Are you struggling with what to purge and what to keep when trying to get organized?  I run into this situation from time to time with my clients.  More often than not an item you don’t know what to do with is an item that you can live without. Simplify the purging process with a little question and answer.

If you find yourself in the limbo of keep or toss ask yourself these questions about EVERY item.

6 Questions to Ask Yourself When Purging
  1. Does this item serve a purpose?
  2. Is it useful and in working order?
  3. Have I used it in the past year?
  4. Is this the only item I own used for this specific purpose?
  5. Would I buy it again today?

If you answer NO to any of the questions it’s time to say goodbye to the item in question.

If the item is sentimental and you are still questioning what to do, ask yourself one final question.

  1. Does this make me smile?

Again, If the answer is NO you know what to do.  It’s time to say goodbye.

Great Grandma wouldn’t want you keeping the hand knit toilet bowl cover in your least favorite color of pale blue just because she made it.  If you don’t enjoy it, take a photo of it, see if other family members want it and if not donate it to an organization that will allow someone else to acquire it.  A materialistic object that is clutter in one persons space is often appreciated, needed and used in another.  The simple truth is that it’s not doing you any good stuffed in the back of a closet anyway.

DO you have more questions about organizing?  Be sure to checkout this post on 5 Steps to a Clutter Free Home.

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