Are your bathroom drawers and cabinets over stuffed, full of products you haven’t used in years?  With a few simple changes your bathroom clutter can be organized for maximum efficiency and style.

Tips for an Organized Bathroom

Discard the old and unused products, not all products have an expiration date but that doesn’t mean they last forever.  If you haven’t used an item in a year you should be ok with tossing it.

Group like items together and asses what storage containers you need.


Use extra counter space for items that are used often.  Decorative jars and containers are visually appealing and functional.  bathroom tip apothecary jar storage

Whether it’s makeup, hair supplies or oral care products drawer dividers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate organization needs.

bathroom drawer toothbrush

makeup organized cosmetics acrylic drawer dividers large

If your towels end up on the floor instead of the towel bar install hooks, one for each towel.  Even young children can easily hang a towel on a hook rather than folding it and placing it nicely on a towel bar.  Hooks take up less space, allow towels to dry faster and are visually appealing.  organized bathroom hooks with towels for remodeled bath

Store all travel sized items together in a drawer or container and replenish as needed.  Keeping a toiletry bag packed and ready to go allows for spontaneous travel, never having to worry about forgetting a bathroom necessity when packing in a hurry.  tsa liquid travel bag

Utilize the back of the doors, hooks on the door can be used for towels or robes.

Cabinet doors can also be used for styling tool organizers.

Create storage where you need it, large areas under the sink or open shelving are great spaces to add drawers or shelf risers if you need a different type of storage than what is installed.


Instead of keeping all of your cleaning supplies in the laundry room store cleaners used in the bathroom under the bathroom sink, allowing easy accessibility every time you need to use them in the bathroom. organized laundry room cleaning products form Intentional Edit - Method target

If you have linen storage in the bathroom follow these guidelines for an organized linen closetlinen closet with organized shelves towels and toilet paper easy simple organized

Following these tips will assist you in clearing the clutter in your bathroom and help to eliminate some of the stress when your running late in the morning.

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