When your home feels small and like it is not functioning the way you want, it can be difficult to envision anything different.  On this episode of The Intentional Edit Podcast you will learn 5 ideas that will help you declutter, organize, and make your small home stay organized and function better for your family.  

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Episode 90 - Tip Tuesday - Ideas You Need to Implement to Organize a Small House or Tri-Level Home - Solutions for Your Family!





Full Episode Transcription (not edited):

When your home feels small and like it’s not functioning the way you want, it can be difficult to envision anything different, anything better, anything that is organized and simple and truly functioning for your family. On this episode of the Intentional Edit podcast, I’m going to share five ideas that will help you declutter. Finally, get your home organized and make your small house stay organized for the long term so that it can truly function better for your family. Hey, friends, quick tips that make a big impact in your daily life are my favorite ways to implement systems around the house. I’ve been sharing easy strategies and my go-to organizing products for Tip Tuesday on the intentional at Instagram feed for a few years Now, I’m excited to bring it to the podcast with short episodes, answering your questions every Tuesday. If you want me to answer your questions, go to the podcast page on intentional edit.com and submit your questions there.


Let’s get started on this Tip Tuesday episode of the Intentional Edit Podcast. Welcome to another tip Tuesday episode of the Intentional Edit Podcast. I can hardly believe that this is episode 90 and pretty soon I will be recording 100. There are so many exciting things coming up on the Intentional Edit podcast. In the next few weeks, I’m doing a best of series and bringing you the top five favorite episodes, the most, listen to episodes that will start next week, and I’m going to comment on those and highlights the best parts of those best episodes. And then in November we have the Home Organizing Challenge, which is something I have always done on Instagram. It will be in all sorts of places this year, but I’m going to do daily episodes on this podcast so that you guys can be right here with me doing the Home Organizing Challenge.


It’s a 20 day challenge where I come up with organizing projects that should take you about 20 minutes a day. So 20 minutes a day for 20 days to get your home organized and streamline some areas, declutter some areas, and get those dialed in before the craziness of the holidays starts. So look for that in November and there will be ways for you to sign up for the daily emails. You can follow along on Instagram where I’ll be sharing in stories, how I organize every single one of those places in my own home. The podcast episodes will let you follow along and guide you through share tips on how to organize those spaces and what you can do to declutter and organize and simplify the space of the day for those 20 days. Everyone can find 20 minutes a day, and even if you have a day or two that you fall behind on, you can catch up with that.


This challenge that I do every year. This is a reoccurring thing. Everyone sends the best feedback because 20 minutes a day is doable and the amount that you can accomplish in 20 days in those 20 minutes, four 20 days is huge, and you will notice a big, big, big difference in how those areas function in your home and how they stay organized when you take the time to declutter first and do it the right way. Those are exciting things coming up that you can look forward to. I am really looking forward to going back and listening to the episodes and of course I am looking forward to the home organizing challenge for 2022. For this Tip Tuesday episode, I am answering a listener question. This was actually a question that came in. I split it up into two parts because she had questions about two specific areas of the home.


The first question was about the garage and this is now part two of that question. Basically all she was asking is what are ideas? What can I do to get my small house organized? It’s a tri level house, so she was asking, how do you organize? How do you make a tri level small home function? Because she’s saying, This is horrible, and whenever I receive questions or comments like that where people have a lot of exclamation points, really emphasize the struggle and the frustration, I feel that frustration coming through and there is always a solution. There’s always something you can do to make a change, to make your home feel better for your family and align with the priorities and the desires that you have for how your family feels in your home. I came up quickly with five things and these are things that you can implement in your home.


Pick one, start there and then take some time to implement that, make sure it works, and then move on to the next one. So the first thing I have to say with every project, anytime you are struggling with how your home is functioning or how it feels because it feels small, it doesn’t feel good, you have to start with decluttering. You have to purge, you have to be ruthless with your purging and decluttering and get rid of anything that you no longer need, you’re not using and you do not want anymore. If you need details on that, go listen to episode number 59. 59 is all about that and walks you through the decluttering and purging process that I use with my friends that I would use on my own if I was struggling with that and that I give to my clients. It works, it’s worked over and over and over and over again.


Use that if you need help. It teaches you the steps that you need step by step guide to declutter and perch. So that’s the first thing. You have to start by eliminating the things that you no longer need, use or want. The second thing I want you to do is when you have move on to that organizing process, you are going to create zones. Create zones for your storage and your organization organized by category. Keep like things together. There’s so many episodes that you can listen to where I explain this process. Getting your things sorted into categories so that you can organize them appropriately so that you store them in a way that is easy to retrieve and easy to put back when you’re not using them. The third thing is when you have a small space look up, use vertical space. Adding a basket to a top of a shelf, even if it’s high, can be another storage area that can be a place for things that you don’t use very often.


