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Purge BEFORE Moving!

There are a lot of stressful elements to successfully execute a move from one home to the next.  Eliminating the excess and decluttering before you move makes it easier and less expensive.  It’s time to purge and let this move inspire you to declutter before the moving truck is loaded.



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 How to Get Rid of the Excess and Clutter in Preparation for a Move to a Smaller Home




Full Episode Transcription (not edited):

You’re moving. You’re taking on this huge project and you have to pack your entire house and declutter and purge. Before this move takes place. You wanna make it as easy as possible. The decluttering and purging has to take place before you move. There are a lot of stressful elements to successfully execute a move from one home to the next one and eliminating the excess and decluttering before you move makes it so much easier and it makes it less expensive. It’s time to purge and let this move inspire you to declutter. Before the moving truck is loaded. Hey friends, quick dips that make a big impact in your daily life are my favorite ways to implement systems around the house. I’ve been sharing easy strategies and my go-to organizing products for tip Tuesday on the intentional edit Instagram feed for a few years. Now I’m excited to bring it to the podcast with short episodes, answering your questions every Tuesday.


If you want me to answer your questions, go to the podcast page on intentional, and submit your questions there. Let’s get started on this tip Tuesday episode of the intentional edit podcast. Hey friends, thank you so much for joining me for another episode of the intentional edit podcast. Today, we are talking all things packing and what to do when you know that you’re moving are you have an upcoming move, how to declutter before you pack so that you don’t move a bunch of stuff that you don’t need when you get there. We are going to get right into that. When I answer a listener question, I want to remind you real quick. If you have not joined our Facebook group, it is called declutter organize and create systems to simplify your home in life. You can head over there, search for that and join, or just click on the link.


It’s in the show notes. If you’re listening to this podcast, you can scroll down on that description, click on the group and join us in the Facebook group. Be active over there, really chime in and share what you are currently working on the organizing projects that you want to attend to start, or that you maybe have just had success with finishing. Are you having struggles? Do you feel overwhelmed with something? Let us know who you are. I would love to get to meet you guys over there. So many people are joining the group and then you’re direct messaging me with the questions and concerns, and I’m answering those on the podcast, but share that in the group, because we are starting to get a big enough group together that you guys are having success. And you’re implementing what you’re learning on the podcast, or you are taking information that is shared in the group or on Instagram or different things from Mike accounts, wherever you’re following me at you’re using those things.


And you’re sending me such positive feedback. I love to hear it. And I love to see before and after pictures, you don’t have to just share those with me. You can share those in the group and build the momentum and help the other people in the group that are at the beginning stage, where they’re attempting to organize something or they’re attempting a purging project and show them what it looks like. Even if you’re embarrassed by how cluttered it was before, which you don’t need to be. Everyone has clutter at some point or another. Instead, you should be celebrating the accomplishments from tackling this project, but people will find inspiration from what you doing. You have done, and you should be really proud of yourself. Join us in the intentional edit podcast, listeners, Facebook group. You can just click on the link in the description below the show, and it’ll take you right over there and you can join us, make sure you say hi, introduce yourself and let me know what projects you have going on or what you are about to attempt. Now, let’s get going with this episode and we will answer a listener question here. It is.


My husband is in the process of applying for a job out of the state. So we might be moving soon. We might not be. And I am just starting to declutter our house and am now worried that if we have to move suddenly, we’re going to have to pack up all of our clutter and I’m going to have to deal with it when we move, which will probably be into a much smaller house. Do you have any suggestions on attempting to declutter quickly, especially while packing up a house? Um, I’m also thinking this might be the time to see if we can afford to hire somebody and to come in and help declutter. Um, and just wanted to get some thoughts on that.


The idea of moving and the thought of moving into a place is smaller. Well, first of all, the idea of moving is always exciting. Whatever the type of adventure or the reason for moving it is a change. It’s something different. Moving usually inspires people to start to get rid of things into declutter. And when you have too much stuff and a lot of things that are not necessary, they’re not things that you need use or want a lot of times, the further we get into the packing process, frustrations it’s in, and we can become more likely to get rid of something or more willing to get rid of something because of the frustration of the packing and moving. And all of that, that is going on. This is a wonderful time to purge and declutter and really get rid of things. I moved to a different state two years ago.


