Time is a huge obstacle when you have a large project on your mind.  Organization, figuring out your schedules and decluttering are all manageable projects when you break them down to small tasks.  On this Tip Tuesday episode of The Intentional Edit Podcast, you will learn how to start these projects and keep going until you are finished.



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Episode 48 – Tip Tuesday – Finding the time to GET YOUR HOME & LIFE ORGANIZED. Where to begin and why it really is ALL POSSIBLE!





Full Episode Transcription (not edited):

Time is a huge obstacle. When you have a large project on your mind organization, figuring out your schedules and decluttering are all manageable projects. When you break down each one into small manageable tasks on this tip Tuesday episode of the intentional edit podcast, you will learn how to start these projects and keep going until you are finished. Hey friends, quick tips that make a big impact in your daily life are my favorite ways to implement systems around the house. I’ve been sharing easy strategies and my go-to organizing products for tip Tuesday on the intentional at Instagram feed for a few years. Now I’m excited to bring it to the podcast with short episodes, answering your questions every Tuesday. If you want me to answer questions, go to the podcast page on intentional, edit.com and submit your questions there. Let’s get started on this tip Tuesday episode of the intentional edit podcast.


I needed this. I struggle with organizing and cleaning my house. I constantly feel overwhelmed. This podcast is perfect. The practical tips are so helpful and I feel seen that was a review from the intentional edit podcast review on apple podcast. And right now I have a contest going on. If you leave a review between now and the end of April, you will be entered in a contest for a free coaching session with me. All you have to do is leave the review on the apple podcast app and include your full name and in the review so that I can easily identify and contact you. If you are the winner, if you don’t know this reviews, help podcast get discovered and help them rank so that other listeners just like you can find shows and podcasts. So that are full of the information that they are looking for.


If you’ve already left a review, thank you so much. If you want to a leave a review, make sure you do that in the next week or two, but definitely before the end of April, it’s so easy to do. It’ll only take you a minute or two. All you have to do is leave a sentence or something simple. Make sure you include your full name on that. Then you will be entered into a contest to when, if we’re coaching session with me, you guys are always telling me that you want more coaching sessions and you want me to open up more time. This is your chance to get a free coaching session with me just by taking a few minutes to simply leave a review. This is episode 48 and it’s a tip Tuesday episode. So let’s get right into it. And I’m going to read a question that recently came in.


It says, where do you find the time to do the organizing and work on schedules? I know this will be helpful in the long run, but I can’t seem to have the time to start because I know it is extremely time consuming. Thank you for submitting that question. This is a good one. The general idea behind this question is common and comes up a lot. So many people want to be organized. They wanna have less stuff in their house. The idea of organizing is something that is really appealing, but fi figuring out where to start and appealing. Like there is just not enough time to tackle these projects is a reality for so many. This question really has two parts because organizing and scheduling and working on your schedules and calendars are two different things. Managing a schedule and completing a home organization. Project are very different, but the results are incredibly similar.


Both of these things bring simplicity to your life and home and help you feel less stressed and more at peace overall being organized. And on top of your schedule simplifies so many struggles that you are currently having. If you feel like you need to get organized, or you don’t have a good handle on your schedule. Let’s first talk about the scheduling part of this question. Listen to episode 45 of the intentional edit podcast, because I dive deep and talk about a weekly planning session that will be game changing to how your calendar and your schedule looks. So check out episode 45 for all of the details on this, but I will give you a quick rundown with some tips on how to get better control of your schedule and if not feel chaotic and out of sorts, when it comes to what is happening each day, what you have to get done and what is on the calendar.


When you listen to episode 45, you will learn that it takes less than 30 minutes to do a weekly planning session that will save you a sign significant amount of time throughout the week. The more you do this planning session, the quicker it will be, it’s helpful. And it’s just something that can easily be implemented in your weekly routine to make life easier every single day. Go listen to that for the details, but let’s get into the gist of maintaining a good schedule. I care if you use a paper calendar or a digital calendar or both, but you need to have a master calendar. Once you figured out your master calendar, you’re going to gather everything that resembles a schedule. If it is a list of practices, I want you to get it. Whatever your obligations are, school calendars, work, calendars, every calendar or schedule, email, or print out that tells you a place where you have to be at a certain time on a certain date.


