It’s true, that messy desk is killing your productivity!  Harvard conducted a study with results that stated that students who worked in a clutter-free workspace were able to work steadily for 7.5 minutes longer than the students attempting the task in a cluttered workspace.

If your home office is a mess, here are some tips of how to organize it.

There are a few items that I use daily in my home office.  They keep my space orderly, items used frequently close by and paper clutter organized and out of site.

Home Office Items I Can’t Live Without… 

A wall mounted file holder with labeled file folders keep paper out of site and off the desk but readily available.  I can easily grab the appropriate folder to work on each project.  Basic file folders include a “to pay”, “to do” and “pending” and are used weekly for items that need to be addressed regularly.

Desk drawer organizers keep all the supplies I need close by, organized and easy to see.

organized desk drawers

A paper shredded and large trash can also make it so I can get rid of unnecessary items right away.  One great tip is to never touch something twice.  Once I’ve completed a task or addressed an issue the trash can and shredder are close by to discard the papers that could easily become clutter.  

What items are a necessity to keep your home office orderly and organized?

Home Office Ideas

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