We had a change of plans a few nights ago and were able to host some friends for dinner. Not having much time to plan I removed the spooky Halloween trees from my table and it went from a Halloween theme to just a plain fall centerpiece in the blink of an eye.

Fall dining table centerpiece with spooky black Halloween trees

easy fall dining table display centerpiece

Speaking of centerpieces. I usually like to keep them low profile so that conversations can flow easily without having to move a large flower arrangement or decoration to talk to the people sitting across from you.

fall or halloween table with place setting

I began by taking out a few items that I knew would be perfect for a fall dinner and started grouping them on the table to see what I liked and what did not work

Organization Tip: I have my dining room cabinets organized by season, Christmas dishes, napkins, napkin rings are all in one area, fall in another and anything specific to spring or summer are also grouped. If it can be used year round it’s kept in a spot that is easier to get to. Of course I follow the rule, if I haven’t used it in a year it’s time to say goodbye and I donate it.  I enjoy entertaining so don’t entirely limit myself to the minimalist approach but trying to buy things that can be used for more than one time of year makes it easier to organize and keeps the clutter away while still having fun with tablescapes and design.

setting the fall table

Of course I knew I had to use these pumpkin bowls. They are one of my favorite things to use this time of year. The placemats worked with this meal but I often use them for a more rustic look in the winter and they are perfect for spring entertaining too.

Thanksgiving dining table tables cape

I’ve seen a variety of little pumpkin bowls like this but my favorite are these ones from World Market. I also have a few in white.   Both colors worked well with the neutral napkins.  I seriously cannot get enough of these little pumpkin bowls.  I think they make the entire table happy and festive. perfect fall place setting from Pier One and World Market

Now that the table was set I made a quick grocery list and was able to throw together a meal that didn’t take too long. The table setting made for a more formal feel to the evening and didn’t take much time to put together at all.

pumpkin theme simple fall dining table

If you are hosting Thanksgiving this year remember that this time of year is about spending time with friends and family. Don’t stress about the perfect table. Use things you already have to make a beautiful tablescape and put your efforts into spending time with those that matter most.

If you have to go out and buy something new try to make it neutral enough that you can use it in multiple seasons. Look for pieces that mix and match well with other items you already have and you will get the most bang for your buck.

fall place setting Thanksgiving table

Happy Thanksgiving!

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