You’re gonna gather all of those papers, emails, whatever they are, and put that information into your master calendar. Then we’re going to break it down a week at a time, and you’re going to focus on the upcoming week. You’re only looking at the week. The at is coming up the week ahead. And you’re checking to see what things that your schedule requires. What do you need to do to have success, be prepared and eliminate the frustration and that last minute chaos and uneasy feeling. When you find out that there are things that you’re responsible for or things that are happening in a matter of minutes or, or very soon that you didn’t plan for the non-negotiables on your calendar, have to be put in first. And then you’re gonna add the other things for there. From there, the other things that are important to you and that you want to be doing, or that you need to do, you have to start saying no to things that don’t fit into your schedule, or that will push you beyond your capacity.


Remember that there are different phases and stages in life and whatever phase you’re in this year might not be similar to what happens next year, or it might look different than a year or two ago. And the levels of commitment that you can have, and that work for your family to keep you in a staying healthy place will be different as the stages and phases of life, change some points you are capable of doing more, some points you’re capable of doing less. And that’s okay. In 45, I go into a lot of detail about this in the weekly planning sessions and how you can have success with them so that you don’t feel so frazzled when it comes to your calendar and schedule and keeping that organized and managed for everyone in your family. Now let’s move on to the other part of the question where she asks out organizing.


She has an entire house to organize and doesn’t know where to begin. Starting is the hardest part. When you don’t know where to start, it’s not uncommon to not do something at all. In episode 43, I give you a four step process in that episode and ideas to help you stay motivated it during a big project, like organizing an entire house, of course, getting organized is time consuming. There’s no way around that. If you see those little pictures and images about getting organized quickly, or you only need one hour a week to do these huge projects, it’s simply not true. It’s not going to happen like that, but we can make it less overwhelming and we can make it so that you can have success with long-term organization by doing it the right way from the start. And I have the tools for you to set you up so that you can walk through every step of organization to have success for many years to come right now, when these projects seem overwhelming and it seems like there’s never enough time to do them.


It’s because you’re looking at the big picture. You’re looking at an entire house or an entire room or lots and lots of clutter thinking, how do I find the time to even start this project? You don’t, you don’t find the time you don’t all of a sudden have 40 hours a week to dedicate to home organization. You have to break it down into small manageable steps that fit into your schedule or the phase and stage of life that you are currently in. If your time is what’s lacking you, aren’t all of a sudden going to have the 40 hours that I just mentioned, or even 15 hours to focus on. Organize. We have to identify the time that you actually do have to dedicate to this. And that comes from assessing your schedule. We just talked a little bit about the schedule. You put the non-negotiables into your calendar and you know where you are pulled in different directions, where you have time and where you don’t.


This is how you are going to identify the amount of time that you have per week or per day to spend organizing little blocks of time, add up to a significant amount of time. So if you have 15 minutes, four days a week, or you have one hour, one day a week, you’re going to get the same amount of organizing done, or the same amount of ever projects done, because it’s the same amount of time. Don’t be discouraged. If you only have 20 minutes, one day and 30 minutes, another day, you can still tackle the use projects. Sometimes you stay focused when you have less time, we wanna make sure that you’re maximizing the time that you do have, you’re going to put it on your calendar and dedicate this time to your home organization, project, just like you would to a doctor’s appointment or a hair appointment or something significant that was on your calendar.


When it’s on your calendar, you’re going to respect it and treat it as if it is important, because it is important. It’s something you want to be doing for the overall simplicity that you want to bring to your home and life. Once you have figured out what day or day you have during the week, depending on the schedule, your job, your commitments. This might look like a lot, some weeks and not very much, or not even a few minutes to do this organizing project other weeks. And that’s okay. You’re going to take what you can get, but you’re still going to put a priority on this. This is something that you want to happen. So you’re trying to find a time to put it in your schedule, where it fits and where it will work. Even if it it’s just 15 minutes, a few days a week, you can make it happen by breaking down these projects into the small manageable steps that I talk about.


Once you have the time figured out, then you’re going to identify the pain points. Where is the organization the most frustrating for you? Where in the current state of your home, do you feel frustrated with the lack of organization or an annoyance, or just a little bit of uneasiness? You don’t like the way something is functioning. You don’t like that a drawer is not closing, or you don’t like the pile of clutter. Where is the biggest frustration coming from? And I like to call those pain points. Where is that point? That is going to be your starting point. So you’ve identified the time that you have, and now we know what your starting point is. And before you can ever think about getting this area organized, you have to declutter it. You have to get rid of all the stuff that you no longer need, use, or want.


