With a simple google search you can read one article after another about parents getting rid of the majority of their kids toys and never looking back.  It’s different toys, a different city, different size families, a slightly different scenario each time but the outcome is always similar….families are happier with less!  It’s not just the parents either, the kids are actually thriving when surrounded with fewer toys.

If you want to read about some of the families that have participated in a large toy purge and are reaping the benefits, here you go.  These are links to a few families happy to be living with a reduced amount of toys in the home.

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Does this idea sound crazy or are you slightly intrigued by the idea of eliminating some of the toys that occupy your space?  Are you wondering, what do children do when they don’t have an over abundance of toys to play with….

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Now that you have an idea of some of the positive effects for children when the number of toys in the home is reduced, but what are the benefits for the parents?  One mom said, “I finally got my life back”.  Another parent was elated with the way her kids got along together and had cut back on 95% of the arguing after most of the toys were donated.  She was thrilled to not be dealing with fights and arguments all day.  The most impactful was the woman who stated that getting rid of the majority of the toys actually saved her marriage. Of course, I don’t want to forget to mention the amount of time parents gain for obvious reasons like not wasting hours on picking up, organizing and cleaning the mess from toys.  There really are many benefits for both children and adults.

If you are interested in reducing the number of toys in your home here are some tips.

  1.  Lead by Example – Let the kiddos see you purge, eliminate and donate items that are no longer of value to you.
  2.  Start with a Basic Purge – Toss or donate broken toys or games and puzzles with missing pieces.  These items don’t need to be discussed and can be easily discarded because they do not work and no longer serve a purpose.
  3.  Gather and Sort- Gather all of the toys in one general area and sort them into categories.  Ask the kids this one powerful question……Ask them, “WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KEEP?”  (I wrote a post on this method a few weeks ago and it works with kids and adults.  I highly encourage you to check it out before beginning any organizing or purging project.)
  4. Organize and Store – Find proper storage and organization systems based on what the kids want to keep and put the items away.
  5. Donate – Donate the rest of the toys, you might have a garage sale and/or give toys still in good condition to friends or family.
  6. Celebrate and Do It Again – Celebrate that you finished this big project and enjoy.  After a few months you can go through the process again and eliminate even more toys.

What do you think…..Can you see how having less can really be more?!?!

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