I’m often receiving the same questions and I know that if some of you are asking then there are others that want to know the answers but never ask.  In an effort to get the most common questions answered I host this Q & A blog series.  This is the 8th post of the series.  All other Q&A posts are here.


Best ways to keep the pantry organized when the kids are home and snacking in summer….


I have plenty of pantry organizing tips on the blog and keeping an orderly pantry in the summer is similar to any other time throughout the year.  Make sure you designate a snack area or snack station so the kids know where to go.  Make this space easily accessible with a variety of snacks that you are comfortable with your kids eating.  It’s great to have a similar snack set up in the fridge for items that need to stay cold.

pantry snack station organized


Make sure the kids know the expectations for healthy snacking – how much and how often are they permitted to indulge in the snack basket?!?!  Don’t overcomplicate it.  It really can be as simple as a basket or container with snack items.

organized snack station


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Does organizing require a lot of new products or is there a less expensive way to get organized?


Organizing a messy space does NOT require purchasing new products.  Getting organized includes purging unwanted and unused items and categorizing the items that are being kept.   I often use baskets and containers that clients already have.  Sometimes it’s beneficial to buy products of similar size/shape so they can easily stack to maximize the space, but it’s not a requirement.  Of course the same baskets or containers are visually appealing but it’s almost always possible to get organized using what a client already has.  I’ve never met a professional organizer that suggests starting an organizing project by buying new products or requires that.  Remember – organizers are in the business of helping people simplify and declutter, not adding to the clutter.

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professional organizer Q & A blog series



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