I have a very specific Persian plan that works for hundreds of people. Everyone that uses it can have success because it will guide you through step by step in episode three, in episode eight, I describe the Perian plan. I explain every single step to you in this easy to follow Perian plan. And I also give you details and examples so that you can see how it applies to different situations throughout the house. You cannot get organized, do not even think about organizing until you get rid of everything that is no longer serving a purpose for your home and the people in it. So if you don’t need it, you don’t want it, and you’re not using it. It needs to be tossed or donated. Once you’ve listened to episode three and eight, you’ll completely understand the purging plan and how that works. You can follow along with that.


Then you can focus on the organizing, the organizing process that I use as a professional organizer. It’s a process that I give to you, my friends and family, and that I use whenever I’m doing an organizing project in my own home is explained in episode 41. It is again, a step by step process that you can follow. It explains why we organize and how we get organized so that it stays that way. For the long term. You will know exactly what to do once you are in that place where it is time to organize, because you’re gonna follow the steps in episode 41. I’m giving you homework in this episode, and I’m sending you to other episodes to listen to that, give you the tactical information that you need to do these projects. If you go back and listen to those episode, it’s that I have mentioned, you will be able to complete each step of this process successfully when you follow these tried and true systems that work for purging and decluttering and creating and managing your weekly schedules.


You know that you can have success. These methods work they’ve worked over and over again, you, you, these are things that you can do on your own. As long as you follow the step by step guides. And don’t skip around. If you feel like you need more, one-on-one help and you wanna work with me individually, then just book a one-on-one coaching session with me. And I can walk you through this specifically to what is happening in your life and your home current. But to recap it, there is so much information in previous podcast episodes that walks you through exactly what to do. You’re gonna start if scheduling is your issue and calendars are your issue. You’re gonna start with a weekly planning session, go to episode 45. And that will explain exactly what to do if organizing is what are struggling with. Organizing always starts with decluttering and purging.


So you have to go listen to episode three and eight, to focus on the purging and get rid of all those items that are no longer necessary. Then once that has been completed, it is time to organize an episode 43 is where you will find all of the information on how professional organizers go through a step by step process to make sure that things are organized and orderly for the long term. The benefits of having a decluttered home are really beyond what you’re imagining. You know, that it could be so much better than it is, but I promise you that it’s better than even what you are imagining. The time you’ve spend working on these projects right now will benefit you for years and years and years into the future. Because organizing and simplicity goes such a long way. The same goes for implementing a weekly plan session into your schedule and mastering your calendar and the schedules of you and your family members.


So you can finally eliminate the unnecessary and really have the time to spend doing the things that you enjoy with your most treasured people. Don’t forget about the contest that we have going on right now. If you’ve been wanting a one on one coaching coaching session with me now is the time that you can win one just by leaving a five star rating and review on the apple podcast app, scroll down wherever you’re listening to this podcast and click on the rating and review little button right there. If you leave a review with full name, then you can be entered into a contest to win a free coaching session. Coaching sessions include a variety of topics that are personalized to your needs. We create systems and routines for your home and your family to follow decluttering and a puring plan that I’ve talked about in this episode.


Sometimes we go into the details organization and I can give you an organization, cheat sheets to follow time management, scheduling strategies, anything that will help you with home organization, decluttering, creating systems and routines, and so much more. The one-on-one coaching session is really to help you with your biggest struggle at this point and move forward from there. Your are sit in a one-on-one coaching session with me. Leave a review on the intentional edit podcast with your full name, so that I can easily identify you and announce the winner. At the end of April. This contest goes through the end of April, 2022. So head over there and leave that review. If you don’t wanna wait, and you just know that you need the coaching session, and now is the time go down to the bottom of the page. Look in the podcast description and click on where it says one-on-one coaching session.


It will take you to a link where you can book a coaching session with me. We can work together to finally get you organized and on the right track to the simplified home that you are looking for. Thank you so much for listening to another episode of the intentional edit podcast. I will meet you back here on Friday for another episode, that wraps up another quick episode of a tip Tuesday. If you want to be featured on intentional edits, tip Tuesday, go to intentional, edit.com, click on the podcast page in the menu bar, and then scroll all the way down to the bottom. You’ll find a button that says record, tap on that and record your question or share what is currently overwhelming to you. What is going on that you need help with? I want to know I needed to know your struggle so I can share actionable solutions to help you create simplicity in your home. If you are having this issue. I know other people are having it too, and we wanna help as many people as possible. Head over to the podcast page of intentional, edit.com and record your question for me there.



Episode 48 – Tip Tuesday – Finding the time to GET YOUR HOME & LIFE ORGANIZED. Where to begin and why it really is ALL POSSIBLE!



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