After I posted my bathroom remodel I received questions about makeup storage and organization.  It’s obvious that I’m not a beauty blogger but I do have a few tips to help you clear out old cosmetics and organize all the products that remain.bathroom remodel beautiful vanity modern stone top organized bathroomJust like any organizing project start by gathering all of your makeup and tossing anything  that’s old or no longer used.  Makeup is a breeding ground for bacteria so make sure to follow the general guidelines for getting rid of old products.

When To Toss Cosmetics…

  • 3 – 4 Months (after opening) = Mascara, Eye Liner, Eye Shadow (powder)
  • 6 – 12 Months (after opening) = Lipgloss, Liquid Foundation, Concealer
  • 1 Year = Lipstick
  • 2 Years (after opening) = Powder Based Products (other than Eye Shadow)

organized makeup in acrylic drawer divider

Once you’ve eliminated all the old/expired products and everything you no longer use group like items together and decide what kind of storage is best for your space.  I’ve come up with a few products that make keeping your makeup organized an easy task.

Acrylic drawer organizer/dividers are great if you have the space in a drawer to store your cosmetics.  I use dividers like this all over the house.  If you have ample counter space these drawer units keep cosmetics organized and offer a good amount of storage.  The products are easily accessible too.

Brushes should be kept brush side up and cleaned often.

Some people with minimal makeup like to keep everything in a cosmetic bag.If you are looking for more examples of real life organized makeup click here.

Additional bathroom storage and organizing products can be found here.

makeup organized cosmetics acrylic drawer dividers large

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