Buying in bulk can save money, but you have to have the storage space available to make the purchase worth it.  Another listener question is answered in this episode of The Intentional Edit Podcast.



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Episode 54 - Tip Tuesday - When to Buy in Bulk - Benefits and Organized Storage Ideas for Warehouse Shopping Purchases





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Buying in bulk can save money, but you have to have the storage waste available to make the purchasing worth it. Another Lister question is answered

On this episode of the intentional edit podcast, and it’s all about warehouse shopping and buying in bulk.


Hey friends, quick tips that make a big impact in your daily life are my favorite ways to implement systems around the house. I’ve been shared easy strategies, and my go-to organizing products for tip Tuesday on the intentional edit Instagram feed for a few years. Now I’m excited to bring it to the podcast with sure episodes answering your questions every Tuesday. If you want me to answer your questions, go to the podcast page on intentional, and submit your questions there. Let’s get started on this tip Tuesday episode of the intentional edit podcast.


Hey friends, thanks for joining me for this tip Tuesday episode it’s episode 54. And today I am going to give you my thoughts on when to buy in bulk. If shopping the warehouse deals is a good idea, or when I think that it’s okay to pass on that before we get into that, I wanted to let you know I had a commitment change for next week. So I was able to open up four coaching sessions, right? As I am recording this, I changed the availability. So I now have a space for four sessions for next week. So if you are listening to this within the first couple of days that comes out there is a good chance that one of those four spots will be available. I know you’re always asking for one-on-one coaching sessions and you want me to add more time. I only have a limited time available.


That’s why I can’t just have an unlimited of coaching sessions, always on the calendar, but I did just add four for next week. So if you’ve been wanting to do a one on coaching session, kit me to help you with an individualized plan for anything along the lines of setting up systems in your home morning systems, evening routine type of thing, decluttering, purging, time management, anything along the lines of what I talk about on the podcast. And you want a coaching session head over to intentional, click on the co coaching tab at the top of the page. And you can book a coaching session or click on the link for the one-on-one coaching session. Call Lee link to schedule that is in the podcast description. Either way. It’s easy to do as of the time that this podcast is being released. There are four new sessions available for next week.


So maybe this is your cheat and you can snag one of those. Let’s get going with today’s episode. I’m going to read you a listener question that came in. If you want me to answer your questions, then go ahead and submit them. You can go to intentional and click on the SpeakPipe button. It’s a little button that says record. Now it pops up and you can leave a message for me to answer on a future tip two day episode. The question that came in for today’s episode is I’m thinking about signing up for a warehouse membership to make bulk purchases for items that we use regularly. I know I will be tempted by many other promotions and for sale things. In addition to our regular supplies, what is your opinion on shopping in bulk purchases? And what do I do for storage of these larger items?


This is a great question. And it sounds like you are going into the idea of signing up for the warehouse membership so that you can purchase our items in bulk with some thought that has already gone on into it. And you’re wondering, what am I gonna do with all of this stuff? These are larger items. The quantities are a lot bigger than what I purchase at a traditional grocery store. That is one thing to consider. But the other thing is that you’re aware that you might be tempted to purchase things that you don’t normally purchase. The first thing I would recommend is really think about that. We’ve all heard that you’re not supposed to do your grocery shopping when you’re hungry, because you will buy so many other things that might end up not being used or might not be the healthiest purchases that you are looking for.


If you decide to get this membership, think about, is this something that I would normally purchase? Is this something that we eat and that we normally, if it is, if you know that you can eat it in the amount of time, while it stays fresh and before it expires, if it’s saving you money, it could be a good purchase. As long as you have a place to store it, where it makes sense for using it. If it’s a food or a perishable item, of course you want it to be stored somewhere in a pantry where or refrigerator where it will keep it fresh and will keep it lasting as long as possible. If it’s something that you don’t normally purchase, unless you have had it someplace else or used it in another place, and this is the only opportunity you have to purchase it, it might not be a good decision to purchase it for the first time when it’s in a large qu it be most likely four to 10 times larger than what you would get at a typical grocery store.


