After posting images of this organized pantry on Instagram I received questions about the products that I used in it.  Read on for a complete list of organizing products that will improve your pantry organization and design.

Once all the items were removed, categorized and measurements were taken I decided on these containers for the majority of the shelves.  They come in a variety of sizes and had options that fit all 3 of the shelving sizes in this pantry.

interdesign organized pantry storage bin

The client wanted a clean look and liked the idea of clear bins too.  They coordinate well with divided containers for dressings and smaller items.

interdesign divided container

divide clear pantry bin container

The clear bins look nice with the OXO cereal and snack containers too.

perfectly organized pantry

OXO cereal containers storage

oxo snack

We also used large baskets for larger bags of chips and snacks that change frequently.  Baskets of this size work great on lower shelves and are easy to slide off and on.

organized pantry baskets

The client already had a great storage system in place for canned goods using one of these.


canned food storage in organized pantry

Lazy Susans always work well in hard to reach pantry corners.

lazy susan organized pantry


organized pantry corner

Once everything was put away I added labels using chalk tape and a marker.  These labels are inexpensive and easy to remove when you want to change them.

Is your pantry organized?  How can we help?  More ideas for organizing your pantry can be found here.

Here is the pantry before and after…because, who doesn’t LOVE a good before and after!

organized pantry before and after

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