilty about what I was discarding.  The kids actually play in the playroom now and it’s not a mess, we could actually have a party in the playroom.  

Challenge Accepted!

My home is in a place I never imagined.  I was lacking the confidence to do this on my own but after working with Lauren for a few months I was accomplishing more than I expected and now have the confidence to use her systems all over my house.  Signing up for the coaching was a big step for me but having a mentor held me accountable and has allowed me to make changes at home that I never would have done on my own.  

– Stephanie 

Courses or Coaching…

Courses Coming Soon

My mission is to have easily accessible resources that teach everyone to purge, simplify, introduce routines and maintain systems so that we can enjoy more and stress less.

Because, we all deserve a peaceful home.

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