Have over the door hooks or put hooks on walls to keep things off of the ground. Utilize the vertical space. If you have a cabinet or pantry and you need more storage, you can get over the door storage containers or things that hook onto the insides of your cabinets to keep things organized, to keep them orderly by the categories that you have sorted them into and to make sure everything has a space. Once those things are organized, make sure that you label them, especially if you have people that might not always be putting things back, put labels on them and talk to your family about the importance of being organized and that you are putting the effort in to creating these systems, into creating this organization for your family and that they need to put things back to explain the importance of what you’re doing and the benefits, The fact that you will have more time together, that you will be less irritated all the time, that your family will be able to have more time spent doing things like playing games.


There will be more room to be creative. All of those benefits that I’ve talked about on many of the other episodes, make sure you get your family on board so they know that this is important to you and this is the new plan going forward. The fourth thing that is a great idea is make sure you have systems and routines to keep up with the organization. You can’t just organize and expect it to stay like that. Come up with systems and routines that could be a quick five minute end of the day cleanup before moving on to the next activity or the next thing that you’re doing, fit it into your day. Maybe that is late in the morning before nap time or right before bed. Maybe it’s before dinner time. Systems and routines work when they’re customized to your family. That’s why I take Kogen clients.


That’s why I created the Simplified Home Masterclass where you can actually walk through the steps to do all of these things to declutters, organize, to create the systems, and you’re customizing them for your family. They’re individualized for the needs of your family in this current season of life. Make that five minute pickup time at a time that’s convenient, that fits into your schedule so that everyone is willing to do it. You do the pickup and that gets your house back to the baseline that you like. The fifth thing that I thought of was baskets. You know, I love baskets. Baskets can be storage in the regular parts of the house, in the bedrooms for toys, for blankets, for all kinds of things. You can use baskets big and small all over the place. They can function and they look nice. It can be aesthetically pleasing.


In terms of decor, there are two baskets that in this situation with the trial level, home will be especially important. One basket will be designated for the upstairs and one basket is designated for the downstairs place that someplace on the main level during the day, any time there is something that needs to go upstairs or downstairs, it goes in the designated basket at a certain point throughout the day or even right before bed, take the basket to that other level and put everything away. If your kids are a little bit older, your kids can do this too. There are a lot of situations where families do not have the capacity to have toy storage on the main level of their home. They have their toys in their bedrooms, they have their toys in a basement, but the living happens on the main level. So I always suggest to these families have a basket so that when the kids bring the toys to the other level, when they’re done with them, they go back to the basket and then one time each day the basket is emptied and the toys are put away.


That is something that takes five minutes. Most of the things that I have suggested here in terms of day to day routines are things that take five minutes or less little bits of cleanup here and there and pick up times throughout your day or resets at the end of the day, a weekly reset, things like that. Those are things that make it possible for your home to be at the picked up feel good baseline that you want to have most of the time, spending five minutes or a few minutes picking up and getting things back to that baseline keeps you in that calm, peaceful state that you wanna be in. It makes things simple. That is part of bringing simplicity to our homes. That’s part of making life easier. Do you have to do the other things? Yes, you have to declutter first. You have to create the zones.


You have to have the organization pick the pieces, uh, that I have shared today that these five ideas, pick one that makes sense. You have to start with the decluttering first. If you want to implement the baskets at the stairs, one for upstairs, one for downstairs, and that’s the thing you’re going to do. Start. Start doing that. Do that for a minimum of two weeks, preferably two to four weeks. Get that routine dialed in so it has become part of your day. Now, it is the routine. It is the habit that you’re doing every single day for those few minutes, and then add on the next one. Then add on the end of the day, pick up whatever you choose. When you change a habit, you have to give it time to sink in because you are creating this new system that you want to become a routine.


You’re replacing an old habit of not picking up with this new pickup. So we have to give the routine time to become the new habit that is natural to do. There you have it. Five things you can do to get your small home or your tri-level home organized and truly simplify for your family so your home functions better for you so you can be Stressless and it functions better for your family. So everyone has more time to spend together and enjoy. Thank you for listening to this episode of the Intentional Edit Podcast. I will be back later in the week for another episode. I’m excited for you to join me for that and get ready and we’ll start to look forward to the best of episodes coming up this October as we approach a hundred episodes over here and the home Organizing challenge that we’ll be starting on November 1st. I’ll meet you back here later in the week.


Did you love this episode? Quick tips that make a big impact in your daily life are my favorite ways to implement systems around the house. I’ve been sharing easy strategies and game changing products for Tip Tuesday on the intentional edit Instagram feed for a few years. I’m bringing that to the podcast by answering your questions with actionable ideas and strategies for you to implement at home. Email or direct message me with your questions or submit them on the intentional edit.com pod page. What are you struggling with? Are you looking for product recommendations, home solutions? What is overwhelming you today? No questions are off limits. Seriously, I need to know what you are struggling with, so message me now. I’ll be answering one of your questions every week for Tip Tuesday on the Intentional Edit Podcast.



Ideas You Need to Implement to Organize a Small House or Tri-Level Home - Solutions for Your Family!




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