Linen closets can easily become a combination of messy shelves and stacks of mismatched towels and sheets.  They are often overlooked as they stay “behind closed doors”.  If you have time designated for a quick spring cleaning project, a thorough purge and organize session of your linen closet will end with great results.  linen closet shelves organized towels bathroom supplies

Tips For Organizing Your Linen Closet

Group Like Items – The linen closet is similar to any other organizing project.  Remove all items and group similar items together for future storage.

Purge Purge Purge – Say goodbye to mismatched sheets, old towels/washcloths and anything with large stains or holes.

Bins and Baskets – Use bins and baskets to contain the items that you decide are necessary to keep.   plastic storage bins linen closet laundry room organizationAdjust Shelves – If your shelves are adjustable utilize this feature to allow for adequate storage space of grouped items.  Baskets can often sit on shelves and contain more than if the items are stacked on the shelves individually.    linen closet baskets organized toilet paper simplify

Fold and Stack – Folding all towels that are the same size the same way allows for uniform stacking.  The folded towels fit nicely in a stack, saving space and a bonus is that it’s visual appealing when you open the closet door.  Group towels, hand towels and washcloths in separate piles for maximum space saving.

Roll Them Up – If you have large numbers of the similar items you can roll instead of fold.  Rolling these beach towels allowed for 4 more towels to fit on this shelf with out the worry of stacks falling over when one is removed.    rolled beach towels maximum linen closet storage organization

Sheets – Sheet sets should be folded together.  The flat sheet, fitted sheet and pillowcase(s) should be placed together for easy access. You can even put the sheets inside the pillowcase to keep each set contained.  It’s nice to stack sets together by bed size (the king sheets go in one stack, the queen in another) or place them in a basket together.

Label – If you have most items in bins or baskets labeling is an important step.  At a glance you have the knowledge of whats inside without removing the basket from the shelf.      linen closet label for organized linen closet

Jars – Use jars with easy access for everyday items like Q-Tips and Cotton Balls.  apothecary glass jars bathroom storage tips cotton balls organized

Utilize The Door – Over the door storage or hooks are a great addition for all the extras in a linen closet.

Top Shelf – Keep items that you rarely use on the top shelf or in the hard to reach places.

If you have a little time and follow these tips you are just a few short hours away from a perfectly organized linen closet.  For more organized linen closet inspiration click here.





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