organizing quote
organizing quote

Life can be busy, overwhelming, and full of clutter, but it doesn’t have to be. 

The Simplified Home Masterclass is a self-paced course that covers every room in your home.  The course includes purging guides and home organizing cheat sheets with professional organizer tips and tricks.

 As you work your way through each module you will learn to purge, organize and create systems to simplify your home with details specific to each individual room.  Learn to manage tasks and create routines that simplify.  

Spend less time stressed and more time making memories with your favorite people.

The Simple Routines Course is designed to teach you how to create and implement systems that turn into simple routines and habits for every area you are struggling with. 

Organization, quality systems, and healthy habits have a positive effect on all aspects of life. 

Every busy, overwhelmed, stressed out person will benefit from what is shared in this course – how to maintain a simpler life with routines.

The Meal Planning Mini Course teaches you everything you need to know about creating a reusable meal planning system to save your family time and money. 

End the struggle around planning meals, decision making, grocery shopping and dinner time stress. 

This course is a step-by-step guide to the only meal planning system you will ever need, and you don’t have to recreate meal plans every week. 

Get ready to meal plan the right way!

The Purge Like a Pro Boot Camp is offered at select times throughout the year – on a limited basis.

The Boot Camp is an intense few days where you will learn to purge belongings that are no longer serving a purpose in your home.  

Clear the clutter and learn the Intentional Edit Method of purging & decluttering your home like a professional organizer!


Doubtful to Dynamic!

I was doubtful that my home could not look cluttered but Lauren knows exactly what to do in every room, closet and cabinet.  Her ideas are easy to follow.  My house has never been this organized and it’s finally east to keep this way.  

– A.N

Eager for More

Laurens instructions are easy to follow.  She has simple soultions that can be applied to all the spaces that I needed to organize.  I learned that the systems are what keeps everything organized and have never done that before.  Now I have easy to maintain rooms with systems to keep them them that way!  I am thankful and eager to take more classes from her.

Easy to Follow

If you need to organize your entire house or just a few rooms Lauren has easy to follow instructions to get it done.  I though my closet and kitchen were the problem areas in my home but after getting those organized I realized I could overhaul other rooms with the modules included in her program and every area is functing better.  Even my kids are putting things back now!  

– L. S. 

Pinterest Pantry

My pantry looks like it should be an image on Pinterest!  It’s easy to maintain too!

organizing quote

My mission is to have easily accessible resources that teach everyone to purge, simplify, introduce routines and maintain systems so that we can enjoy more and stress less. Because, we all deserve a peaceful home.

lauren - intentional edit

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