Because if it’s something that you don’t end up liking, it could end up being trash and just wasteful. So financially wasteful taking up your time, all taking up your space, all of that. So wasteful in many different ways, in terms of, of the storage, think about, do I have the space to store it? Do I have the space to store it in a place that makes sense, storing foods in the garage? Most likely doesn’t make sense in terms of paper items or larger items like paper plates or toilet paper, paper, towels, tissue, things like that. If you can divide those up and disperse those into areas where they would be used, if you have two or three bathrooms in your home, you can split those supplies up among the bathrooms that they will be used in. Then the storage that is required, isn’t, uh, as large of a space in one particular spot.


Also those things can be stored on high up shelves and harder to reach locate, because you don’t need to give them. As often, you can put a few rolls of toilet paper in a bathroom or a few boxes of tissue. So maybe you have one that is constantly being used and then one or two for back stock. And then the rest of the back stock, if you have those high up shelves or hard to reach faces, that’s where you store some of those items that are bulk purchases from these warehouse stores. If it makes sense, because you have that storage available to you and it saves you money, I do think that it’s a great purchase. If you don’t have the storage available to you, then saving a little bit of money, but having the frustration and the clutter added to your home, because you’re constantly working around those large purchases, probably doesn’t make sense in the current scenario that you have right now, really think about if you will use these items.


And if you will use them in a reasonable amount of time, because the savings might not be that significant. Some of these things that you purchase are just a much larger package of what you would get at a normal store. The saving is, might not be worth the pain of storing these items. If they are, and you have the space to store them and you will use them, then that sounds like it would be a good purchase and make sense for your family. Think really about the freshness of the item. How long will they last once they’re open, if this is something that is five or six times larger than a snack food or a perishable item of something that you would normally purchase, you might not be able to get through it in the amount of time that you normally would. On the other situation, if you have a family that is going through the grocery store size item as quickly, and you’re having to buy quite a few of those in one grocery store trip, then you would really benefit from having these larger items where can purchase more in one package.


Those are my opinions on storing your items for bulk purchases. When you do have the larger amounts, always think ease of virtue for things that you need to get think about is the financial saving worth it. That is something in addition to think about and think about. Does the storage make sense for the current situation of your family and where you live and the storage space that you have available to you? If these are things that expire and consumable things that you will be eating, then make that you can eat them and they will still be fresh and still be good before they expire or before they go bad, because they are in the larger packages. If you are considering a membership to a warehouse store, sometimes you can get a trial membership for 10 days or so, or go with a friend, check it out in person more so than just a, and what you’re thinking that it is do one shopping run on these trial memberships.


If you can get one or go with friends and see how much you would buy, how much you would save and how much storage you really would need for the purchases, that would make sense for your family. And then you can make an all around good decision for your current situation. I hope that that helps you think you so much for submitting that question and joining me for another tip Tuesday episode of the intentional edit podcast, I will meet you back here later in the week for another episode. Thanks for listening to another tip Tuesday episode on the intentional edit podcast. Keep


Submitting your questions so that I can keep answering them on these episodes. They’re quick episodes, and I love to share actionable solutions for you to implement at home. You can always send me an email or direct message on Instagram, but I have added a cool way to submit voice questions on the website. It’s honestly my favorite way to take questions. Now, head over, click on the podcast page and scroll down to where it says, submit your questions for the podcast. Ask me anything there. And you can even be featured on the show. Questions can be about creating systems in your house, decluttering, how to manage family schedules, getting kids on board with organizing, managing, and maintaining systems. Honestly, they can be personal questions of things you wanna know about how I do something in my house. I want to know what you want to know if you’re struggling with it. Other people are too ready set, go over right now to intentional and ask your questions.




When to Buy in Bulk - Benefits and Organized Storage Ideas for Warehouse Shopping Purchases



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