My house was very organized before that. And I had spent a considerable amount of time decluttering and I have systems in place so that the clutter doesn’t accumulate as quickly as it would’ve before I put those systems in place. But I still had things that I chose to get rid of because I knew I would not use them in my new home. Why would I move those things? If the likeliness that I would use them in the future was very, very little, or just something that wasn’t going to happen when you’re tackling this move, you know that it is about to come up or you might even know that in a year you’re moving. That is a perfect time to start, or if it’s crunch time and you have 30 days to back up a house, when you are packing, you are touching every single item because you have to take it from your old home, put it in that box so that it gets to the new home.


This is when you can declutter, you can purge and you should be ruthless about this ruthless decluttering happens, and you often feel more motivated to get rid of things because you know, what’s happening. You’re not just going through a linen shop, closet shelf, making a decision, and then putting it back. You are making a decision. Do you wanna spend the time and effort to pack it and unpack it and put it away in your new home? That is why sometimes, or I should say all the time, the, the decluttering and the process can kind of build momentum as it goes. And it keeps you motivated because you are eliminating things and you’re going to catch yourself thinking, why do I still have this? Why didn’t I get rid of this sooner? I should have gotten rid of this a long time ago, things like that.


So use the momentum to eliminate anything that is not necessary. You know that in your home, you have the places that you are constantly going to, to get things and use things. You’re always opening this over wear drawer in the kitchen, you have the same blankets that you use on your bed or be, or sheets or all of that all the time. You go to the same drawers. Most of the time in the bathroom or the cabinets, we use the same things over and over again. But we have a lot of stuff that we use occasionally, or we used it one time and we just don’t use it anymore. Think about the storage in your home homes have many storage areas that have a lot of stuff in them. We know it’s there in the back of our mind, but we don’t use it. We don’t access that.


It’s not an obstacle or preventing us from doing anything in our daily lives, because it might even be stored away, nicely on a high up shelf or in the back of a closet. Kind of think of this, like out of sight, out of mind, it’s not bothering you, but it’s not helping you. By having those things on that shelf. It’s not doing anything for you. It’s not serving a purpose. You are just in a sense acting as a storage unit for these things. And if you haven’t used them in a few years and you don’t have plans to use them, there’s no point in keeping them. And in this scenario, there is no point in moving them. This is a great time to declutter these things. You’re moving, you’re packing. It forces you to take everything out. It forces you to handle and touch and hold these things.


So you can make the decisions about these. Is there something you will keep? Is it something you will pack away and use in your new home or store in your new home? Or is it something that can be donated or is it broken and just needs to be tossed? Those are the three things that you will be making decisions on. When purging think about the thing is as you pull them out, every materialistic object that you actually take off a shelf, take out of a drawer, take out of a box, whatever it is, and you hold it in your hands, you can make a quick decision. Am I keeping this? Is it going in the box to pack and go with me to my new home? Am I tossing it? Or is it something that could be donated and someone else could benefit from? So what I want you to do is I want you to always have three containers available to you.


The first container is the trash bag, and that is for things that can be thrown out. They are truly garbage, always have a trash bag available when you are in this mode of purging and decluttering to move and then have a bag or box for donations, which it is clearly marked that it is the donation container. And then also have a box where these are the things that you’re packing up. You’re packing these up for the move. Now, if your move is not six months or a year down the road, when you’re purging and you’re going through the purging process, you can just put these things back where they were or put them away in how you’re going to organize them for the future. But if your move is quick, when you are handling each thing and you’re making the decisions whether to keep toss or donate, you’re going to pack it away at that time.


If you’re a person that loves all these tips that I’ve been giving, and you typically binge the podcast episodes one right after another, you can get everything. And so, so much more in the simplified home master class, in order to meet your decluttering and purging and organizing needs, the simplified home master class gives you everything from start to finish, go check that out. You can sign up for that. You can start simplifying by decluttering, then organizing and setting up those systems and routines for long term organization in your home. We’re talking about packing for a move today, but decluttering and having a simplified and organized home is something that we all aspire to have. We really want that to bring simplicity to our lives. When your notation pile is big, the boxes, bins, containers, bags, whatever you’re using for your donation pile. When that is a large pile, put it in the car, pack it up, put it in the car.


And when you are in that part of town or you’re driving by the store that you choose to donate these things, to drop it off. This might be a couple times a week. If you are serious about purging and getting rid of things, you might be making those drop offs frequently. Don’t drive around with those in the back of your car, in your trunk for weeks, get them out of there. You’ve decided to get rid of them. You’ve made these decisions, get them out of your life, take them to be donated. What that does is that frees up space in your house. It’s not keeping space in your car. The more that you get rid of, then the easier is to keep on with this process. Think about not moving, anything that you do not intend on using in your next home. If you’re not gonna use it in your next home, do not keep it.


