With magazine worthy pantry pics all over social media these days it’s not hard to find inspiration for a pantry refresh but some of those images can be hard to imagine as your own pantry.  If an organized pantry is on your to do list here are some tips to help with the process.

Pantry Organization Tips

Clear the Clutter – Remove everything from the pantry and toss ALL the expired food or items you know you will never consume.  While the pantry is empty take the time to deep clean the shelves, walls and floor.

Plan it Out – Think about what wasn’t working and what you were wanting to change and plan necessary adjustments.  Create zones for items that go together…baking items in one area, breakfast items together in another, etc.

Trash the Packaging – Boxes and packaging take up extra space.  Get in the habit of emptying food into containers (and recycling the boxes) to free up space.  Clear containers help to know what you have and when an item is running low.  Square Over Round – Opt for square canisters and containers when it’s an option.  They utilize space better than round ones.

OXO containers pantry organized

Snack Station – Create a grab and go snack station for prepackaged snacks.  These items are often best stored at a level where kids can easily get to items to pack their lunches or snack when allowed.       snack size organized pantry plastic container

grab and go snack station organized pantry kids zone

Turn Tables – Turn tables are a great addition in hard to reach corners.

Utilize the Door – If you have a door that you can hang something on the back of go for it.  Over the door racks can add a tremendous amount of storage with adjustable shelves and basket containers.    organized pantry door with elf system baskets food storage

Take Advantage of Vertical Space – Can organizers are a great way to contain cans and allow you to use vertical space in the pantry.

Label – Label jars/canisters and baskets.  You can write cooking times/instructions and expiration dates on the back of the jars too.

Questions about organizing your pantry…contact me and I’ll be happy to help with ideas for your pantry organizing project.

small pantry organized kitchen clutter free food storage

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