My home office is small, it’s probably the smallest room in the house but I spend a significant amount of time working at my desk.  An organized home office space is the only type of space I can effectively work in.    
desk with iMac
Keeping my office space clean and orderly helps me work efficiently.  Whether it’s paying bills or finishing a late night work project, we all know that work isn’t always fun.  A home office needs to be a place that you enjoy spending time in.  I’ve created a gallery wall above my desk with things that make me smile.  It’s also conveniently located so that I can glance out the window to the backyard pool.  beach themed gallery wall home office

make memories framed print gallery wall office

Take Me to the Ocean print If your spending a lot of time in a space, just like any other part of your home, it should be a space that you enjoy being in.  Adding a few personal touches, including your favorite piece of art or family photo, and an inspirational quote or image are ways to make your workspace a happy place to be.  My office reflects the overall design of my entire home with a little bit of added color.  While an office should be a motivating place that you don’t mind spending a significant amount of time in it also MUST function well.  form and function memo boardCombining form and function result in an ideal office space.

Similar to the surface area of my desk the drawers are organized, paperwork has designated place and everything I need to use is within an arms reach while working.  I take advantage of vertical space with file folders for paperwork that I frequently use, file drawers (meticulously organized and color coded) for paperwork that I rarely use but must keep, and drawer space for all the little things.  organized desk drawers

organized desk drawer, office suppliesAll the items that I use regularly are organized and divided…a place for everything and everything in it’s place.  I recently switched out my drawer organizers to acrylic dividers and it makes a big difference.  These are some organizers that I prefer to use.



When deciding what organizers to purchase for your desk drawers keep in mind what items you use most often and need easy access to.  Of course any office is going to need pens/pencils, sticky notes and a computer.  Think about where you want to keep these items, a spot that will look nice (or maybe out of site) and function well.  I always have a coaster on my desk, for my drink and a pad of paper where I can easily write down notes.  desk supplies on deskRemember…a cluttered space equals a cluttered brain.  If you are having trouble decluttering your office space check out my posts here and here.  Follow the recommendations in those posts to declutter and simplify your home office space.

If someone walked into my office on most days it would be clean and organized, one of the cleanest rooms of my house.  I have found that if my office isn’t neat my work is not as efficient as I know it can be.  This is what my desk looks like when I’m in the middle of computer work.  Intentional Edit office desk workingPapers are scattered that I’m using for this project, a book to reference is close by, the highlighter is ready and a pen and sticky notes are easily accessible on top of the desk because I’m using them all for the current project.  This isn’t messy but it isn’t picture perfect either.  Once you have gotten a handle on the clutter and simplified your office space you make it easy to always start the day with a clean work environment.  When I’m finished working on this project I’ll take less than 30 seconds to put everything away that I won’t be using for the next task, or for the next day, and my office is quickly back to an organized room again.

These are some additional office supplies that I find useful in the home office.


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