It either needs to be donated or tossed. Now, really think about what you’re taking. You can use the decluttering guide in this scenario. The decluttering guide that I use with clients and friends and family, and even my myself, it is step by step instructions with a list of questions that you can ask yourself when you’re stuck on trying to figure out what to keep and what to get rid of. There are a couple podcast episodes you could listen to. Let’s see, episode 59, episode 49, 3 and eight are ones that come to mind on decluttering that walk you through that process. The step exact guide, the questions that we use to figure out is this something I should get rid of? Is this something I should keep? The amazing thing is when you ask yourself those questions, you only need to use them when it’s something you’re really struggling to make the decision on, but it lets you release the guilt surrounding not keeping it because you’ve answered these logical questions and it makes sense.


And it lets your brain know, this item is better off with someone else with another family in another home where it will actually be used instead of me using my home as a storage unit, just for it to sit on a shelf and not it used for another five years packing and moving in general is a huge, huge project. It is a very big task. Just keep going. I know it becomes overwhelming. It’s not that long ago that I was packing up a house myself right now, when you are in this packing stage and the, or the decluttering stage before the packing, you can prevent yourself from being annoyed or irritated with the decisions that you made. If you are ruthless with your decluttering, follow the decluttering and purging guides that I talk about in those episodes that I just mentioned, episode 3, 8 49 and 59.


So go listen to any of those or all of them. And you will get a ton of guidance on how to purge and what that process looks like with those specific questions. But if you want to eliminate the frustration and the irritation with yourself, when you’re unpacking, then you have to purge. You have to be ruthless with the way that you clutter and the things that you choose to keep or get rid of at this time where you are spending these minutes and this time in your life, getting rid of things to pack for a future move for a future new home, there is a chance you will be annoyed with yourself. You’ll be irritable. If you unpack things in your new location that you wish you had decluttered before the move, what I’m telling you right now is, is stick to the idea of doing it now, getting it done, checking it off the list so that you make the unpacking process and setting up your new home easier.


And you can enjoy that process of creating this new, intentional home for you and your family, without all the clutter. It is going to drive you crazy to be unpacking things and thinking, why did I bring this? I don’t even want this. And then having to find your new donation, places in the new city that you’re living in and get rid of the things at that time. My best advice to you is to do it before follow the Persian guides, follow the cluttering plan so that you feel good about what you’re getting rid of declutter. The things that you do not need that you do not want, that you do not love if they are not necessary and they’re not being used, you probably don’t need them in your home in terms of hiring someone to help with the decluttering. If you choose to do that, and you look up for professional organizers in your area, that might be a great option for you.


Make sure you look into hiring someone that is an expert and specializes in decluttering. You are not doing this project to purchase new products and truly get organized in the home that you have. If you know that a move is coming up, if a move is in the future, like two, three years down the road, then the decluttering and the organizing would be great. Tell the person what your plan is. Be honest and upfront with them. Let them know. You’re really looking for help with the decluttering and the purging aspect of this project. Of course you wanna put things away, or if you find out in the meantime that your husband did get this job, and now you do have a move date, then they can help. Instead of organized in your current home, they can help you with organizing for moving so that it will be easy to unpack and put things away when you get there.


But there are are many, many qualified professionals that could help you with that. If that is the route that you choose to go, thank you for submitting a question. Good luck with your move. And if you have a question for me, make sure that you submit it by going to intentional, click on the button that says record now, and you can leave me a message. I will answer it for you on a future tip Tuesday episode, just like I answered this question today. Thank you for listening. I’ll meet you back here later in the week for the next episode, that wraps up another quick episode of a tip Tuesday. If you want to be featured on intentional edits, tip Tuesday, go to intentional,, click on the podcast page in the menu bar, and then scroll all the way down to the bottom. You’ll find a button that says record, tap on that and record your question or share what is currently overwhelming to you. What is going on that you need help with? I want to know I needed to know your struggles so I can share actionable solutions to help you create simplicity in your home. If you are, are having this issue. I know other people are having it too, and we wanna help as many people as possible. Head over to the podcast page of intentional, and record your question for me there.


There are a lot of stressful elements to successfully execute a move from one home to the next. Eliminating the excess and decluttering before you move makes it easier and less expensive. It’s time to purge and let this move inspire you to declutter before the moving truck is loaded.




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